Coca-Cola Halts Facebook Advertising as Several Companies Boycott

Coca-Cola announced its plan to halt all of its social media advertisements for the next 30 days to show its support for racial equality.

On Friday, Coca-Cola CEO and Chairman, James Quincey released an official statement on behalf of the multinational beverage corporation confirming its intent.

While Coca-Cola did indicate that they have not joined the official boycott movement, the major advertiser does agree that the world has “no place for racism.”

“There is no place for racism in the world and there is no place for racism on social media,” Quincey said in a statement.

The corporation also confirmed its ads will be paused on both Facebook and Instagram “at least” 30 days.

“The Coca-Cola Company will pause paid advertising on all social media platforms globally for at least 30 days,” the statement read. “We will take this time to reassess our advertising policies to determine whether revisions are needed. We also expect greater accountability and transparency from our social media partners.”

Amid heightened calls for racial equality, Coca-Cola has stood in solidarity with tweets supporting diversity and the end of systemic racism.

Coca-Cola’s statement comes as many major corporations have joined the “Stop Hate for Profit” boycott. Per CNBC, a long list developed by Sleeping Giants includes the name of every corporation currently pausing ads.

Shortly after Coca-Cola released its statement, Dockers and Levi’s echoed similar sentiments as they urged Facebook to “take actions to stop misinformation and hate speech” on its social networks.

“Facebook must take actions to stop misinformation and hate speech on its platforms. It is an unacceptable affront to our values,” the statement read. “We and Dockers are joining the #stophateforprofit campaign and pausing all ads on Facebook.” 

As of Saturday morning, the list includes more than 130 companies including Dockers, Eddie Bauer, Levi’s, TalkSpace, UpWork, and Verizon Wireless.

The massive movement has already contributed to more than $7.21 billion being wiped from Facebook’s assets and its share price also declined by 8% when the markets closed on Friday.


  1. Come on Coca-Cola, your public relations department leaves much to be desired since they don’t realize when they are being used.

  2. Blacks in America have A LOT going for them if they would just get up and get EDUCATED instead of keeping themselves down, and relying on the thug like attitude, robbing, murdering and drug dealing to get them through, they have opportunities all around them yet they either refuse or are just too lazy to pick themselves up, if they did not come on like gangbangers/thug when confronted by police maybe they would walk away more often from the situation, for being the lesser of the population yet doing the majority of the crimes it is no wonder they are looked upon with caution and dread.. Blacks need to WISE up and RISE up to their full potentials that EVERYONE is Blessed with, no, it is not an easy task but one well worth striving for, betterment of oneself done on THEIR OWN, stop waiting for handouts and reparations that are NOT rightfully yours because it is NOT coming, you were NOT the only race wronged in some way WAY back in HISTORY, YOU are not the ones that suffered through those eras in time, therefore you deserve NOTHING but what YOU bring to your table… Own up, MAN/WOMAN up and make your own way in this world….

  3. “We are donating to @100blackmen as a part of the effort to end systemic racism and bring true equality to all. This is just a first step. #BlackLivesMatter.”

    What a con job, BLM has nothing to do with bettering the lives of black people. For decades they have pounded people with white guilt for something they have never done there is no systemic racism they completely discount the progress of race relations. For years the goal was a colorblind society that’s what MLK wished for, now these people want to bring back segregation and they teach young people that only white people can be racist that’s probably the most racist thing you could say.
    BLM and Antifa are just opposite sides of the same Marxist revolutionary coin anyone who digs deep into the roots of these organizations will find that to be true and people better wake up these people will never be satisfied, this is cultural Marxism and the goal is the destruction of Western civilization!
    They use the false vehicle of opposing racism except their own to conceal their anarchist revolution, wake up people this is a power grab!

    “Although totalitarian democracy is democratic in form, it requires an all-knowing elite to guide the masses toward their determined end, and that elite relies on whipping up mass enthusiasm to preserve its power and achieve its goals. Totalitarian democracy is almost always secular and materialistic, and its adherents tend to treat politics as a substitute for religion. Their sacred mission is to use the coercive power of the state to remake man and society according to an abstract ideal of perfection.”
    — William Barr
    (1950-) US Attorney General
    Source: 2020 National Religious Broadcasters Convention, 2/26/2020

  4. It’s a big drop in the bucket for both Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg but still just a drop. This is very common of what people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been doing for decades. I guess the corporations have learned that money takes care of all these racial leaches although only temporarily until the next time they decide to hijack a racial incident and use it to enrich their race baiting organizations.

