Cuomo Calls for More Federal Assistance to Ramp up Testing

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is calling on state and federal government leaders to put aside their differences so they can work together to find solutions amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Cuomo is asking the federal government for more financial assistance to help states with the development of testing.

“Large-scale testing is a massive undertaking,” Cuomo tweeted. “We need the private sector to work with government to meet this enormous challenge. And we need the federal government to act.”

President Donald Trump tweeted his own thoughts shortly after.

“The States have to step up their TESTING!” Trump tweeted.

Cuomo is not alone in calling for more federal assistance to develop testing.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) believes Trump failed to include testing in his new guidelines to help states reopen their economies, as IJR previously reported.

“The testing regime is scattershot and totally inadequate for the job that’s needed to get the country back to work,” Schumer said.

The Senate Democratic leadership introduced a $30 billion proposal to implement a plan for testing.

Cuomo also announced he is issuing an executive order to prioritize testing.

“NEW: I’m issuing an Executive Order directing all public and private labs in NY to coordinate with the State Department of Health to ensure prioritizing diagnostic testing for public health and restarting the economy,” Cuomo tweeted.

New York state has become the epicenter of the coronavirus. As of Friday afternoon, the state is reporting over 222,000 confirmed cases and more than 12,000 deaths.

Cuomo denied Trump’s claim New York officials were inflating the state’s coronavirus death toll.

Cuomo made the decision to extend New York’s stay-at-home order by another two weeks, as IJR previously reported.

Six other states joined New York in taking a regional approach to reopening their economies.


  1. As I see it, Cuomo has no business demanding anything. How many millions of taxpayer $$$ did he waste on failed investments instead of supplying the state with necessary health and safety items? Typical Democrat – fail in your personal responsibility then whine and cry demanding someone bail you out. New York needs to kick Cuomo to the curb.

  2. He’s made a deal with 7 surrounding states to resist opening businesses up, while Dems in Congress block small business increased aid package. Now, he wants more aid for testing. Maybe this confused governor should learn to cooperate to get more aid. Stop being a whining dolt.

  3. Good luck with that Andy !
    The RESPONSIBILITY-ABDICATOR-IN-CHIEF says you are shit out of luck and on your own.
    He’s way too busy whining, complaining, and blaming you and everyone else for his phuhk ups to actually care about anyone but himself in this excruciatingly harrowing time for his fragile ego.

    1. The only whining I’ve heard since January 2017 has been from the D’RAT scum who are still crying in their Pablum that he beat their inept and crooked Queen Hildabeast. You obviously won’t raise the bar to listen to any REAL news; just the manufactured crap from the Commie Noise Network.

      1. Confused James The Projectionist is confused about what is considered “REAL” news. His reading list would make most normal people puke.

    2. The only whining I’ve heard since January 2017 has been from the D’RAT scum who are still crying in their Pablum that he beat their inept and crooked Queen Hildabeast.

      1. [Duplicate post after IJR would not post my original first time around. IJR is still screwed up after all these years.]

      2. Confused James The Projectionist is still living in the past. Hillary is an nobody but he just can’t stop grabbing onto her pantsuits.

        1. Maybe he is trying to put on his big boy pantsuit and doesn’t know where else to find one.

    3. John, perhaps you should stop lying like Cuomo. The President has provided the states with everything they’ve asked for. Cuomo can’t say he’s received what he’s asked for, then deny that he has enough when told to by Pelosi and Schumer. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats trying to create more dirty tricks for the election.

      1. IF Cuomo hasn’t had what he needed, why has he begun giving some of the ventilators Trump rushed to him to other States – – and thanking Trump for the help? Like all D’RATS, he’s whining, begging and talking out of both sides of his lying mouth at the same time.

  4. So he keeps taling shots at him but now wants to put aside differences???

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