Hillary Clinton Hits Trump: ‘I Would Have Done a Better Job’ at Handling the Pandemic

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking aim at President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying she “would have done a better job.”

“I will tell you, it’s frustrating to be on the sidelines in a pandemic,” Clinton said during The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast published Friday.

Clinton chimed in during the podcast, saying whether she thinks she would do a better job than Trump in handling the coronavirus pandemic.

“We wouldn’t have been able to stop the pandemic at our borders the way that Trump claimed in the beginning, but we sure could have done a better job saving lives, modeling better, more responsible behavior,” she said. “I don’t think we necessarily should have had as deep an economic assault on livelihoods and jobs as we have.”

Clinton added, “So I know I would have done a better job.”

Listen to Clinton’s interview below:

Clinton has criticized Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in the past, as she previously took a jab at the president when the U.S. passed the 100,000 mark in the number of coronavirus cases, as IJR reported.

“He did promise ‘America First,'” she wrote on Twitter in response to the U.S. leading the world in reported coronavirus cases.

As of Saturday morning, the U.S. has more than 2,890,000 coronavirus cases. The U.S. is leading the world in the number of cases. The second country with the most known cases in Brazil, followed by Russia.


  1. Milkfart, Confused, Hysterical John, Syphilis and the other Liberal simpletons continue to make up more BS as they go along. I don’t respond to them individually anymore as they’re about as important as the individual piles of crap my horses leave behind. I could waste my time trying to clean up each pile or just let it decompose naturally. Hopefully, soon there will be a massive cleanup and exile of the anti-American Liberals/Democrats. Let them defund the police and there will be no one to protect them. Rid ourselves of the protesters and rioters that spread the virus as the Europeans rid themselves of the rats that spread the plague.

  2. Anally challenged Hillarrhoid would have told the American Public that it was because of an anti-Chinese video and vow to bring the producer of said video to justice. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the Hillarrhoid, not knowing that Bill disguised himself as a pool table, racked his balls.

  3. Remember how she handled HAITI???


  4. “Yet he and his ilk NEVER say what initiatives/charity/efforts they make on their own.” I Ching

    And I never will here on IJR. Firstly, because it is none of your f..king business. Secondly, because I have watched what disingenuous people like you DO with that kind of personal information here. You weaponize it against the people that you don’t like or oppose, so F. U.

    So, if you want to blame anyone here about this, blame yourself. YOU brought this upon yourself. It is YOUR fault, so accept some personal responsibility for YOUR actions.

  5. Sure hiLIARy just like you “handled” BENGHAZI…!!! You need to go AWAY & STAY THERE.

  6. Screwtape
    Good to hear from you and your words of wisdom. Dunning-Krueger Effect sounds right. That’s new to me but I plan to read more.

  7. Hillary would not have done a better job at anything – the only things she can do are lie, cheat steal, insult, and be a hypocrite.

  8. Generally aka Scott aka John. Just going by what others have concluded. Perhaps you ARE the one who is confused

    1. That’s “contused” as a result of his confusion.

      Consider the Dunning-Krueger Effect in which the incompetent and stupid believe themselves more capable and smarter than reality.

      Here Scotty, choosing the unfortunate but ironically appropriate monicker of Genital Contusion, err, Generally Confused tries to be smarter than he is. His “handle” says all one needs to know what his opinions are worth.

      I blame to much unmerited self-esteem and participation trophies for these empty souls. Clearly they have neither introspection nor individual responsibility for their own faults.

      1. Proof? He espouses a political ideology, socialism, which depends on taking from others while having their own hands out. That’s some serious lack of personal responsibility (bad words for them).

        Yet he and his ilk NEVER say what initiatives/charity/efforts they make on their own. They are as a group parasites.

  9. Mary, Mr. Trump certainly doesn’t act like any politician we’re used to seeing; he’s more of a game show host in his job, which is actually what he was before a flock of cross-eyed voters made him President. However. He is certainly a politician. He calculates everything he does for its public relations and vote getting impact. He does deals with his counterparties, giving and taking for the interest groups that back him, and in the end announces total victory for his base voters, and for all America. Everybody in politics is a politician. Government by the people won’t work otherwise.

    I think that in addition to being a politician, Trump is a crook and a swindler, I think he’s naive and ignorant, I think he’s no kind of patriot or American loyalist, he’s got a deformed and ugly personality, he’s disassembling American power around the world, and he just doesn’t recognize or care about the damage he’s doing. So, I detest him for reasons other than being political.

