On the Trail: Bloomberg Targeted by Democratic Rivals, Biden Raises Money for Crucial States

U.S. Democratic presidential candidates took aim on Thursday at a rival whose name has not yet appeared on the ballot in the early voting states but whose television ads have blanketed the airwaves: billionaire former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who lagged in the first two nominating contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, targeted Bloomberg over past policing tactics in the largest U.S. city and his comments about a mortgage practice widely seen as racially discriminatory.

Biden did a quick swing through New York City, where he headlined a pair of high-dollar fundraisers and vowed he would win the nomination despite his slow start in early voting.

Democrats are vying to face Republican President Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 election. Other candidates headed to Nevada, where reaching Latino voters and winning union support will be key to success in the state’s caucus on Feb. 22.

Below are highlights from the campaign trail on Thursday:


Ahead of a weekend visit to Nevada, Biden’s fundraisers in midtown Manhattan on Thursday evening raised what one donor said was close to $800,000.

Biden acknowledged coming up short in Iowa and New Hampshire but emphasized that 98 percent of voters had yet to weigh in – including, black voters in more diverse states who have consistently supported Biden in opinion polls.

“I’m confident we’ll win South Carolina. I think we’ll win or be in a very tight race, one or two, in Nevada,” Biden said of the next two states to vote.

Biden’s poor showing has dented his early status as the campaign front-runner.

But he said his base of support – African Americans and working-class voters with a high-school education – made him the favorite on March 3, Super Tuesday, when 14 states weigh in.

Biden took aim at leading rival Senator Bernie Sanders, questioning the viability of his Medicare for All proposal, and asking if down-ballot Democrats in battleground states would be happy having a self-described democratic socialist at the top of the ticket.

“I’m the only one running that has ever gotten big things done,” he said.


Several candidates headed to Nevada late Thursday for a week of campaigning ahead of its nominating caucus. Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar and billionaire progressive activist Tom Steyer fielded questions from the audience at a presidential forum in Las Vegas held by the League of United Latin American Citizens, which calls itself the largest and oldest Hispanic organization in the United States. Sanders addressed the group by video link.

Klobuchar told the group of her grandfather’s travails immigrating from Switzerland at a time when there were quotas on Swiss immigrants, while Buttigieg, who speaks several languages, answered questions that were put to him in Spanish. Unlike largely white and rural Iowa and New Hampshire, the earliest states to hold nominating contests, Nevada’s population is nearly 30% Hispanic or Latino, 10% black and 9% Asian, according to the U.S. Census, highlighting the need to win support in diverse communities.


Nevada’s largest labor union, Culinary Workers Local 226, said it would not endorse any of the eight leading Democrats ahead of its state’s caucuses, de-escalating a war of words with Sanders, who finished first in this week’s New Hampshire primary.

The 60,000-member union, with outsized influence in a state heavily dependent on tourism, opposes Sanders’ proposed government takeover of healthcare funding, amid fears of losing members’ hard-won union health coverage.

The union’s criticism of Sanders’ plan in recent days raised the possibility it would endorse a centrist like Biden.

The Las Vegas Weekly endorsed Biden and fellow Democrat Klobuchar, both moderates.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, U.S. Representative Ted Deutch of Florida and former North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue all endorsed Bloomberg.


Biden said he planned to debate Bloomberg on his record on racial discrimination, while Warren slammed his past defense of a discriminatory housing practice known as redlining.

Bloomberg, who is self-financing his campaign, has come under fire for comments he made in 2008 that tied a collapse in the U.S. housing market to a ban on redlining, in which banks decline to make mortgage loans to entire neighborhoods.

“Once you started pushing in that direction, banks started making more and more loans where the credit of the person buying the house wasn’t as good as you would like,” Bloomberg said in remarks that resurfaced in a report by the Associated Press.

“We need to confront the shameful legacy of discrimination, not lie about it like Mike Bloomberg has done,” Warren wrote on Twitter.

Biden told ABC’s “The View” he would challenge Bloomberg on the matter and on Bloomberg’s past support for a policing strategy known as “stop and frisk” that ensnared disproportionate numbers of blacks and Latinos during Bloomberg’s mayoral tenure.

Bloomberg has not yet qualified for next Wednesday’s Democratic debate in Nevada. He is not competing in Nevada or South Carolina, which votes on Feb. 29.

The Bloomberg campaign declined to comment on Biden’s and Warren’s statements. Bloomberg apologized for stop and frisk in November a few days before announcing his candidacy.


Bloomberg drew crowds of hundreds in North Carolina, one of the states that vote on Super Tuesday, where he will first appear as a declared candidate.

At a coffee shop in Winston-Salem, Bloomberg said he was not afraid of Trump.

