Gov. Cuomo Rings Opening Bell of New York Stock Exchange as Trading Floor Reopens

As states, localities, and businesses prepare to return to some semblance of normalcy, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is partially reopening its trading floor.

The NYSE shut down the trading floor two months ago after two people tested positive for the coronavirus. On Tuesday, 80 brokers returned to the floor — roughly 25% of the normal capacity before the coronavirus outbreak.

To celebrate the partial reopening, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) rang the opening bell.

Watch the video below:

The NYSE said it would not allow brokers to be on the floor if they used public transportation. Additionally, they will be required to have their temperatures taken and sign a form that says they understand the potential risks of returning to the trading floor.

Earlier this month, Stacey Cunningham, the president of the NYSE, said she hoped the partial reopening of the trading floor could provide a road map for other businesses to reopen. 

“Our reopening will bring a ‘new normal’ for the NYSE, hopefully helping chart a path that other businesses in densely populated areas might follow,” Cunningham wrote in the Wall Street Journal op-ed.

She continued, “While our plan is designed to reduce risk, it cannot eliminate it. Until there’s a vaccine for the virus, it’s likely that increased activity will bring new cases. Infections may occur as people venture back to work.”

“Our approach is designed to identify possible cases quickly, which will protect against a broader spread and allow our floor to continue operating,” she added.