  10. Let’s get this straight, President Trump, (and I am going to LOVE saying his name for FOUR MORE YEARS!!) IS in politics, HOWEVER, HE DOES NOT act nor represent himself like a politician, he is NOT a lying, conniving, manipulating, deceitful, sneaking, underhanded turd like the democRATicleftistlibtards… THAT is why they don’t like him, HE CANNOT BE BOUGHT!!.. As for HiLlARy, she is circling the drain and heading to jail, what she may or may not have been able to do is totally irrelevant!! She is only, now sputtering words of embarrassment, she LOST, WE THE PEOPLE spoke!! Trump won and HE WILL WIN again!!! #KAGTRUMP2020

  11. “President Trump is a “politicIan” as you say for less than 5 years.” Cherl

    You aren’t going to worm your way out of THIS one, Cherl. Yes, His Majesty IS a politician.

    To quote YOU: “President Trump was NOT a politician.”

    I correctly corrected you. I would recommend not digging that pit that you are standing in any deeper.

  12. Generally Confused aka Scott aka John says:
    “It probably has something to do with either his operating system or browser, or both.

    Belive me, I Ching has no magical powers here.“

    Still trying to sound like a know it all.
    Are you sure “Screwtape “ doesn’t have magical powers?
    I say welcome back Screwtape. Have missed your intellect.

  13. Generally Confused aka Scott aka John is playing with words again. Biden is a 40 plus year POLITICIAN who has nothing to show for living off of the country. President Trump is a “politicIan” as you say for less than 5 years. He was a businessman. But his success as a “ politician “ certainly exceeds that of Biden’s.

  14. Are you STILL phuhking your dog paulie BOY ?

    Poor dog.

    Happy women.

  15. “President Trump was NOT a politician.” Cherl

    Cherl is letting contradiction confuse her.

    When entering an election running as a candidate for being president, he immediately became a politician. In fact, the definition of the word politician specifically states just that – that a candidate IS a politician.

  16. “How come Screwtape was able to REPLY to Cherl?” Delbert

    It probably has something to do with either his operating system or browser, or both.

    Belive me, I Ching has no magical powers here.

    1. Seeing is “beliving”.

      I’m special. Suck it. If I truly had “magical powers” you would be afraid. Very afraid.

  17. How come Screwtape was able to REPLY to Cherl? I haven’t been able to do any replies for like two weeks.

    1. No explanation here. Maybe because I only visit very occasionally AND because I’m special (not short bus special).

      I only visit to vex the idiots like Genital and Phil who pop up.

    2. Delbert,
      Repeat after me the sacred intonation from Bugs Bunny before Warner Bros. went all soft, squish, and Depends wearing.

      Ickety ackety ook. The door is open.

  18. Lady, you can hardly stand up! Deal with your own health issue first!

  19. Sure Hillary. Your empty and wishful statements mean nothing since you LOST THE ELECTION.

    Besides conjecturing on “what ifs” do you have a single or positive SUGGESTION? What about the riots? How about helping those unemployed by the lockdowns. What about moving forward as a unified nation? No?

    All you can do is bad mouth, like Phyllis and the similarly deranged.

    Say something positive or offer a suggestion for moving forward as a nation. Otherwise you are nothing but a whining, defeated disgrace who’s too stupid to disappear from public view. The woods are calling Hillary, just like Bill’s bitsies.

  20. William its Scotty the Imp and Gen Con that are the same. Not Johnny Boy and Gen Con.

  21. Sure Hillary….and if you had a penis you wouldn’t have married Bill.

    This isn’t a “what if” and not a single person arguing here can prove what someone would have done let alone the results.

    If you are so gifted at predictions then buy lottery tickets or buy stocks. Lots of them. Let us know if you win or you are just running your mouths.

    “I coulda been a contender.” BS.

  22. So I’m glad to see that John and general confusion are the same person. It’s odd though john was entirely incoherent and vulgar. While general st times was coherent and made some points. So it was all just a ruse so people wouldn’t connect the two yet he’s been enraged and broken character. I digress Hilary would you please just STFU and go enjoy your ill-gotten fortune until you do the world a favor and die. Hell you couldn’t even get close to being elected with the lying ass media in your pocket the world knows IJR tried really hard to appease master Hillary.

  23. Scotty aka Generally Confused I guess. Here’s a news flash to reply to your “We MUST elect better politicians.“. President Trump was NOT a politician. And the economy was going very well until the real politicians continued to find a way to trash it. But in spite of them it’s recovering once again. Perhaps career politicians are the REAL problem.

    1. Scotty seems to believe that politicians and “experts” can solve everything.

      I hope someday that the country splits into separate Red/Blue entities. That way armchair theorists and socialists like Scotty can get what they want and leave the rest of us alone.

      Notice how Scotty and his ilk are always recommending what others should do, but NEVER say what they themselves are doing? Why aren’t they practicing what they preach OR moving to establish a separate “laboratory of democracy” where they can do so?

      They always want to drag in others besides themselves. That’s a control and dependency fixation.

