Ex-White House Adviser Bolton Has Book ‘Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to Read’

Former White House national security adviser John Bolton has written a book that provides an insider account of President Donald Trump’s “inconsistent, scattershot decision-making process,” his publisher said on Friday.

Bolton’s “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir,” is to be published on June 23 over the objections of the White House, which has been dickering with Bolton’s representatives over whether some parts of his account reveal classified information.

Bolton was fired by Trump last September amid simmering differences on a wide array of foreign policy challenges.

The publisher, Simon and Schuster, said in a news release that Bolton’s book details Trump’s dealings with China, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, Iran, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

“This is the book Donald Trump doesn’t want you to read,” the publisher said.

“What Bolton saw astonished him: a president for whom getting re-elected was the only thing that mattered, even if it meant endangering or weakening the nation,” it added.

“I am hard-pressed to identify any significant Trump decision during my tenure that wasn’t driven by re-election calculations,” Bolton writes in the book, according to the publisher.

Bolton served as Trump’s third national security adviser for a total of 519 days. A meticulous notetaker, Bolton was in the room for a number of key foreign policy meetings.

Bolton argues that the Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives should have expanded its impeachment probe against Trump last year to beyond questions over whether Trump invited foreign interference from Ukraine.

His book says “Trump’s Ukraine-like transgressions existed across the full range of his foreign policy — and Bolton documents exactly what those were, and attempts by him and others in the administration to raise alarms about them,” the publisher said.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

(Reporting by Steve Holland; Editing by Tom Brown)


  1. It appears Bolton is just releasing this book to warn Trump’s cult that Trump is not the leader they think he is. Trump’s cult at one time thought very highly of Bolton, but just like with everyone else that Trump eventually discards, his cult immediately follows suit, and actually believes Trump that his newest former member is not to be trusted. So, people are only “magnificent people” when they have to answer to Trump. Once they aren’t under those restrictions, according to Trump, everything they claim is lies. Anyone who believes that must have a neurobiological abnormality interfering with their critical thinking skills.

      1. Bolton has been talking about it non-stop to promote the boorish garbage. If those are the highlights, who wants to read the rest?

  2. I’ll be sure to pick it up at Dollartree next week. Perhaps he’ll even have his book signing there.

  3. Honestly I liked Bolton. I had no idea he was so short sighted. It would not help this country to place Biden in the WH. If Bolton is so greedy that he would release a book like this in an election year in which he is aware that we are facing the possibility of the most wicked forces ever to be unleashed on our halls of government, the evil of Socialism banging on our door than that would make him worse than President Trump.

    1. I will ask you the same question that I have repeatedly asked Scott. WHERE ARE THE VOTES FOR SANDERS AND AOC’S FANTASY PLANS? Simply because the Congress passes and Trump signs socialism packages to farmers and the one-time socialism payment of 1,200 (and now the WH is talking about a second $1,200 check) does not mean the 116th or 117th Congress would have the 60 Senate votes to substantiate your claim of “the evils of Socialism banging on our door.”
      It is important for those on the far-left and Trumpers to stick to reality. The far-left in the 2016 Democrat general election campaign was demanding Clinton support proposals she KNEW she could not deliver. Just because Trump was pledging to deliver unrealistic proposals, i.e., “Mexico will pay for the wall.” “Ban all Muslims from entering the country.” and “I will pay off the national debt in 8 years.” is NOT a sensible reason for Dems to play fantasy politics too.
      I am not a warhawk, so I share very few points of view with Bolton. He still believes Iraq invasion was a good idea and I agree with the majority opinion that it was the biggest foreign policy mistake since Vietnam. BUT, if Bolton had testified in 2019 when he was subpoenaed by the House of Reps, you would not have been pleased then either. I don’t know how many books you have written, but Bolton was fired in September, 2019. I don’t see it possible to write, edit, reviewed by WH, and publish a book in 2019. The original release date was March 17, 2020–then May 12, 2020 then June 23, 2020. With the persistent memory issues of Trumpers, you will have completely forgotten by election day what is in the book. Do you even remember what is in the Mueller Report? Michael Cohen’s book will be out before election day, and you won’t remember what is in that either.


        They are not fantasy plans. They are what we need. Without getting Sanders elected now, though, it is just going to take longer to get what we need, but eventually there will be enough momentum to pass the legislation. Change is inevitable. We can’t continue to live in the 19th century forever.

