Collins Says She Will Not Campaign Against Biden: ‘I Do Not Campaign Against My Colleagues’

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) will not say if she plans to vote for President Donald Trump in November.

However, she says she will not campaign against her former colleague and the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

In an interview with the New York Times, Collins said, “I do not campaign against my colleagues in the Senate.” She added that she knows Biden “very well” and that she feels campaigning against him would violate her rule.

Collins and Biden served in the Senate until 2009 when he began his tenure as vice president. 

Still, she said, “My inclination is just to stay out of the presidential and focus on my own race.”

Her refusal to publicly state whether or not she will vote for Trump is a break from 2016 when she said she would not vote for him. 

Collins has been a target for Democratic operatives since she voted to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

Despite winning her re-election in 2014 with 69% of the vote, her opponent Sara Gideon (D) has repeatedly outraised her.

According to an average of polls from RealClearPolitics, Gideon holds a 2.5% lead over Collins.

And Biden leads Trump by double-digits in Maine. 


  1. Richard, Collins is a Senator not a Congresswoman. The largest lead Clinton had in the polls in the last 6 months of the campaign had been 6 points in any month. Biden held a 7.7 lead this past June, and the trends are going up in Bidens favor. Because most people think Dump is an asshole.

    July 9, 2020
    Trump won the Presidency. Trump marries super models. Trump is a billionaire. Some loser lol.“
    Excellent. You have a wicked sense of humor. And according to Joe Shapiro’s widow, the man who niece Trump said took President Trump’s SAT, they did not meet until in college. Winning!

  3. Collins typifies the stupid Republican who believe that if he or she is nice to the opposition, they will embrace and reciprocate niceness. They are so wrong, they will get nastiness in return.

  4. Betsy, I will ask you the same question I ask the General—WHERE are the congressional votes for the “Socialism” that you fear? And you now join the majority of the country that has been asking for 3 years in asking “Where are the Republicans?” Trump has destroyed what was left of the conservative principles R’s professes to hold dear? What happened to their mantra “THE DEFICIT”? What happened to the respect for military service??—WHERE is the “better idea” on healthcare they have been claiming to exist since 2010? Where is their undying support for the rule of law?

    1. Trump is conserving American history while the Dems are erasing it.
      Trump is conserving America with borders while the Dems allow illegals in.
      Trump is conserving life while Dems initiate laws to fund abortion.
      Trump is conserving God while Dems remove Him.
      Trump is conserving the economy and jobs while Dems waste taxpayer money on phony investigations.
      Trump is conserving capitalism while Dems push for socialist policies.

  5. General Confusion you have yourself a excellent user name that just fits your opinion on the comment you posted. To believe anything in your comment a person would be very confused. Wishful thinking, got your fingers crossed, hoping against all odds is all your saying. In reality though I know your not silly enough to think Joe Biden will beat Donald J Trump and take the White House. LOL If Biden is leading by double digits (like Hillary was) up to the day of election & say Biden gets 3 maybe 4 million votes more than Trump it will not matter at all. All Trump needs is 270 votes. That’s a lock for Trump. He can lose 4 states he won against Hillary and still get to 270. I’m willing to bet you that Biden will find some kind of excuse not to even have a debate against Trump, cause Trump will eat his lame, dumbass look like what he is, a old corrupt fool who has robbed the taxpayers for 35 years or more of their money. And will probably show proof how his son the cocaine crack head along with himself when he was vise president made millions off ukraine. (That’s the Oct. surprize) LOL William Barr has that proof now. Butt will wait till Oct. gets here and then break it off in his ass!! Then you will eat 4 more years of the shit Trump shoves down your throat. Out of all people the Dems could have picked they picked Biden. A man who promised to transform America into a socialist, lawless country. So there is no win for a Biden and you know it! LOL Every vote for Biden is a vote for civil war.

  6. Collins is only a republican in name. Look how she backed the demarcates against the judge. She is only a republican at election time. For money and the republican voters. The demarcates will never vote for her.

  7. Betsy: you really are confused about the Democratic Party leadership. While the progressive faction will probably grow, a bit, this election, they by no means control the party. It is just as corrupt as ever. In fact, it seems that Pelosi has even compromized AOC, hopefully temporarily.

    In what way do to see Joke Biden just laying down and getting steamrolled by progressives? You are delusional.

    “Let’s hope the Republicans take back the House and hold onto the Senate. Trump is reelected.” Betsy

    This is just wishing against hope. The American Fascist Party will likely struggle to keep their Senate seats and lose more House seats. What on Earth makes you believe that King Donald The Loser can recover enough at the polls to take a win against Joke Biden? Just because you WANT a win doesn’t defeat facts. There have been only two candidates since 1947 who have come back from a double-digit deficit at this point of an election. King Donald The Loser is not that good of a politician to likely recover and win. He is a loser, and has been throughout his life.

    It’s not looking good. Are you ready for a let-down in November, Betsy?

    1. Trump won the Presidency. Trump marries super models. Trump is a billionaire. Some loser lol.

    2. You confuction, still push the lie that fascists are a right wing organization when in fact they are a left wing vicious organization just like communism. Your party is the party of any and all dictatorships and you can lie all you want but it will be just that, a lie. You are and always have been the most confused person, along with syphilis, on these comment sites. Please give it up and take your lies and put them where the sun don’t shine.

  8. Nothing new here with this CONGRESSWOMAN, she has nothing to show for all the years she has been in Congress!

  9. Well Collins if you don’t campaign against Biden you as far as I am concerned are a traitor to your party you RINO !,!,!!!!

  10. Biden and the Dems are a disaster. The Dems will kick Biden to the curb the first chance they have. Then watch out, Socialism and the welfare state will run free. Let’s hope the Republicans take back the House and hold onto the Senate. Trump is reelected. I have to ask myself, though, what the hell is wrong with the Republicans. They stand by, do nothing and like Collins, melt before our eyes. Take back you family jewels, Republicans, and support what is right. The Dems are just apocalyptic for America.

  11. “My inclination is just to stay out of the presidential and focus on my own race.” Sen. Collins

    Yeah, you probably should look after your own campaign, because you are trailing Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon by 4 points.


    1. No confuction, 2.5 points. You just insist on lying don’t you.

  12. He is not a colleague. She is making excuses not to support Trump. I support her only because I don’t want Repubs to lose Senate. She is a RINO, but she is a bit better then the alternative.

  13. You don’t have to campaign for anyone, but why do you say this when you know it will hurt Trump? You might not like him but he is a damn sight better than Biden. NEWSFLASH: Biden is not your colleague.

  14. Get a clue, Susan. Uncle Pervy Joe isn’t your colleague and hasn’t been for nearly 12 years. She also pledged that she would only serve 2 terms, yet here she still is. The Democrats best friend since traitor Song Bird McCain died.

    Could be that she considers herself a colleague in the respect that she and Biden have never been too bright and are both now poster children for dementia.

  15. Exactly what made this a story? There is no doubt that Collins is more confused than Generally Confused.

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