Cory Booker Slams Trump Over ‘Suburban Housewife’ Tweet Misspelling His Name

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) fired back at President Donald Trump on Wednesday after he misspelled his name in a tweet suggesting Trump will garner support from the “suburban housewife.”

“The ‘suburban housewife’ will be voting for me. They want safety and are thrilled that I ended the long running program where low income housing would invade their neighborhood. Biden would reinstall it, in a bigger form, with Corey Booker in charge!” Trump said.

Booker responded, reminding Trump of how his name should be spelled and accused the president of displaying racism.

“Donaled, your racism is showing. -Cory,” Booker said.

Trump repealed the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, implemented by the Obama administration, on July 23.

The rule was designed to combat housing discrimination.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced it was replacing the rule with a policy of its own called the Preserving Community and Neighborhood Choice.

“After reviewing thousands of comments on the proposed changes to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation, we found it to be unworkable and ultimately a waste of time for localities to comply with, too often resulting in funds being steered away from communities that need them most,” Ben Carson, HUD secretary, said.

The new rule allows local officials to have more control over the qualifications for fair housing and the promotion of the accessibility of fair housing.

Biden has promised to restore the rule.

“Biden will implement the Obama-Biden Administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule requiring communities receiving certain federal funding to proactively examine housing patterns and identify and address policies that have a discriminatory effect,” Biden’s campaign said on its website.

Trump’s comments come one day after Biden announced he had selected Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) to be his running mate, calling her a “fearless fighter for the little guy” and “one of the country’s finest public servants,” as IJR previously reported.


  1. Terri: listen and learn

    King Donald The Loser is a dangerous, incompetent, narcissistic, fascistic buffoon that needs to be removed from his throne as soon as possible. If you do not recognize the dangers from him being in the Oval Office, YOU are part of the bigger problems that affect this country.

  2. terri must mean a grown-up like trump pretending to be a president. sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. wehhhh !!! daddy can you give me millions to bail me out of my trouble casinos. daddy are i not just like you, daddy send me to that foot doctor so i don’t to go to war. he’s a big tough guy, such a patriot !!!!

  3. ‘General Confusion’, you seem to spend quite a bit of time posting a multitude of assertions that have little basis in actual fact. This tells me a few things: (a) you obtain your (mis)information from a propaganda source (a/k/a mainstream media); (b) you have far too much time on your hands; and/or (c) you are being paid to waste your time trying to convince most of the folks here of your errors in judgment and fact. I mean no disrespect; however, I have to wonder why you continue to submit post after post after post denigrating the President without an iota of evidence to back up your opinions.

  4. Booker, a United States Senator, responded in a completely juvenile way. I would suggest the NJ voters think long and hard next time they cast their ballots. I’m assuming they want an actual grown-up representing them in Congress.

  5. Facts are facts Scotty the imp.
    Fantasy is not. Go have your mother read you a fairy tale.

  6. “it is amusing to know you must agree with my comment” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    That doesn’t mean anything the sort. King Donald The Loser came out and said directly that IF he gets re-elected, he will take down SS and Medicare.

    You can’t get more clear than that and YOU have not addressed THAT! You said that you didn’t believe me, but, apparently, you don’t believe Dear Leader, either. That is bad form for any cult member.

    Who are you going to believe first? A fascist wannabe dictator who is on record for tens of thousands of provable lies to his cult base (you) or me, who is trying to help you?

  7. Rock head and Scotty the Imposter aka the Troll as I pointed out to you Scotty with FACTS, the only ones trying to destroy Social Security since LBJ are the Dems.BTW Scotty the imp you never responded to the facts I pointed out in a different thread about Dems trying to destroy SS so it is amusing to know you must agree with my comment.

  8. Cory may be right, Trump meant to type Cory Hooker. He is just another race-baiter trying to scam the system.

  9. “Rock get your TDS treated.” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    Case in point, rock. Lying Paul The Emeffer is content to ignore the tiger behind the bush just to, what, denigrate you? What a blind fool he is.

  10. “wait till he takes away your social security, medicare that you paid for” rock

    There was no reaction from Cult-45 over this, rock, when I first brought it up. Nada. It seems that they are content to bathe in Dear Leader’s glory and nothing phases them, not even the loss of their entitlements that they paid into. I would say “unbelievable” here, but it seems everything is fair game in these strange times.

  11. I must of been a moron. this is a website for knuckleheads for frump. donny coward, donny reacharound, donny bankrupt, donny liar, donny myself. wait till he takes away your social security, medicare that you paid for . that want she does the best. melania is getting over, kim jung young got over, putin is definitely getting over

    1. dumb as a rock. The real Rock would disagree with you but you can’t smell what he’s cookin.

  12. All while Tucker Carlson mispronounced Kamala’s name last night by sayIng “cam a la” instead of “comma la” and CNN made a big issue about it. But who bailed Tucker out by also mispronouncing it today? Joe Biden! He called her “cam a la“ too.
    Lets all give Biden a break though as his probably set up his teleprompter and had it listed as “camel toe”.

  13. Why should Shmucktacus be held in contempt? He’s an idiot, law degree aside (don’t get me started on them)(I know at least one lawyer disbarred TWICE because he forgot to pay his dues.)(not to mention examples of either lacking math skills or not bothering to check their drafts.)

    “But that’s not all lawyers Screwtape.” Well, if entire movements can indict ALL police on the actions of one rogue, q.v. George Floyd, then let’s use their rules on lawyers.

    back on topic…..

    He first accuses the president of racism over misspelling.

    Then he does it himself, deliberately and on purpose. So…Cory has outed himself as a racist. Or hypocrite.

    It’s literally “you were racist” but now hold my beer while I do EXACTLY the same petty sh*t I accuse you of doing.

  14. It’s glaringly evident that COREY doesn’t know what “racist” means.

  15. “Donaled” Cory Booker

    I would have preferred that he would have used “Donalda”, the female form of his name. It might have had greater impact on him.

  16. “Donaled, your racism is showing. -Cory,” Booker said.” Frau Blucher is using the race card again. Stuff it, Blucher!!

  17. Oh the horror! Corey Booker? Who is he, again? Evidently just as irrelevant as he was last time that his name was mentioned.

  18. Booker is still around? That clown tried making himself into a resident of the “hood” while growing up in one of the most afflient NJ towns…

    Systemic Racism…yet his family did quite well. He’s a clown and a fool. Teying to get a seat ot the big boy table.

  19. isnt blow job kamala and booker the 2 jussie smollet talked to 30 minits before his fake hate crime hoax

  20. There is a significant difference between stupidity and racism Mr Booker. It might be difficult for you to tell the difference but it does exist.

  21. Booker is a proven idiot regardless of how he spells his name. He’s a loser that no one pays any attention to since his clowning attempt at running for President. Put a red nose on him and some big shoes and he could join the circus as Farticus the clown.

  22. So misspelling is racist? Come on man, Spartacus! You’re groping, err, grasping.

    Maybe he just holds you in contempt, as he should.

    Under “Corey’s” rules one wonders if the Cellar Dweller actually wrote things down whether you’d say his gaffes, misspellings, etc. were racist. That’s okay. Joe simply speaks his racism out loud. Are you a junkie?

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