Buttigieg Creates PAC to Support Candidates: ‘Build the Era That Must Come Next’

After rising to become a presidential contender and eventually leaving the race, Pete Buttigieg is creating a PAC that will support candidates, specifically those in down-ballot races.

The Buttigieg PAC, which was first reported by The New York Times on Friday, will be called Win the Era.

Though there does not appear to be any record of the PAC filed with the FEC, the Times did note that the PAC has a bare-bones website featuring a logo that looks the same as Buttigieg’s logo for the 2020 race.

Buttigieg’s senior aide to his 2020 campaign, Lis Smith, tweeted a link to the story on Friday.

Smith told the Times, “The work of electing a forward-thinking generation of Democratic candidates never ends,” adding, “Pete will do his part by building and leading the Win the Era PAC as we get closer to the November election.”

The website, wintheera.com, tells potential donors, “There is simply too much at stake to retreat to the sidelines now. Together we can build the era that must come next.”

Buttigieg is also creating a nonprofit group that will be affiliated with the PAC.

The PAC will support down-ballot candidates and the Times reports that they will promote issues like climate change and cybersecurity.

Buttigieg exited the 2020 race just before a series of state primary elections that threatened to split the moderate vote between him, former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) — Klobuchar also dropped out.


  1. The Butt is late to the party.
    After Clinton and Obozo the Dims FAILED to develop a back bench of viable candidates. Consider the frenzy of wannabes culminating in Biden, a mediocre man and politician, who cannot articulate “personal boundaries” or string together a whole sentence under stress. q.v his insults and threats to people he was allegedly supporting.

    He is now their “default”. Too little, too late Pete.

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