Conway: Trump Should Resume Coronavirus Briefings Amid Dip in Approval of His Pandemic Response

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway is suggesting President Donald Trump should return to the podium to brief the American people on the coronavirus pandemic as approval of his handling of the crisis continues to drop.

Co-host of Fox News’s “Fox and Friends” Steve Doocy asked Conway on Friday if she can explain how Trump’s numbers on polling are “underwater” when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

Conway argued Trump’s approval rating was higher when he was briefing the nation on a regular basis about the coronavirus.

“The president and task force were there most days giving the information. I think the president should be doing that,” Conway said.

Watch her comments below:

Doocy asked Conway why Trump stopped his daily briefings.

Conway explained that “some people” are encouraging him to stop.

She noted Trump’s briefings received “wild ratings” and reiterated he needs to resume his briefings.

“It doesn’t have to be two hours, but it should not be zero minutes either. I think that the president at the podium saying, ‘I want to give you the facts and figures as to what we’ve been able to do.’ I mean millions of pieces of PPE and ventilators and vaccine development and the like,” Conway said.

According to Conway, Trump is speaking to governors “regularly” when they call to ask about hotspots and surges in the number of coronavirus cases.

A poll by ABC News/Washington Post found that 60% of those polled disapprove of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, a increase in disapproval from 53% disapproval in late-May. Thirty-eight percent say they approve of his handling of the outbreak, down from 46% in late-May.

In April, Trump questioned the purpose of White House coronavirus briefings, as IJR previously reported.

He tweeted, “What is the purpose of having White House News Conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, and then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately.”

“They get record ratings, and the American people get nothing but Fake News. Not worth the time and effort!” he added.

In May, Trump suggested the administration “set every record with those press conferences” and the briefings might return, as IJR previously reported.


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  2. “I am sure that Moses did the same thing when he was trying to get his people into the promised land.” Willis

    Willis, please take a chair.

    Moses? You do realise that if all of the Israelites of the so-called Exodus lined up in single file, walked to the coast and followed the shore back home that the first arrivals would get there in about two weeks and that the first would have arrived before the last person started walking. (You can do basic math, Willis, right?)

    But with god’s help…

  3. Bad news for the nation, good news for Biden’s chances, if Trump does start to “lead” again. He hogs the microphone and says stupid stuff forever. He sounded like a fool then, and he will again.

  4. General, What do you make of the dishwasher and shower water pressure concerns? Pandemic, racial discrimination, and an unemployment rate of 11.1%, over a million new unemployment claims for 17 consecutive weeks, GDP MINUS 5% in 1st quarter, GDP estimated again to be MINUS in the 2nd quarter, and Trump is concerned about lightbulbs and water pressure. In what world is this evidence that the man in the Oval Office is any semblance of SANE or COMPETENT?

    1. I think that His Majesty is AMAZING, a real jenius (as opposed to an everyday genius). He must be, because he told us he was, and he seems to prove it all of the time.

      Did you know that he can (have somebody else) stack triangular thingys onto the back end of trucks, while a few hundred spectors watch? Wow! So amazing!

  5. I am with Kellyanne. His ratings were up when he taught the people. I am sure that Moses did the same thing when he was trying to get his people into the promised land. Our promised land is mastering the skill of keeping people of any risk category alive until this virus bites the dust. I just read that an e/r physician in Midland, Texas has achieved 100% survival of COVID 19 hospitalized patients by using a commonly used inhaled steroid, Budesonide, for the inflammation which is what kills most COVID 19 patients. It is already approved for treatment of autoimmune airway disease and even for chrohns disease. Hey that sounds like a slam dunk.

    1. “His ratings were up when he taught the people.” Willis

      Who King Donald The Loser? Teach?


      That’s what you thought the dummy was doing in front of the Press room? Teaching?

      OMG! We are doomed.

      We MUST elect better politicians, but we have to get smarter first, if you are an example of the average voter. Maybe all of the smart people stay home and never vote. Maybe that’s why this country is such a mess. We have epitomized “Idocracy”.

  6. He won’t have hold press conferences because Fox news might ask “Why is the United States doing the worst job of any country in the world containing the virus?” His answer “That’s a nasty question!!!”

  7. We have a world-wide pandemic and King Donald The Loser is doing something about it.

    He is bragging about bringing back incandescent lightbulbs, which waste 90% of the energy to only producing HEAT. You know, the universal symbol of a good idea.

    He is one big, embarrassing floppy disc.

  8. We live in “interesting times” when the media gets criticized for asking Trump at a Covid Task Force briefing, “What do you say to Americans out there that are scared?” Then we had the briefing where Trump asked Dr. Birx if implantation of UV light and injection of disinfect could be investigated as treatment for COVID-19 and the media was criticized for airing the comment and encouraging the public NOT to inject bleach.
    YES, “some people” did encourage Trump to STOP SPEAKING at the briefings!!!! “Some people” consisted of the majority of Americans begging him to STOP.

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