Chris Cuomo Blasts ‘Fringe Righties’ for Saying ‘They’d Rather Die Than Kill the Country’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo took shots at both President Donald Trump and “fringe righties” for their statements surrounding the coronavirus crisis.

During CNN’s program “Cuomo Prime Time,” it opened with Cuomo pointing out Trump’s hope to reopen the U.S. economy by Easter and how experts are not so sure about that.

“Based on what? No expert backed him up on the Easter call,” Cuomo said, adding, “Not one piece of science. Not one projection.”

Watch his comments below:

According to legal experts, that may prove difficult as a president has limited power order reopenings of the economy, as IJR previously reported.

Governors have issued stay-at-home orders and that is not something Trump can override, said Robert Chesney, a professor of national security law at the University of Texas.

Trump is also unable to order businesses to stay open as it is up to the state and local officials to do so, experts say.

During a Coronavirus Task Force briefing on Tuesday, Trump explained his reasoning behind wanting the country to open again by Easter.

“I think that would be a great thing for our country,” Trump said, continuing, “Easter is a very special day for many reasons. … What a great timeline this would be.”

What the full briefing below:

Dr. Anthony Fauci commented on Trump’s timeline to open the economy by Easter.

“You can look at a date but you got to be very flexible on a literally day by day, week by week basis,” Fauci said.

On Tuesday evening, Cuomo continued to claim that Trump prioritizes money over mortality. He then questioned why “fringe righties” for “saying they would rather die than kill the country.”

He referenced an interview Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had with Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) where Patrick said he would do whatever it takes to bring back the economy, even taking a chance with his own life, as IJR previously reported.

Cuomo proceeded to mock Patrick’s statements.

“Hmm, kill my grandparents or my parents so that we can get the economy back, sounds pretty good,” Cuomo said mockingly, adding, “Don’t make that call for my family.”

Cuomo began closing his remarks by calling on Americans to face things together. He also took aim at those choosing the economy over people’s lives.

“We don’t choose who dies, we get through it together,” Cuomo said.