Bloomberg Releases New Medical Information: ‘Will Senator Sanders’ Do the Same?

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s campaign has released new medical information about his heart and now Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — who suffered a heart attack less than a year ago — is being pressured to do the same.

On Thursday, Bloomberg’s disclosed health records documenting his last annual exam which was conducted in July of 2019. A letter from Dr. Stephen Sisson at Johns Hopkins University revealed Bloomberg’s physical also included a cardiac stress test and a stress echocardiogram, reports CNN.

Although he did undergo a stent placement in 2000, Sisson made it clear that none of his test results showed evidence of damage to his heart.

“Mr. Bloomberg underwent coronary stent placement for a blocked coronary artery in 2000,” Sisson’s letter said. “He has not had a myocardial infarction, and cardiac stress testing has shown no evidence of damage to his heart. Heart function is normal, and exercise capacity is excellent.”

Doug Strickland/File Photo/Reuters

Despite Sanders’ previous claims, Sisson has confirmed that the billionaire businessman’s left ventricular ejection was “normal” at 60-65%.

Sisson’s letter confirmed that Bloomberg’s left ventricular cavity size and function were also deemed normal. Bloomberg also has an “excellent” exercise capacity.

In a separate statement to CNN, Bloomberg’s spokesperson discussed the medical records that were released and raised the question of whether or not Sanders would also offer the same level of transparency where his health is concerned.

“Releasing this single scientific number about heart health could start to put to rest any concerns about Senator Sanders’ secrecy about his recent heart attack,” Loeser said, adding, “Mike Bloomberg’s doctor shared Mike’s number. Will Senator Sanders ask his doctor to do the same?”

In October 2019, Sanders suffered a heart attack. Sanders underwent surgery to have two stents placed for a blocked artery.

Despite the mounting pressure, Sanders has said he won’t be releasing his full health record during his run for president because, as he says, the information he has already disclosed is enough.