Colin Powell Pushes Back Against Trump’s Defense of the Confederate Monuments

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is pushing back against President Donald Trump defending Confederate monuments.

During an interview with MSNBC, Powell was asked if he thought the president was racist. The retired general offered a response to the question as he referenced Trump’s calls to defend Confederate monuments.

“I don’t like to use that word,” Powell said of the word “racist,” before adding, “Let me just say that he is intolerant… He doesn’t understand our history at all.”

He continued, “These folks that he’s talking about, they’re no longer in the American country. They are in the Confederate States of America.”

Powell went on to discuss Confederate General Robert E. Lee. While he highlighted Lee’s tactical experience, he also noted his how his leadership negatively impacted the lives of many.

“Robert E. Lee was a great tactician but he was a leader of the Confederate army which succeeded in starting a war that killed 600,000 Americans. And, so it is one thing to treat him as a tactical hero and put him off in a corner somewhere but its not the right place to give him the kind of presence that he has in our society.”

See Powell’s remarks below:

Powell’s remarks come just days after the president fired off on Twitter targeting NASCAR and Bubba Wallace several days after the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) concluded its investigation into the noose found in Wallace’s stall.

In a series of tweets, the president described the noose as a “hoax” as he insisted Wallace should apologize. He also lambasted NASCAR for its decision to ban the Confederate flag, as previously reported on IJR.

Since protests erupted after the death of George Floyd, Trump has verbalized his disapproval of movements calling for of monuments of controversial subjects.

However, it is important to note that in 2015, he too, supported the removal of the Confederate flag.

“I think they should put it in the museum and let it go,” Trump told the reporter. “Respect whatever it is you have to respect, because it was a point in time, and put it in a museum. But I would take it down. Yes.” 


  1. Am I the only one who’s heard and lived by (since the first grade) the saying…..”sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me”? Why does the minority make demands and are allowed actions to destruct the rights of other peoples. If your an atheist you want nothing more that to destroy Churches, Ten Commandment Monuments, the Bible, Public Prayer and even the word “GOD” from currency, our National Pledge, etc. But, NONE of this physically hurts anyone. These things can physically avoided by simply staying clear of or ignoring them should you choose to do so. NO-ONE if FORCING ANYONE INTO CHRISTIANITY. These Statues being torn down cannot physically hurt anyone and there are those who want them standing. Where is their rights? Why isn’t there a public referendum or vote that allows the majority to vote on what can and should betaken down or destroyed? We are living by mob rule!!!
    I find it very interesting that while visiting gun shops the past few weeks, that the DOJ is overwhelmed with back ground checks because gun sales are going crazy! Ammunition is almost non-existent? And firearms shelves are pretty bare? Why??????

  2. “I don’t like to use that word,” Powell said of the word “racist,” before adding, “Let me just say that he is intolerant… He doesn’t understand our history at all.” OK, so he doesn’t want to use the word racist, so he uses an euphemism. How cute.

    “Powell’s remarks come just days after the president fired off on Twitter targeting NASCAR and Bubba Wallace several days after the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) concluded its investigation into the noose found in Wallace’s stall.” Yeah, remember the fake case of the attack on Jussie Smollett, where he hired two cast members to fake the attack, saying the perps yelled, “This is MAGA country”, a direct reference to the President? Remember the black individual that spray painted racial language on the monument in Boston, pretending it was whites? All fake, just like the noose. More Liberal/Democrat dirty tricks.

    “Robert E. Lee was a great tactician but he was a leader of the Confederate army which succeeded in starting a war that killed 600,000 Americans.” Ahhhh, perhaps Powell should brush up on his history (I know he’s spouting Liberal re-written history). Robert E. Lee did not start the Civil War. DEMOCRATS convinced the Southern states to secede from the Union to preserve their cheap labor, without whom they could not stay rich. They convinced the average Southerner that it was really about states rights, that the Union was going to take their homes and make them servants (Northern aggression). More Democrat lies. Democrats started the Civil War, Lee was just their top General.

    Of course, it all comes back to the President because it’s an election year and everything will be used and abused in the Democrats quest for power and control. Nation wide protests and riots, deaths and destruction, because of the death of a career criminal, George Floyd. They want to abolish the police, ICE and the border patrol. Now that crime is on the rise, the want the police back in the epicenter, Minneapolis. Tough!! Let them burn.

    Dildobert, we didn’t lose the war in Iraq. We threw out the insurgents in Iraq by the end of the Bush administration. Then, the Obamanation pulled the troops out (bragged about keeping his campaign promise), financed ISIS (thinking they were Syrian rebels) and provided ISIS with 90% of their weapons, 90%. Then, the Obamanation called them the JV team. for 8 years we had to watch ISIS commit atrocities while the Obamanation golfed. When Trump became President, he systematically eliminated ISIS. Not a loss. Afghanistan is still a work in progress. Vietnam wasn’t a loss so much as a forced give away. When Nixon was prevented from winning by the Democrat held Congress (1970), he decided that enough American youth had been sacrificed to provide the wartime economy $Trillions in profits (while Democrats got massive kickbacks). When US troops handed over military operations to the ARVN and the UN’s ICCS (I Can’t Control Shit) in 1973, it was a steady downfall until the UN gave up and the North overran the South in 1975. That was a loss for the South Vietnamese and the UN.

    By the way, “the Confederacy was a racist tyranny” is correct, a Democrat racist tyranny!!! The Republicans and the North got rid of it. Now, the Democrats control Blacks by means of hand outs, trinkets, free crap and fake BS support, like painting BLM on 5th Avenue.

