Colin Kaepernick Inks Documentary Deal With Disney About His Life

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has signed a deal with The Walt Disney Company in collaboration with his production company, Ra Vision Media, to put out a documentary that will chronicle his life from a football player to activist.

In a tweet on Monday, Kaepnernick wrote, “I am excited for this partnership with Disney across all of its platforms to elevate Black and Brown directors, creators, storytellers & producers. I look forward to sharing culturally impactful and inspiring projects.”

Kaepernick’s documentary is being produced by ESPN films — Disney is one of the major shareholders in ESPN.

ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro said, “Colin has had a singular path as both an athlete and an activist, and, as the nation continues to confront racism and social injustice, it feels particularly relevant to hear Colin’s voice on his evolution and motivations.”

The former 49er’s quarterback has not played in the NFL since 2016, the year that he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest racism in the United States, specifically police brutality against communities of color.

President Donald Trump has blistered with the football player over the years and has repeatedly bashed athletes who do not stand during the national anthem. In June, Trump said that he will not watch the NFL if players are kneeling during the anthem and he criticized the U.S. Soccer team for kneeling during the anthem.

Kaepernick was also outspoken after the death of George Floyd, tweeting, “When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction. The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance.”

His deal with Disney is not the first time that the quarterback has made a powerful business move. This year, he also joined the board of directors with the blog site, Medium.


  1. Oh this should be good. Another Mickey Mouse adventure with a poor black kid who couldn’t get ahead because white people discriminated against him. Can’t wait to spend money to see this.

  2. Happy that you remember John D. It was always comical whe Phyllis and he would try to gang up on someone and have their arguments go poof.

  3. Paul, I remember John Dullenstein. He’s another example of the best the left has to bring. It’s so sad how this country has been dumbed down to the point that critical thinking is a talent rather than a common trait!!
    BTW, I’ve been lurking here for a few years. I may even have had a different identity in another life, but IJR forced me to use my “REAL” name…

    I can’t think of anything more “REAL” than Joe Biden’s racism! 😉

  4. HWB , I don’t know if you were around on IJR a few years ago. But if so and you remember JUJU, I really think he is the current Johnny Boy. He used the same filthy rhetoric. IJR must have canned him after he made threats in his comments and apparently hacked IJR’s system because he would dox users. It’s amazing that Johnny Boy has the same MO as Juju.
    The one guy who I wish was still around was John Superstupid from Ky who was a pompous Libby who thought he was God’s gift to mankind and maybe for the Libbies he was. ST probably remembers the two gems.

  5. Little Tiny Johnny. Tell me. How much are the Democrats paying you to comment and give everyone a laugh by your comments? I bet you’re one of the ignorant no brain morons like Colin Krap-A-Sack. I bet you even feel sorry for the racist criminal George Floyd.

  6. This has to be a joke, but, in our country now I am not surprised and anything.
    The dumbing down of the Un-United States continues.
    Way to go you ignorant liberals??

  7. Cherl and Paul, I’ve been an advocate for keeping little j johnny around because his comments pretty much sum up the entirety of the left’s mentality and arguments. However, I’m amazed he’s still around.

    Like a cockroach, he’s the one you see while 1000’s of others are out there hiding. Get rid of him and he’ll be back in one identity or another.

  8. Discussions about “white” people being “privileged” is really a joke? What do we call Kaepernick who is a privileged “black”? Anyone? Crickets……………. and let’s not forget, there are plenty of privileged blacks.

  9. HWB and Cherl. I gave up contacting IJR and just ignore Johnny Boy’s comments as most are the product of a 12 year old. More fun to punch holes in Scotty the Imposter’s (AKA General Confusion) comments anyway.

  10. As I have Cherl. I guess their TOS don’t mean crap. Anything goes! So……..

  11. Hugh Wayne Black
    July 6, 2020
    I’m still curious why “little j john” hasn’t been kicked off the IJR yet, only to come back as another fictitious troll!

    As am I. One of my comments contained the name of a female dog and was taken down.
    I’ve bombarded IJR with the comments by the puke and nothing.

  12. I’m still curious why “little j john” hasn’t been kicked off the IJR yet, only to come back as another fictitious troll!

  13. Will Kaepumpernickel’s documentary include how he was a black orphan adopted by white affluent parents who supported his efforts throughout his life (and still do, surprisingly) despite his race baiting?

    Kaepumpernickel NEVER knew hardship! He loathes himself for his advantage yet profits off of every bit of it!! Only in America could he live a story like his yet he pisses all over the flag and the opportunities this great country has afforded him! He was a mediocre football player and he IS a despicable human being who is all about drawing attention to himself!!

    Will his documentary describe how this limousine liberal is merely virtue signaling? He claims to hate the flag while he hides behind it!! Phuking piece of sh*t if ever there was one!

  14. Just one more reason not to engage in any business transactions with Disney — I can’t believe how far they have fallen from the once “politics” free, great entertainment industry they were, bringing pleasure to children’s lives. No more. And if I had kids today? They would never get to know Disney. Tarnishing their image just as Nike did after this guy took his first knee to dishonor and disrespect America and our flag!!

  15. I’m curious as to why assholes like Screweduptape

    and piss pot paulie think their opinion matters.

    Mr. Kaepernick is crying all the way to the bank

    while you and assholes like you are just crying.

  16. I’m curious why mixed-race blacks are so eager to adopt ONLY their black identities? Street cred?

    Kaepernick was mediocre. Look at his stats. He didn’t even qualify for starting. Now he’s making more money through his infamy. NOW he wants to cancel July 4th.

    IMO one of the worst attributes of ANY human-shaped mass is ingratitude. It’s there in the rioters and in Kaepumpernickel.

    If they don’t pause to consider what they have here in the US and be thankful then NOTHING will satisfy them. q.v. the citizens of Hong Kong, Iran, etc.

  17. Just another book for Libbies to piss their money away on for someone to make a quick buck.

    1. …on the plus side it’s less money for them to buy avocado toast or bail out rioters.

  18. …and that’s why I’ll never knowingly buy or support anything from Disney or Nike.

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