    1. 7 billion dollars and an 8% drop in stock price is not a drop in the bucket. That’s enough to get attention and then some.

  5. So does Coca-Cola, Levi’s, etc. think that they will completely END racism because they quit advertising TEMPORARILY on a few social media platforms? Sadly racism will probably always be with us, and a few high minded companies trying to do the right thing won’t ever end it.

    Besides, I would like to know just WHO will be the judges of what “hate speech” is or isn’t? Will it be some overly sensitive snowflake who thinks they are a social justice warrior who sees a “dog whistle” under every rock, or a reasonable person who can see clear violations of obvious hate speech?

    1. hate speech will always be with us and I agree with you, Who will decide what hate speech is and is not. The left is re-writing history, erasing all signs of history and in the education indoctrination centers are brainwashing our youth to believe their lies and misinformation. And they actually expect us to trust them(snowflakes) to regulate speech. These Big corporations are just chancing the dollar and will do anything they have to do to keep those dollars flowing in. Including endorsing lies and those who spread them.

    2. “So does Coca-Cola, Levi’s, etc. think that they will completely END racism because they quit advertising TEMPORARILY on a few social media platforms?” Dale

      Temporarily? Not so much, but at least it could be taken as a shot across the bow. It took a few years, but South Africa changed partly through boycotting them.

  6. No matter. Coke and all the rest of the sugary candy drinks are among the most physically damaging things you can pour into your pie-hole. Good riddance.

  7. How does saving your company money for ads for 30 days while virtue signaling. Garnering more revenue from the sheeple so you make a profit while cutting costs for 30 days help any cause but your company’s bank account?

  8. That’s the best you can do? Where’s the foul mouthed John we’ve all come to dislike? I’ve heard better snappy comebacks on an elementary school playground.

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  9. I can see where coca color is at. They wouldn’t see racism if it hit them between the eyes. I have never seen a white lives matter organization anywhere in this country. There is black lives matter everywhere and they are the ones doing the looting and destruction. They are not only blacks however there are also the white antifas in their ranks. Never the less they are more racist than any organization I have ever seen in my 75 yrs on this earth. I hope Coke feels good with their decision as I have made a choice to quit coke as they are playing a race card against the american people. If Coca cola was concerned as they want us to believe they would find other ways to make changes to what they perceive to be racism. It appears to me from Coca Colas action that they are more racist than those they are boycotting with stopping their ads on Facebook.

    1. John : Not only are you a Caucasian N*gger Trash,

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  10. Oh please! Another bandwagon jumper!!! Where were you 6 months ago, 1 year ago, 2 years ago…… It’s phoney bullshit and you and every other company and organization that’s doing this knows it. You’re only trying to save your financial asses. You should all have stayed out of it and stay neutral.

      1. Centuries of racism? You can’t erase centuries of sin. It’s not going away until the second coming.

  11. Of course, none of us (hopefully) want to promote racism or other despicable or hateful behavior. But when we start restricting what can, and cannot, be said on social or other media, or indeed what people can even say in public, we are – perhaps for the best of reasons – going down a dangerous path of limiting free speech when we silence those we disagree with. Progress and equality are not achieved by banning other people’s thoughts – it achieved by overcoming them with our own example, and with our own positive arguments.

    It is a dangerous and slippery slope we are on, I fear. We are far closer to Orwell’s ‘thoughtcrime’ and ‘crimethink’ than we may realize. While we may all agree that certain things are wrong and disgusting – and tolerate ‘banning’ such speech because we don’t like it – but what if ‘those’ determining what is, and isn’t, acceptable turn out a few years hence to be coming from a viewpoint we DON’T agree with???

    1. This is literally how free markets work. They don’t like how Facebook is running their private business, so they stop business with them.

      If not having ads on Facebook doesn’t impact their sales, do you think they are going to come back? Probably not to the extent they were even if they do.

  12. Racism is made up by people that want something special because of their color.

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  13. Racism has been here since the dawn of time, and will still be here long after we are dust! Get over it!

    1. Well, this is more honest than saying there’s no such thing. It seems the narrative now is to be unapologetic about racism.

      No duh racism will be around. The whole point of discussing it is to help recognize when you’re being racist and stop.

      1. No, it’s to inflame and perpetuate racism, with race baiting, so you can divide the nation and destroy it.

  14. I guess the silent majority has spoken. Remember, the silent majority owns a whole lot of stock in major corporations like Coca-Cola!

  15. What is amazing is how easily these big companies can be bullied into compliance there is not a overabundance of racism in this country, people come from other countries because of that and the opportunities this country affords them.

