Bolton Defends Decision Not to Testify During Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Former national security adviser John Bolton is explaining why he did not testify during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

During his interview with ABC News, aired on Sunday night, host Martha Raddatz asked the question many have been wondering about. Despite being a star witness for the president’s impeachment trial, Bolton opted not to testify and seem to withhold the information for the release of his book.

Raddatz asked why Bolton previously “felt no obligation” to testify and share the truth with the American people.

“You were a star witness to something the president was on trial for,” Raddatz said to Bolton, “Something you say you now find deeply disturbing, possibly criminal. Yet, you felt no obligation at all to tell the American people about this? Whether in testimony on the Hill or an interview or a statement or anything?”

In response to Raddatz, Bolton defended his decision not to testify.

“It would not have made a difference,” Bolton said, “Because minds were made up on Capitol Hill. And my feeling was in the midst of this chaos that had been created, this would have come and gone and no one would have paid attention to it.

See Bolton’s remarks below:

While he claimed he was “fully prepared” to testify, the decision was contingent on him receiving a subpoena.

Bolton also criticized House Democratic leaders as he insisted they committed “impeachment malpractice” due to being “very narrowly focused” on Ukraine.

“The only way to win an impeachment would have been to get Republicans to go along,” he said, “And the Democrats abandoned that idea almost before they got started.”

As Raddatz notes, Bolton see the impeachment inquiry was “too narrow.” However, Bolton continued to defend his stance.

“They had a strategy that suited their political objectives. And it’s not my obligation to help the Democrats out of their own problem. My judgment was that I was prepared to testify,” Bolton said.

He added, “But I think now this is actually a better time to tell the story. Because now the American people can look at it in the context of the most important political decision we make as a nation every four years.”


  1. As we can see here, Delbert, Scotty Imp and Johnnie boy really need to get lives for themselves. They spend most of their waking hours spewing garbage. I can see them in their rocking chairs with nothing to do to improve their mental facilities and just waiting for dementia to continue to take a hold on them.

  2. It may be the case that Bolton’s expose, on top of the bungled coronavirus response, on top of the economic problems, Trump’s support will just blow away, gone with the wind, like the Confederacy. (I’m not sure there’s a lot of difference between his core support and the Confederacy, by the way.) I wish Bolton had testified. He should wish he had too. It would have been better for his book sales if he had.

    His rationale for keeping silent during impeachment reminds me of his justification for not getting into the Vietnam war, which he claimed to support. (He did, however, do two years in the Army Reserve.) He said he didn’t want to risk his life for something that liberals would just give away. He says he’s a little ashamed of that position today. Likewise, he says he didn’t want to get involved in the impeachment fight that the house managers were obviously screwing up. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Trump had done impeachable things; he just didn’t think the House would get to the important stuff, let alone win.

    Well, we have the election. Time to do our duty, and vote this disaster out. The way things are tilting, a lot of other Republicans may slide onto the trash heap with him.

  3. “But I think now this is actually a better time to tell the story. Because now the American people can look at it in the context of the most important political decision we make as a nation every four years.” John Bolton

    I am confused.

    In what way does he think that his exposé will affect the upcoming election? Does he think that a few insider details will overcome the immovable cultism surrounding a Dear Leader? Really?

    Too little, too late, too lame.

  4. Like his former owner Bunker Baby trumpuke,

    Bolton is self serving, lying ass TRAITOR.

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