Bolton Says Trump’s Criticisms of His Book ‘Degrade the Office of the Presidency’

Former U.S. national security advisor John Bolton is firing back at President Donald Trump over criticism of his new book.

Co-host of “The View” Sunny Hostin asked Bolton how he would respond to criticisms from Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

According to Bolton, he was not surprised by the reactions his book has garnered.

Bolton’s book “The Room Where It Happened” allegedly documents information that could be damaging to the president.

“With respect to the criticisms, I assumed they were coming. I believe that the president would respond the way he did,” Bolton said.

He added, “I think this response and many other things he said degrade the office of the presidency. That’s something that all Americans should prize.”

Watch his comments below:

Bolton’s comments come just days after he expressed his concern with the upcoming presidential election during an interview with ABC News on Sunday, as IJR previously reported.

He warned Americans of the dangers of re-electing Trump and hopes they will remember him as a “one-term” president.

Bolton also expressed his concern Trump will not be willing to make the transfer of power easy if he were to lose the upcoming election during an interview with the Washington Post on Tuesday, as IJR previously reported.

Sanders and Pompeo also weighed in on Bolton’s career ahead of his book release.

Pompeo called Bolton a “traitor” in a statement last week.

In an interview on Fox News on Monday, he alleged that Bolton “thought he was more important than the President of the United States and the American people.”

Sanders said Bolton was “drunk on power” in her upcoming memoir.

“Bolton was a classic case of a senior White House official drunk on power, who had forgotten that nobody elected him to anything,” Sanders writes.


  1. So you say But you degraded your oath of office by putting classified info into your book

  2. John Bolton degrades whatever he touches. He just thinks he’s better than President Trump.

  3. John Bolton disagrees with anyone who has the temerity to have a differing opinion. This country doesn’t have a king, it has a president and he is not it.

  4. The only degradation is the confirmation of Bolton’s slimy character and his reputation!

    He might as well reregister as a Democrat but since he was pushing for a war with Iran I doubt they would want the chicken hawk, so he can crawl back under his rock!

    1. Bolton’s demands that Trump bomb Iran are why Trump fired him!!! When Trump realized that innocent civilians would get hurt, he wouldn’t agree!! After all, the Iranians had only shot down a drone!! Was it worth killing innocents when the only thing we lost was a drone??? No!! But all the chicken hawks in the room wanted him to do it!! The result: Chicken Hawk Bolton fired!!

  5. Everyone who leaves the White House blames Trump for something. But Bolton don’t get it he was not elected president . Now he is just a bitter old man that only had this book of lies and nothing to look forward to. Now the court said he couldn’t get money from the book.
    He said the things Trump said about his book degrade the office of the presidency. No your book damages our country and you signed an agreement not to expose anything in the White House but in your book it did. So you need to spend the rest of your life in prison. Even our friends around the world said your a liar.
    So you did make the right move your joining the demarcates for a job. Your a liar and they are liars nice match. You did say you wanted to help the republicans to keep the senate and take back the house but that is going to happen without your help. So why they want a crabby back stabber working for them. Bolton your done go find a rock so you can crawl under.

  6. It seems that when a high official, who has democratic tendencies, gets fired, losses an election, or otherwise comes out on the bottom, then he/she writes a book about how bad his/her boss was or goes on a circuit to complain, whine and attempt to degrade the one that fired them. When other people experience the same malady, they just leave. Now, which one do you think has the adult characteristics?

    1. It’s a degradation of himself!!

      He was afraid of testifying in front of congress because he couldn’t tell the same lies under oath that he told in his book!! He’s a disgusting, traitorous POS!!

  7. Bunker Baby trumpuke has been degrading

    the office of the presidency since 1/20/17.

    He has turned the White House into an

    outhouse overflowing with shit and the

    epicenter of the foul, stagnant Cesspool

    he has made of the Washington D. C. Swamp.

    1. Does your mother know you are making moronic childish statements on-line?

        1. Porta-john, they’re talking about your mother and the first thing that comes to your mind is getting laid? You are one sick turd.

    2. Oooooh.
      Look at Crying John.
      Snicker, Snicker.
      He knows all about outhouses and the foul stench of the dem/leftist/prog/socialist so like the dutiful, typical dem/leftist that he is, he accuses others of making the mess.

        1. Oh look folks.
          Crying John –
          Wait, got to laugh again.
          Crying John thinks everyone lives under a pile of shit – Just Like He Does.
          Just cause you do, doesn’t mean everyone else does, dear.

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