“I am a New Yorker. I know how to deal with New York bullies,” he said.

Trump on Thursday lobbed a fresh series of insults at Bloomberg, calling him a “loser” on Twitter.

Bloomberg’s personal fortune, estimated at about $60 billion, dwarfs that of the president.

Several voters in the crowd in Winston-Salem said they wanted a moderate candidate who could beat Trump in November. Some said they were looking for an alternative to Biden after becoming concerned by his debate performances and weak showings in the first two voting states.

Cassaundra El-Amin, a black voter, said she was concerned about Bloomberg’s stop-and-frisk policy but felt his apology was sincere.

“I just feel like he might be able to beat Trump,” she said.

(Reporting by Jason Lange in Washington and Joseph Ax in New York; Additional reporting by Colleen Jenkins in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Sharon Bernstein in Sacramento, California; Editing by Scott Malone, Jonathan Oatis and Peter Cooney)


  1. >Screwtape and WellHungChad<

    Have been wondering ever since the demented old creep Biden was exposed for his "quid pro quo" in Ukraine what the difference is between him admitting to a "quid pro quo" and the corrupt Clinton's "pay to play" scheme with all the bucks going into the family's millionaire retirement slush fund ($80+ mil for him; $40+ mil for her) called the "Clinton Foundation".

  2. I’d like to ask one question of the Dim candidates.

    What will you do to solve homelessness?

    We know you care about illegals as a potentional source of future votes.

    What EXACTLY are you doing to address the homeless American citizens? Are you cleaning up their public toiletry? Are you getting them mental health or substance-abuse treatment?

    Are you changing the same policies which have pushed so many of them on to the streets?

    1. YOU know as well as I (and everyone else) the Commies/Socialists (Fascists) have NO answers; nor do they care. Homeless people don’t vote; don’t pay taxes so they are “non-people” unlike the Illegal Aliens who are welcomed at the Government’s feeding trough and vote.

    2. WHAT is stopping you from asking? All of them hold townhalls in which they take questions from the moderator, the audience and social media. The townhalls are broadcast on CNN. WHAT have you done to get an answer to YOUR question? WHAT answers to your questions have you gotten from Trump for comparison? Trump does not do townhalls, only rallies and interviews on FOX. In the event that you have not noticed, Trump HAS been POTUS for 1,121 days. WHAT is it that you see Trump has done that is apparently NOT working? You want Trump re-elected, so WHY have you not demanded accountability for TRUMP’S response to YOUR major issue?

      1. Didn’t think there was anyone stupid enough to patronize CNN; the lowest rated news network in popularity; but the highest rated in fake news.

      2. BTW: Trump publishes a DAILY email on the whitehouse.gov website. It’s FREE for all including Conservatives, Independents, Socialists and disillusioned, misinformed DemocRATs who would pay for up-to-the-minute information and more of Trump’s accomplishments direct from the White House. He also holds campaign rallies; but they generally number in the thousands, so, questions are not able to be answered. You can also contact this President directly by email with comments. Emails are accepted from ALL Americans; even DemocRATs.

    3. “I’d like to ask one question of the Dim candidates.

      What will you do to solve homelessness?” I Ching

      I know it is rare for ANY politician to seriouslg run with homelessness as part of their platform, but I know of one.

      On the other hand, name any American Fascist candidates or elected official now voicing concern about homelessness in THEIR OWN district and is willing to seriously try to resolve it in a compassionate and permanent way.

  3. Speaking of “other” candidates who didn’t buy their way in: (q.v. Bloomberg, Steyer)

    Michael Avenatti has been found guilty of all counts in his extortion “attempts” against Nike. While I’m not Nike fan (slave-shop made, expensive, ill-fitting clothing)(go Capitalism!) Avenatti seemed such a perfect fit in the current races.

    OK. He looks like Jean-Luc Picard’s evil brother.

    1. Okay. Avenatti tried to blackmail Nike while $11 million in debt.

      Are all Dim wannabes subjected to a math test and disqualified if they pass? Are they asked to balance a checkbook where being able to do so is a negative? We can always bill Ukraine is a non-starter.

      Maybe those who run for office AND are allowed to vote should pass some tests the least of which should be are you a citizen and do you speak English?

      1. HOW did you miss that in 2016, YOU blew up the criteria that you appear to wish to re-instate for Democrats? That is hilarious. Trump had 5 bankruptcies, NUMEROUS fines for corrupt business practices, HUNDREDS of lawsuits for failure to pay for services rendered, 2 class action lawsuits for FRAUD–which he settled for $22 M, and was recently fined $2 M for stealing from his own charity that was shutdown under government supervision. He is fighting to keep his tax returns from YOU. There are candidates in the D race that I will never vote for, but ZERO of them have the track record YOU found acceptable in 2016. Perhaps the question that should be asked of the candidates is “Do you know the dates of the Revolutionary War and the first successful airplane flight?” Of course, the R nominee we already are aware GOT IT WRONG.

