Chris Cuomo Blasts Lindsey Graham for Wearing Trump Gear During Fox News Appearance

CNN’s Chris Cuomo took issue with Congressional supporters of President Donald Trump wearing apparel from the president’s re-election campaign during appearances on Fox News. 

On Thursday, Cuomo addressed clips in which Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), both vocal supporters of Trump, wore jackets advertising Trump’s re-election campaign during interviews on Fox News.

“The president’s GOP allies, they work for you or him? State senator Lindsey Graham, head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he says, ‘Nah, nothing wrong with the president messing with the DOJ sentence recommendation.’ As he luxuriates in Team Trump attire on state TV.”

“He wasn’t the only one,” Cuomo said, adding, “Congressman Mark Meadows — now the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee — also proudly shrouded in MAGA merchandise. Country over the party, they say. But can we really believe where their loyalties lie when the answer may be in plain sight?”

Watch the video below:

Cuomo’s quip about the sentencing recommendation was in reference to allegations that Trump pressured the Justice Department to recommend a lighter prison sentence for a political Roger Stone. Trump and Justice Department officials have denied that allegation. 

Graham told reporters that he thinks the president should not weigh in on pending cases but dismissed calls from Senate Democrats to launch an investigation into the matter.

Other Senate Republicans have voiced their displeasure with Trump’s decision to tweet about the Stone case. However, they do not appear too interested in investigating the decision to recommend a shorter sentence for Stone.


  1. This is what Cult-45 want to see from their “strong men” politiciams.

    They think that the more that the people that they favor, like, or support break laws or norms, the stronger they are. The better they are. “Just look at that! He broke the law and got away with it! Yay, he is so STRONG!” with no regard for consequences or repercussions.

    Will you approve of a Democratic president doing the exact same things? Will you?

      1. “and you know about what those who support the president how?” I Ching

        Ha ha ha ha! BECAUSE YOU BOZOS POST WHAT YOU THINK EVERY DAY HERE! You wear it on your sleeves.

        1. Back at cha’ Bozo. You wear hate, childishness and nonsense daily. I’m disappointed that I allowed myself to even notice you here again!

          1. Just like him, his posts have a stench of stupid. It’s hard to ignore. I suspect most trolls are exactly the same. Must be from living in basements or molesting goats.

        2. You’re willing to put all of those who oppose your “Gimme” policies in one basket. Shades of deplorables.

          Guess what. We’re your neighbors and fellow citizens. We do not want selfish shits like you taking from us. It’s that simple. Just like you are simple, selfish, and greedy.

        3. Note: at least we honestly post our ideas.

          You simply troll by parroting your “betters”.

          I will celebrate the day the Dims, who you socialist parasites have exploited, go down in flames. Bring on Nov. 2020.

    1. So do you have a “strong man”? Clearly it’s not you.

      Bernie spent decades parasitically attached to the Dims, but lacked the courage to actually announce himself as a Commie. Before that he had ZERO paychecks and lived with dirt floors and no indoor plumbing.

      Is that your model of a “strong man”? Is that how you want to live. Note that Bernie had neither electricity nor internet access. I would applaud you aping that part.

      fun question: do you know the YUUUUUGE carbon footprint that fuels the internet? Do you care?

  2. Fredo fails to understand these things called “politicking” or “solidarity”. Or maybe he’s now doing fashion/style reviews? He might be better at that than what he’s currently doing.

    That may be asking too much of a man who called Pete Buttigieg “Poot Buttgig”. Actually I like that one and will re-use it.

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