  3. Remembering the Confederacy is proper to understanding our history. Having a proper place for that memory is necessary, because we are a nation of ideals, and the Confederacy was a racist tyranny, where protection of the right to own black men overrode all other men’s rights. The Southern leaders in that war were sometimes noble, but they fought a war against their true country. That’s treason, and their cause was a disgrace, and their way of life left a burden on black people and white people that we are still to this day trying to resolve.

  4. Screw, the problems with not winning a war don’t usually come down to the politics surrounding it, i.e., the politicians picked a war we couldn’t win. Although any war is win-able, usually you set limits on what you’re willing to do and spend and how much time you’ll commit the nation to it. We beat Germany and Japan in WW2 because they were exhausted and didn’t believe in their own cause any more. We lost in Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan because we thought we were fighting WW2 again, where once the regular enemy force disbands and the government collapses and the people have no more reason to fight, you get peace. If somebody keeps picking up the sword and fighting on, you haven’t won yet.

    Powell delivered exactly the victory he was asked for. The fact that it wasn’t enough was the Bushes’ fault.

  5. The noise around statues is a humongous bucket of “squirrels” being thrown to cause as much diversion as possible, to keep us from discussing things not complimentary to His Majesty’s re-election, such as his declining royal popularity.

    He is sowing division, nothing less.

  6. Colin Powell. Another ex-general.

    question: Does anyone else believe that the military officers are yet another entrenched and self-interested Deep State?

    question: has anyone else noticed the # of US WWII generals (all services) vs. how many we have now? Yet they somehow keep NOT winning, except Powell’s overwhelming tech/equipment/etc. advantage in the Gulf War which led to the current morass in Iraq?

  7. Gayle has some good points. While the Confederacy and the Democrats who ran it were TRUE anti-human deplorables, erasing history is a bad idea. q.v. the quote about repeating things.

    I DO wonder if the Dims are trying a Wizard of Oz move, ignore the actual history behind the curtain.

  8. Like it or not, the history of the USA includes racism. It was 45, not Colin Powell, who had the recommendation to put the flag in the museum.

  9. I love people who say that Lee’s ideas, morals and principles were acceptable for his time. Actually, they weren’t and the nation was torn apart by war because they weren’t. The South lost, slavery lost, and now prejudice needs to be addressed.

  10. Maybe it is not President Trump, but instead Colin Powell who is the one who doesn’t understand our history at all. “These folks that he’s talking about, they’re no longer in the American Country. They’re in the Confederate States of America.” You have to be completely ignorant to say something that overwhelmingly stupid. At its basis, the whole war was about whether the southern states could band together and form their own country. The U.S. government never recognized the confederacy’s right to exist. For the south, the goal at Gettysburg was force Lincoln to “sue for peace,” i.e. to recognize the confederacy as a lawful and sovereign state. That didn’t happen and it was never going to happen. Recall General Grant’s admonition to his own troops to cease cheering the confederate surrender at Appomattox. He said “The war is over. The rebels are our countrymen again. He said “rebels” not “foreigners.” The Emancipation Proclamation speaks in terms of the states in “rebellion,” not “the states that formed their own country.” The Confederate States of America was never a sovereign country and it was never recognized as such anywhere in the world despite their efforts to get England and France to recognize them. Confederate soldiers who died in battle lost their lives to the wretched cause of slavery, but they never ceased to be anything but American citizens.

  11. What a shame, I used to respect and admire Colin Powell. Now he’s lowered himself to the status of a whiner. Our history has its hard times and the people, such as Gen. Lee, were products of their time. It’s not fair to blame and castigate people for holding views that were acceptable to their time. We have moved on, for years all of us have tried to address that transgression. All of those people have gone on…to heaven or hell however you view it. No one alive today was a victim of that time. If you feel you are a victim, then stop listening to the likes of Sharpton and Jackson (whoops, better change his name!). They keep you on their present day plantation by doling out welfare, buying your votes for the Democratic Party who are in fact your oppressors. How do you all explain the success of conservative Blacks…Dr. Ben Carson, is about as successful as you can get – why not model him???? Herman Cain, Condi Rice, Leo Terrell, countless Black actors and singers who certainly aren’t financially suppressed. These successful folks are reaching out to you, trying to enlighten you and help you see who keeps you in chains. Let me tell you about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. You also have to put some skin in the game. Stay out of gangs, don’t use drugs, STAY IN SCHOOL and actually learn something. If you choose to take the easy way, live off the taxpayers, get in all kinds of legal trouble and blame the police (most of whom are good, decent people ) you have no right to belly ache. If a small percentage of cops go bad, it’s probably because they’re tired of all the shit thrown at them by whiners who get themselves into trouble in the first place. You have a brain, you have free will, you make your own choices. Stop blaming everyone but yourself. None of us control being born. It’s a real lotto. I wont apologize for where I was born, or to whom. You don’t like where you landed in life, then change it. Let me tell you a secret….LIFE IS NOT FAIR. If you don’t like the hand you were dealt, play a different game. But quit whining.

  12. This cat lost all creds when he backed ghettothug Oscuma for prez. RHINO basura. negro

  13. Part of this country’s history and heritage of how it came to be.
    Same as a person’s history of how he/she came to be.
    So, Colin, since there are probably people that don’t like you or agree with what you have said or done, time to store you in a museum somewhere out of sight so we don’t have to see or think about you again.
    Or as the democrats like to say – Cancel You.

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