        1. Has the Marxist Kenyan ever been advised there are only 50 States in the United States; NOT 57 which is WRONG? Talk about being out of touch with reality. No wonder he picked the demented creep Biden to be his VP. Combined IQ’s equals one shoe size.

  4. I could make a joke about Midget-Fascist Bloomberg standing on a stack of dollars to see above the podium, but the point has been made.

    Ah, the DNC. Follow the dollars.

  5. Oh that evil capitalism! It gives people extra money to throw at losers, whether wannabe Socialist candidates or buying signs and all black costumes/hand weapons (q.v. Antifa).

    Here’s a thought: buy insurance for those who need it. Adopt a bunch of illegal invaders, err, loving immigrants and pay for them on your own. Buy someone a free lunch, which is exactly what they want others to do.

  6. Fun fact: Bloomberg has had 64 sexual harassment filings against him. The best the lame stream media could find against Trump is 25. We know how many most of those that were found to be bogus (see Michael Avenatti sentencing today). And Avenatti was CNN’s pick for the guy most likely to steal the presidency from Trump. Bahahahahahaha!!!!!

    1. #METOO is in the rearview mirror for the Dims unless you’re not one of them.

      This is a pressure point that can be used against Mikey. I wonder who’ll be the first to use it?

    2. WHC,
      I’m flattered that you are using “fun facts”.

      We, like so many throwing money at these losers, could simply take the money spent on scratchers, Powerball, Indian casinos and simply use a burn barrel.

      It’s hilarious and ironic that those supporting Bernie have money to spend while having their hands out. I’d like a single one of them to explain how that would not be better spent DIRECTLY on their *ahem* charitable causes.

      Nah. The Gimmes can somehow come up with the scratch, because dreams are worhwhile. Just like collecting Beanie Babies, Hummels, or other “collectibles”. Oh wait, that’s wishful capitalism. Isn’t that a bad thing?

    3. “The best the lame stream media could find against Trump is 25.”

      I know a candidate that has ZERO sexual harassment charges. That should be the ultimate goal, right?

      25? That is pathetic, and YOU voted for the bugger.

      1. Except for all those reported cases from his 2016 campaign.

        We are talking about Bernie, right? The same man who wrote misogynistic, gang-rape, sexual torture fantasies before he actually got a government paycheck

        I guess he had too much “free” time.

        1. We’re not supposed to be made aware of things like that. After all, wannabe Fascist elitists are supposed to be as clean as the new fallen snow in the remote Yukon Territory; or so their propaganda machine keeps repeating for THEIR benefit.

          1. BUT you WERE aware of the Access Hollywood tape and the Howard Stern interviews when you voted for Trump, James. You were aware of the racist, sexist, xenophobic comments he made PUBLICLY! YOUR refusal to read the Mueller Report and the Impeachment depositions or listen to the testimony DOES NOT make ANY of it go away. NONE of It is hidden from the country and history. It may make you feel good to pretend Trump is a decent human being, but history will NOT project him or YOU in a positive light. History will project you as you are—an enabler.

        2. YOU appear to wish to reinstate character into the criteria for a POTUS nominee when YOU have VOTED FOR and continue to support the most morally and ethically challenged candidate to EVER be a major party nominee. Did Trump have “too much ‘free’ time” when he made the Access Hollywood video or Howard Stern interviews when he bragged of assaulting women and knowingly walking in on teenage girls undressing? Did Trump have too much “‘free’ time” when he cheated on his 3rd wife with a porn star and a Playboy model? Did Trump have too much “‘free time” when he ordered McGahn to fire Mueller or ordered Lewandowsky to tell Sessions he was fired if he did not un-recuse and restrict the Mueller investigation to “future elections”? Did Trump have too much “‘free’ time” when he tweeted from the WH that his former porn queen mistress had a “horse face”? I have NO intentions of ever voting for Sanders BUT I hold Trump to the same standards that YOU REFUSE to hold Trump. What is up with your double standard?

  7. It’s hilarious how hard the Party of Science™ denies facts.

    Remember NINJA loans? If a group of people are financially and historically BAD deals, then there’s no obligation to lend them money unless they demonstrate otherwise.

    Same with “stop and frisk”. Which came first? The overwhelming stats of crimes (as much as 95% in pre-Giuliani NYC) were committed by ONE group it makes sense to target that group.

    Next we’ll here how it was discriminatory to target Italian-Americans for Mafia activities.

    1. ST, you forgot the part where that 95% get thrown up against a wall before frisking.

  8. That the Dims have welcomed AND bent the rules for billionaires like Bloomberg and Steyer should be troubling to those who plan to vote Dim.