        If wonderful progressive candidates, such as Paula Jean Swearingen (nominated), Jamaal Bowman (June 23), Shahid Buttar (co-nominated), and Charles Booker / Mike Broihier (June 23) win in November (AKA take out the trash), that wheel slowly turns in the right direction. Right? I just have to hope that it accelerates, so that we can see the inevitable results in our lifetime.

        The progressive left is slowly rebuilding after Bill Clinton and Obama (over 1000 lost Democratic seats) wiped it out. They are creating the support infrastructure needed to find great candidates, train them if they need help, fund them, and gain them the media and electoral recognition that they need to get them into office. The old guard are just doing the corruption con game. You have to consider time and the progress that IS happening, albeit slowly. In the meantime, too many Americans are dying unnecessarily.

        1. Scott, how exactly would Sanders being the Democrat nominee change the Senate and House races in a direction positive for Democrats? Connor Lamb is getting slammed in SW PA with ads featuring AOC and her squad?

          What is the basis for your belief that Paula Swearingen can beat Shelly Moore Capito? West Va is now deeply RED. Manchin was a beloved governor and he retained the seat in 2018 by only 3% over his Republican opponent. Shelly MOORE Capito uses the Moore because her father, Arch Moore, was also beloved governor. Not seeing Capito defeated by a far-left D in WV in 2020.
          I am also not seeing your optimism in seeing Buttar beat Pelosi. He got 33,340 votes in the primary to Pelosi’s 190,514. If everyone that voted for Buttar, the 2 Republicans, AND the other 2 Democrats in the primary, Buttar has 66,340 votes to build upon. Are you counting on the primary endorsements of AOC, Marianne Williamson, Medea Benjamin, Linda Sarsour, Mike Gravel, and Susan Sarandon to change the general election results? It did not appear to help in the primary.

          Jamaal Bowman does have a shot in NY-16. The NYT did endorse him, but seeing that the NYT endorsed Warren and Klobuchar for the presidential nomination, it is uncertain if Dems take their endorsement to heart this year. Jamaal Bowman will be on the general election ballot even if he does not win the Democrat primary, since was the only candidate that filed for the Working Family Party. NO Republican filed but Patrick McManus will be on the general election ballot for the Conservative Party.

          Have you seen any polling on Booker and McConnell? Kentucky is going to be VERY difficult to win.

          You and I have a wildly different definition of “corruption con game.” You see telling constituents that there will be the votes for M4A and free college as the Trumpers saw “Mexico will pay for the wall” and “Paying off the national debt in 8 years.” I am not a fan of cons.
          AND WHO is dying unnecessarily because Bernie Sanders wasn’t the nominee in 2016 or 2020?

          1. I play the long game and look for the changes that will happen.

            If Sanders had gotten the nomination, he would likely have wiped the floor with the fascist. As it is a doddling corporate Democrat is doing something almost as good.

            Paula Jean didn’t get nominated as a Rep in 2018, but she DID get nominated as a Senator candidate for 2020. That is progress. Buttar is in his first run and Pelosi won’t live forever. The more times progressives run, the more recognition they get, the better they do. Buttar will do better next time when Pelosi is 4 years older. Also, progressives push conservative Democrats to the left during primaries, even if they revert back to their norm if they retain their seats.

            I look for the changes. It is slow, too slow for my liking, but change IS happening. Maybe not in conservative Pennsylvania, but it is getting better.

        2. Do you believe Sanders and AOC have articulated to their supporters that their plans are long term goals? I did not see that and apparently they did not either. When Warren stated that M4A would not happen in the first 3 years of her presidency, she was attacked from the far-left.
          WHAT states did Sanders win in the primary that would lead you to believe he would “wipe the floor against [Trump]”? WHAT is the purpose of leaning to the far-left in primaries if the candidate needs to tack back to the center in order to win or retain the seat?
          I have no issue with Democratic Socialist that run in the Democratic Socialist Party. Where they lose me is wanting to take over the Democrat Party. If their ideas are so popular, why would they need to destroy the Democrat Party?

  4. The no good, self serving motherphuhker should

    have testified before The Senate in THE TRAITOR’S

    Impeachment trial.

    I wouldn’t read his piece of shit book

    if he paid me to.

    1. The impeachment sham with the collusion hoax? You can use his book to wipe your dirty mouth and your greasy @$$ with.

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