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    2. CHRIS is why we can’t have nice things.

      “there is not a overabundance of racism in this country” CHRIS

      Didn’t your schooling or living here teach you anything? This country was built on racism and it thrives everywhere here, and it you can’t see that, they you are part of that problem.

      1. Well, dipshit, it is easy to see you have not traveled much. Travel to China or Japan or any one of many many places, and there is no chance you will ever fit in because you are not one of them. The whole world discriminates against people of other races. Fortunately, at least in the USA, we realize that there is discrimination and we try to eliminate it.

    3. Chris, right on target. The only racists I know are John and people like him.

  16. I get the feeling that companies are starting to react against the social unrest that Trump keeps agitating. They can’t speak out against a President personally, but if they’ve gotten disgusted with the man in the office, that can act against the political themes that he works on, and that represent him. He keeps a pot of ugly stuff boiling to keep the nativists and racists excited and on his side, and if American businesses start feeling their disgust like I do, then he and his band of angry segregationists could find themselves sidelined, pushed off into a little corner of the political landscape where nobody respectable wants to be seen. So long to Donald and his whole ass-wipe movement.

    1. A woman who went viral, recently, saying that she favored the KKK, brandished the traitor Confederate battle flag, and said that she was going to teach her grandchildren to hate “people like you” immediately lost her job. That only slows them down.

      This doesn’t happen anywhere near enough, but it does happen. Hopefully, they die off soon and can’t spread their hate any more.

      1. Scott, if she was black, she would have received a benefit check, an apologetic meeting with the President of the company she worked for telling her they are sorry she feels hurt, some liquor and a TV. That’s the way it works.

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    3. Talk about agitating unrest, look at you. It is apparent you are not very well informed and that you only listen to the mainstream lying media. It is poorly informed people like you that put lib-tards in office. Those lib-tards have no concept about what the nature of man is. They instigate problems by the inane laws and regulations they put in and they create the problems we have now. Who is it that organized the KKK? The Democrats. Who is it that supported slavery? The Democrats. Who is it that fought minorities voting? Democrats. Who is it that did not want blacks to have guns after the Civil War? Democrats. Who is it that governs the cities with all of the “peaceful” bloody riots? Every one of them by Democrats.

        1. Very good retardo! Re-read it again, “Who is it that governs the cities with all of the “peaceful” bloody riots? Every one of them by Democrats.” That’s today, 2020, Confucius! Who kills more black babies? Planned Parenthood, pushed by Democrats. That’s TODAY. Who controls the black vote by giving them just enough handouts without letting them see prosperity? Democrats. Happening today, 2020.

      1. Reedy boy, you’re talking about southern democrats…the last of which were george wallace & strom thermond. How far did you go in school? I doubt you made it past the 3rd grade.

      2. Someone should do a poll of current KKK membership and see which party they belong to in 2020. I can’t imagine many of them are Biden supporters. It’s hard to believe that at one time, the Republicans were the liberal party.

      3. Who is it that today accommodates the KKK? Trump, and his Republican lackeys. Who is sentimental these days for the heroes and generals of the slavery era? Republicans. Who is it that suppresses minority votes in 2020? Republicans. Stuff has changed. What’s this dumb idea I keep seeing pop up among conservotards, about Democrats of 1860 being racists, so therefore they still are? On what planet does this lame ass Jedi mind trick actually have credibility? It’s like the game where the con artist puts a pea under one of three walnut shells, moves them around, and you’re fooled into betting where the pea is hidden. Except, in this game, the con artist is using only one shell, and you still can’t figure out where the pea is.

        Or are you trying to tell me that Obama was a Republican? And that proves you are fair and balanced?

    4. Trump is agitating social unrest? LMAO more like irresponsible spoiled children who whine when they don’t get their way are agitating social unrest.

      1. Its the right wing version of social media. You haven’t heard all the conservatives are jumping over to it?

          1. It’s Twitter, without rules or standards. It’s where people who have discarded decency go to listen to each other’s rants. Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, Jew haters, Arab haters, Black haters, Chinese haters, conspiracy lunatics of all stripes. Some libertarian engineer created it, with the notion that we are all best served when ideas run free. It’s an open sewer of poisoned thought.

        1. Its only recently started being talked about outside of far right and white supremacy circles. Let me guess, you a long time member?

          1. I remember now hearing about Parler over a year ago, but it slipped my mind. I wonder if that’s where a lot of the IJR members disappeared to. Based on their past comments here, that wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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