Buttigieg: If Sanders Wins the Nomination, Trump Will Be Re-Elected and Dems Will Lose the House

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg warned that if Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) won the nomination, President Donald Trump would win re-election, and the Republicans would retake the majority in the House. 

During the presidential debate in South Carolina, Buttigieg slammed Sanders for the price tag of his policies and saying it was “ impossible” to know how much his plans would cost. 

“Let’s do some math, Senator Sanders at one point said it would be $40 trillion. Then it was thirty. Then it was seventeen. That’s an incredible shrinking price tag. At some point has said it is unknowable to even see what the price tag would be. Now there are new numbers.”

“I’ll tell you exactly what it adds up to. It adds up to four more years of Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. And the inability to get the Senate into Democratic hands. The time has come to stop acting like the presidency is the only office that matters,” he added.

Watch the video below:

He continued to claim that moderate Congressional Democrats are “running away” from Sanders’ platform “as fast as they can.”

Buttigieg’s comment comes as Sanders — who is a self-declared democratic socialist — has emerged as the front-runner for the nomination. 

Moderate Democrats in the House have reportedly grown nervous that Sanders would lose the presidential election and cost them their seats as well due to his policies. 


  1. Not necessarily Buttgigger.
    IF the estimated 30% of extreme-Left Dims, THE GREEDY, and the “anyone but Trump” crowd get together it may not be that easy.

    1. forgot to mention Bernie’s campaign push to reap the Latino vote, though his bro-love for Castro has probably cost him FL. Let’s remember that CA and TX are loaded with Hispanics who love his anti-ICE, pro-DACA messages.

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