    Money is NOT message or appeal.

    I wonder why no Dims are screaming “pay for play” especially after Bloomers completely overrode the DNC’s rules. Are they that morally and ideologically *ahem* flexible? Shades of Obozo.

    Nah. It’s TDS writ large. They are desperate for a candidate who might defeat the president. Good luck with that.

    1. Don’t worry about Bloomberg,ST. He not only has the interest of 300k Americans to worry about but also 1.3 billion Chinese citizens and his Chinese investments to worry about. Actually, screw the Chinese citizens, he’s just worried about his billions in Chinese investments.

      1. The Chinese have their own agendas and problems. q.v. coronavirus.

        It gives them an excuse to show their power by quarantining entire cities, turning away travelers, and lie about actual figures. They NEVER shut down entire cities for the much-more lethal flu epidemics.

        On the other hand, the CCP is hurting economically, but so does the rest of the world as a result. China’s cheap labor and manufacturing make their reach long. There’s talk that even grocery store packaging will be affected in the West. Oh noes.

  9. A PSM for the ignorant like the Genital,

    Mussolini, a Socialist with Blackshirt thugs, founded FASCISM after the Roman fasces. They dressed almost exactly like the Antifa thugs, except they had the courage not to wear masks.

    Hitler a NATIONAL SOCIALIST, used this and led his own Brownshirt thugs. Remember that NAZI stands for National Socialist.

    Both started as and died as Socialists.

    1. You are confused, I Ching.

      A National Socialist is NOT the same as Democratic Socialist NOR the same thing as a social democrat, which Bernie is.

  10. The other candidates need to kneecap Bloomberg, but they won’t. They need his money to back them, if not now then later. Any attack will be weak.

    Bernie, on the other hand, is free to attack anyone. See how this works?

    1. Why? If he can, in theory, contest Trump and win then why are you objecting?

      It’s almost like you pushed all your money (as if you had any) into the pot for Bernie. That’s OK. He’ll try to take it any way, especially if he wins.

  11. Notice how every photo of Bloomberg standing at a podium is cropped at his legs?

    The “in the tank” media doesn’t want to reveal his booster stool. (Like our parents gave us to brush our teeth at the big boy and girl’s sink…mini Mike NEVER out grew it)

    Much like the “in the tank” media never revealed FDR’s wheel chair.

    1. Mikey is diminuitive. Not that that’s a bad thing, though multiple studies have shown that people prefer TALLER candidates, especially if they do not have a history of racism and fascist policies.

        1. True, but his achievements were first military, then political, then back to military.

          John Adams was 5’7″. Ben was 5’9″. “Giants” of their day like Jefferson or Washington did not deter them.

          My father was 5’4″ on a good day. I would be the last to judge based on height, even though I’m much taller and larger. Note that women tend to be shorter, but sex and stature should never be qualifiers, except in the NBA or WNBA*.

          BUT I am not the voting public or historic records.

          *I wonder who’ll be the first male to wash out of the NBA, declare he IDs as female, and play for the WNBA.

          I wonder if Kaepumpernickel will try this with the Women’s Football League.

          1. Stupid no edit. I meant to say Ben Franklin.

            It’s fascinating to visit colonial or period homes and realize how “short” the people of those days were. Better diet and nutrition as the result of capitalism. Suck on that Commies.

  12. fascism, communism, totalitarianism and demonrats are ALL in the left’s wheelhouse. You are the party of “one party rule” confuction. So take your own advice and do not vote all your totalitarian party.

  13. The money wasted on quid pro quo Joe would have been better used after a trip to the bathroom commode. I cannot imagine ANYONE who would be ignorant enough to donate to a demented and corrupt old fool like Biden (or any of the other losers).

    Vote STRAIGHT GOP in 2020. Keep the anti-US Fascist dictators OUT of our Government.

    1. “Keep the anti-US Fascist dictators OUT of our Government.” Confused James The Projectionist

      You are confused.

      If you don’t want a fascist government, you can’t vote a straight American Fascist Party ticket. Fascism is in its name!

      1. “Fasciism” is Bernie socialism with an angry face and a Brooklyn Jew accent. Face it General, you’re a tool. A useful idiot.

      2. For the politically and historically ignorant, Mussolini, a Socialist with Blackshirt thugs, founded FASCISM after the Roman fasces. They dressed almost exactly like the Antifa thugs, except they had the courage not to wear masks.

        Hitler a NATIONAL SOCIALIST, used this and led his own Brownshirt thugs.

        Both started as and died as Socialists.

          1. But you said we’re all “Cult-45”. Substitute blacks or Jews for Cult-45 and see what it shows about your defective thinking and prejudices.

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