Bolton Suggests Trump ‘May Attempt’ Staying in Office If He Loses: ‘Under Trump, There Are No Rules’

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton is suggesting it is not out of the question for President Donald Trump to avoid the peaceful transfer of power if he loses the upcoming presidential election.

During a talk hosted by the National Press Club, Bolton told host Michael Freedman it is going to take Republican leadership to make sure Trump does not extend his stay.

“He may attempt anything. Look, under Trump, there are no rules except what benefits Donald Trump. I think this is nonetheless not a moment to get apocalyptic before we have more evidence,” Bolton said.

He added, “That’s why I was so disturbed by his comment yesterday as reported by the press because I think that to try to say in advance, ‘the only fair outcome is when I win’ is something that we should pause over. This is going to call for some leadership by Republicans.”

Watch his comments below (5:50):

Bolton suggested there may be a “reasonable basis” to contest this election.

“What’s reasonable to do within the law, people should not get upset about. What begins to get unreasonable, we ought to look for some evidence for,” Bolton said.

Bolton’s comments come just days after Trump told reporters the only way he can lose the election is if it is “rigged,” as IJR previously reported.

On July 30, Trump proposed delaying the election and slammed universal mail-in voting, as IJR also reported.

Voter suppression has proved to be a concern for Democratic officials.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll in late July, eight of 10 Democrats are concerned about voter suppression.

Trump recently received backlash for his comments surrounding the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and universal mail-in voting.

During an appearance on Fox Business on Aug. 13, Trump said if the next stimulus package does not include funding for the post office, Democrats “can’t have universal mail-in voting.”

Trump refuted claims he is trying to sabotage the Postal Service during Monday’s “Fox & Friends” phone call interview.

Trump said he wants to “make the post office great again.”


  1. Bolton the warmonger has one last chance at invoking war, civil war. With the isolation of people due to covid, and the wiping of conservative’s facebook profiles, it would seem an inevitable attack is coming.

  2. Dear Lord. In what world does Trump reside that INCREASING the length of time for a package, check, card or letter to reach its destination, “‘make[s] the post office great again.” Are we looking at returning the postal system to the Pony Express? When that dictionary gets written, PLEASE include the Trumpian definition of “great.”
    Trump was elected to Make America Great Again” and let’s review the results:
    1. Lead the world in Covid-19 deaths at 172,000 (another >1,000 deaths again today)
    2. Lead the world in Covid-19 cases. 5.54 million
    3. Record LOW global respect for America’s leadership.
    4. Unemployment 4.7% when he took office. 10.2% now.
    5. Trump promised a possible 5% GDP—He delivered if NEGATIVE 5% GDP counts.
    6. National Debt 26.6 trillion.
    7. Violent hate crime reported incidents at 16 yr high.
    8. A record 75% of Americans perceive the country is “on the wrong track.”
    9. POTUS endorses a group that the FBI has labeled “a potential domestic terrorist threat” and same POTUS claims to believe a former KGB officer over U.S. Intel community.
    10. We have a segment of the population that rejects medical and public health advice from medical doctors and instead looks to circus barkers for health care advice.

    If those are indicative of “greatness,” PLEASE define greatness.

  3. This is absolutely absurd. And not even remotely interesting or worrisome. If you fools put as much effort into minding your own business, think how much less unappealing you might be to those of us who aren’t programmed by the leftist turds to fall in step with their criminal, animalistic agenda….ah, who am I kidding. Unappealing is unappealing….

  4. Bolton thought he was going to waltz in and take over. Donald Trump listened to him politely, and decided military action was NOT the preferred solution to EVERY foreign policy and domestic situation. Now Bolton is pissed Trump did not cave into him. Bolton hates Donald Trump for the same reason the deep-state hates Donald Trump. They cannot control him, so they respond with HATE…!

  5. Jeffrey: who told you that?

    Did someone ELSE have to convince you to say that or don’t you believe your lying 2016 eyes?

    HRC conceded her run the night of the 2016 election.

    On the OTHER hand, can you even IMAGINE the shit-talking that King Donald The Loser is going to spout, to his dying day, when he loses in 2.5 months? We won’t hear the end of THAT noise, and YOU know it.

  6. That’s rich coming from lying Traitor Bolton!! Shut up already….no one is listening to you loser!!

  7. There’s still no vaccine for TDS.

    Remember, it was Hillary that didn’t and still doesn’t accept the results of the 2016 election.

  8. “it’s the Democrats that are making everything chaotic, not Trump” Chuck

    Chuck is confused by his use of projection.

    Where have you been for the last 5 years, Chuck?

  9. Dildobert, it’s the Democrats that are making everything chaotic, not Trump. Democrats keep the protest going to distract from their cheating, dirty tricks and lies. If people can protest, they can vote in person. Democrats lie about that.

  10. These comments by Bolton and Democrats are being made to keep anyone from complaining about the widespread cheating and fraud the Democrats are going to engage in come Nov. The Democrats set it up with elimination of ID requirements, pre-registration requirements, mail in voting where there is no verification of who’s voting, no records to be kept of voting, etc. Democrats have cheated before and will be cheating on a massive scale this year. If the President or Republicans try to investigate cheating, Democrats will point to that and accuse Trump of refusing to except the results. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  11. Bolton will continue to chastise the President because he was let go as the NSA. Trump wants to pull troops out of many of the countries where they have been forever and Bolton never saw a war that he did not want to get mixed up in. Bolton is a smart person but he also is a swamp guy and a sore loser. I am sure he will be appearing on MSNBC and CNN as a talking head because his message will be what they like.

  12. Remember 2016 when the exact same thing was said about Obama? It’s all lies and another way to keep people defensive, crazy and hostile! People need to try to be realistic for a change. It doesn’t work that way! Otherwise, we would still have every president until death! Honestly, that is ridiculous but look who’s talking, duh. We still have laws! Well, in the states where republicans govern…..

  13. Trump will try to make the election so chaotic that Americans will doubt its veracity, and then he’ll start suing to stay in office. That’s his plan. Watch it happen.

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