Statue of Christopher Columbus Torn Down, Set on Fire and Thrown in a Lake

As protests against racism spread throughout the world, demonstrators are tearing down statues of individuals with racist legacies.

In Richmond, Virginia, demonstrators tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus, spray painted it, set it on fire, and threw it in a lake.

Check out some of the pictures below:

The Columbus statue in Richmond was not the only one to suffer damage on Tuesday. In Boston, demonstrators took the head off a Columbus statue in that city. 

Columbus has become a controversial figure as his treatment of indigenous people during his explorations have tarred his legacy in recent years.

Since 1991, several U.S. cities have chosen to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day. There is also a campaign to remove Columbus from schools’ curriculums. 

In the U.S. the issue of Confederate statues has also become a flashpoint. Last week, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced that the state would take down a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, as IJR reported.

However, a Virginia judge issued an injunction to block the removal of the statue. 

In some European countries, statues of controversial figures are coming down too. Demonstrators in Bristol, England tore down a statue of a slave trader and rolled it into a river.

And in Belgium, demonstrators vandalized and burned a statue of King Leopold II who was responsible for the death of an estimated 10 million Congolese people more than 100 years ago. The statue of Leopold was removed and placed in a museum after it was defaced.


  1. Well that will certainly teach those statues a lesson not to mention rewrite history for the better…said the delusional morons who think it actually will.
    Slavery was a horrible wrong…YES.
    The Confederates had it wrong…YES.
    History can be RE-written…NO.
    Only people who can acknowledge the wrongs of history can keep them from happening again…YES.

  2. They cant spell c given the c and t, do you really think they know who Christopher Columbus was?

  3. They don’t like what Columbus did but they never try to undo it (as in moving to the country of their ancestry). Some on the Left have even threatened to leave America but they never do it.

    That shouts loudly that they’re not really all that upset by the past or even by the present. They just want to destroy. And they especially want to destroy America. They are pawns in the devil’s deadly game.

  4. You cannot rewrite history. Tearing down these monuments is a terrible idea. How about we learn from the mistakes of these people instead.

  5. Gee, I am a member of the 2 million member strong Knights of Columbus. a 4th degree Knight. It seems to me those who castigated Columbus clearly no nothing about the true history, so I think I will stay a member of the Knights. Ditat Deus!

  6. Don’t get too upset with John folks. He’s a 12 year old white kid living In his mommy’s attic, and “confused” about his sexual orientation Has a poster of Don Lemmon on the wall he fantasizes about.

  7. So if the savages destroy a statue of some old white guy it’s called a protest but if some white guys destroy a statue of MLK it’s called racism. Is that about right?

  8. Those who destroy statues should be themselves destroyed. i would like bastards who did this to have their hearts ripped out by the roots

  9. I noticed that the statue of Columbus was accompanied with a US flag. That’s what they really want, to tear down America. The time will come when that is going to bite them.

  10. There is a very serious problem in the world when people are afraid of statues and feel the need to destroy them. Our history is littered with both good and bad events and practices. Destroying those memories will only insure that they will be repeated one day. When I look at Columbus or Robert E Lee, I don’t see slave traders but real men that fought for their beliefs.
    Black slavery ended over a hundred years ago, get over it. If anyone is unhappy with the USA, they may leave.

    1. You are confused, James.

      These statues are attacked, defaced or removed not because people are afraid of them, but because of the horrors that they still represent to this day.

      General Lee was a traitor to this country, so why on Earth raise a statue of him?

      Columbus did untold harm to the indigenous peoples with which he came in contact, in the end killing and enslaving millions of them. He was a mean cruel man, to say the least.

      Did he discover the Americas for the Europeans? Yes, but to what end?

      Black history did not end with the Civil War. Every generation has had their own wars and battles, to this very day, and ignorant people, such as yourself, are not going to resolve those serious issues with your kind of attitude. I suggest that you change.

      1. Squat, you just can’t avoid spreading BS, can you? “indigenous peoples with which he came in contact, in the end killing and enslaving millions of them.” Columbus came in contact with millions of “indigenous” peoples. Really? Millions???????? You’re a lying POS. Indigenous means they were natural to the area or environment. The Indians in the Americas all traveled here from Asia, just like the Europeans, Africans, more recent Asians, etc. They just got here earlier. Rewriting history to call them indigenous is a ploy used by the Liberals/Democrats to stir up trouble. Obama did a great job of that.

        1. Tell that to the Arawaks. I am sure that they would appreciate your support, if there were any left to care.

          The spread of communicable diseases wiped out tens of millions after he started infecting them, including with STDs.

          What disease didn’t kill, murder and deadly treatment in captivity cleaned out even more.

          1. Squat – “wiped out tens of millions” Hee, hee Squat, you don’t cease to amaze with your silly rhetoric. Tell me, you count them all? Neither he or his men ever came in contact with “tens of millions”. Maybe you’d like to blame the Spanish flu on him as well. Are you saying he invented biological warfare?

      2. We know how much you liberal/communist/fascist imbeciles want to destroy and rewrite history in your terms to propagandize the schools and children in order to erase history from their minds and reprogram them to your way of thinking, totalitarian control. I hope you are willing to put your life on it because we are going to put our lives on the line to stop you. You better read a book or two about Columbus before you start spouting lies. He reprimanded many of his people for abusing the Indians. Where the hell do you get your information, out of a toilet. Isn’t that where your head is always located. Lee only fought for the South because his state of Virginia was attacked by the North. If you had read anything about him you would have found he was a fair and honest man unlike Sherman the butcher.

  11. Very interesting.

    Of course Caucasian trash, anti-human trumpukers will be pissed.

    Who cares how the assholes feel ?

    Or why.

    1. John, you sound like you really hate America, do yourself a favor and move to another country.
      And remember, when the race / civil war starts you may be the first casualty.

      1. James, these statues are representative of those people that wanted to keep slavery and divide this country via the worst war we’ve ever fought. We have an American Nazi Party…should we have a statue of Hitler installed some where?

        1. Centrist – In fact, the people that wanted to keep slavery and divide this country were the Democrats in the South that didn’t want to lose their cheap labor. That’s the truth. They lied and convinced the Southern states that it was about state’s rights, not slavery. They called it Northern aggression. If these protesters want to blame anyone, they should look no further than the Liberals/Democrats that are using the same strategy to support their agenda of power and control today. These protesters are being used.

          1. There is that pesky problem that the democratic party

            of the 1860’s is the republican party of today Upchuck

        2. We now know without a single doubt that you are liberal trash just by the comment you just made. The only thing dumber than you is YOU!!!!

      2. There is only one name on the list

        of people whose opinion I care about James.

        It isn’t yours.

    2. You must be looking in the mirror when you call “white trash” johnny the asshole.

        1. Why dont we meet John and we can discuss it PERSONALLY, You bring your ax and I’ll bring my “tools” you scumbag s**thole!!!

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            Slither back under your lump of shit you maggot.

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