  24. Someone give her a mask… save us all from looking at that crooked face…

    Maybe a gag instead? Hey, I am all about solutions to problems… 👍

  25. Hillary- you lost because people thought you sucked… I know you probably won’t have time to read this— hiring a “hitman” takes some planning…

    Do us all a favor… curl up and die…

  26. Cherl funny you should mention Rod Sterling. There was just an episode On the Twilight Zone marathon called the Masks which clearly portrayed Scotty the Imp, Johnny Boy, Michael and Phyllis. I am sure that there will be other episodes depicting todays Libbies as they all live in some sort of a Twilight Zone.

  27. Scotty the Imp(oster) by your last comment it looks like you were gotten once again.

  28. Oh my. It appears that Democrats/liberals or whatever they chose to call themselves here today are imploding. Nothing good to say about Hillary their queen, or Botox Nancy. What is happening? Hello Rod Serling

  29. I’m sure she would have. She’d have arranged for it to commit suicide, right after Epstein.

  30. I’m sure she would have done a better job. I’m sure Marco Rubio would have done better, or Biden, or any Bush out there. Even Pence would probably have done better. Donald seems to have been so focused on his reelection and so scared that bad news about a virus would have been bad for his support, that he went into wish-away mode. It’s what you get with a won’t-read, won’t-listen, won’t-concentrate narcissist, who thinks all truth is just somebody else’s fiction. He’s been demanding that the whole nation share his mindset of unreality, instead of fighting (as a leader would) to keep his people safe.

  31. “What the heck is Scotty the Imp turning Conservative? The light bulb finally turned on in his left brain.” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    I see that Lying Paul The Emeffer thinks that THAT was an insult. He is so stupid that he doesn’t seem to realize that the left hemisphere of our brains controls logic and deals with complexity, such as science and math. So, thank you for the compliment, Liar.

    You also honor with other things, but I will wait to see if your puny brain could ever figure those things out first.

  32. Hillary : please go home.

    Take pussy paul with you

    and lock him in your basement.

  33. Scotty the Imp- what a dumb ass comment. Nothing to out myself for (Not like you outing yourself) and even if there was, I am not stupid enough to do so.

  34. Awe, poor Scotty the Imp can’t take that he has been outed once again. And the fun continues.

  35. Lying Paul The Emeffer: General Confusion IS my real name. It is the name that I used when my account was first created here (and only here), before your lying ass showed up here publicly.

    I asked Alex Skatell if, since nobody was complying with his demand that we use real sounding names, that unless he told me explicitly that I should not do that, that I would go back to using my real name. That was on June 12th. He did NOT respond, therefore I changed it back today. Lucky you.

    YOU, you lying piece of shit, have no idea what you are talking about. You didn’t “find out” anything. You just have an unproductive imagination that has done nothing for you throughout your puny, insignificant, lousy life. You are a loser, just like His Majesty.

  36. Scotty the Imp, my comment about you turning conservative must have really got to you that you had to change your handle.
    You have been found out once again. Let the fun begin.

  37. Surprised he had the brains to figure out how to do that. The fact still remains you will always be Scotty the Imposter.

  38. Awe poor Scotty the Imposter had to change his handle because his being an imposter has been found out.

  39. No, Lying Paul The Emeffer. It would be too much for your peanut-sized brain for you to understand that this world is MORE THAN just black and white. Just because I oppose a weak fascist, such as your Dear Leader, does not in ANY WAY mean that I like Obama or either Clinton. Between the three of them, they have done immense damage to our democracy, institutions, politics, economy, to the people, and to our standing in this world. Since at least Nixon, we have gone down hill. And don’t get me started on Reagan! Wow, there was a piece of work, I’ll tell you.

    So, no, your black and white world won’t let you comprehend that politics is more complicated than being, say, a cult member following every misstep of a very flawed, very weak, very dangerous Dear Leader. What YOU call “conservatives” are just a bunch of corrupt, bought-and-paid-for politicians indoctrinating weakminded partisan assholes who don’t want to see what is really going on. Rich people trying to keep poor(er) people fighting each other, so that they can rob us and this country blind. So that THEY keep the power and wealth, while the majority can barely survive.

    If you would only step outside of your bubble, you would see this world in a very different light. But you can’t and you won’t because you like what you see and hear and you can’t stand change. Not just change around the edges, but real change, meaningful change, systemic change. It is people like you that keeps the rest of us from having nice things, from mearly surviving to actually prospering and flourishing in all aspects of life.

    No, I am not turning into what YOU think is “conservative”, because you don’t understand what conservative is or means, just because I disagree with another corrupt politician. Our modern “conservativism” is anything but what real conservativism is. I oppose corruption no matter who is corrupt. You might try that some time. It will help to unconfuse you.

    We MUST elect better politicians.


  40. What the heck is Scotty the Imp turning Conservative? The light bulb finally turned on in his left brain.

  41. “So I know I would have done a better job.” H. Clinton

    Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. You lost to the most flawed presidential candidate that we have ever had. Now go away.

  42. Alfred E Newman could have done a better

    job than Mrs Pelosi”s B*tch and Putin’s Pussy


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