Bloomberg Gets Hit With ‘Four Pinocchios’ for Manipulated Debate Video

Former New York City Mayor and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is taking heat for manipulating a video from the most recent presidential debate.

In the clip that Bloomberg posted online and which has gained traction, he asks the other candidates on the debate stage, “I’m the only one that I think has ever started a business, is that fair?”

After twenty-two seconds of the other candidates sighing and the sounds of crickets underlaid, Bloomberg adds, “Okay.”

Here’s the edited clip:

In reality, there was only a two-second silence between Bloomberg asking the question and saying “okay.”

The Washington Post’s fact-checkers gave the video “four Pinocchios” — their highest rank. In the video, the other candidates sigh or grumble but those clips of the other candidates looking uncomfortable were actually taken from other moments in the debate according to the Post.

Twitter claims that they’re going to be fighting against deceptively edited videos like the one posted by Bloomberg. However, that policy does not come into effect until March. Facebook, which has been a hotbed for misinformation, said that the video does not violate any of their policies.

This is hardly the first time that a doctored video has become the subject of political conversation.

In May of 2019, a doctored video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was shared online en masse and even amplified by President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. The Trump lawyer quickly deleted his tweet sharing the video and apologized for posting it.

Pelosi was critical of Facebook for allowing the doctored video of her to be shared on the platform. The speaker said, “I think they have proven — by not taking down something they know is false — that they were willing enablers of the Russian interference in our election.”


    1. He’ll never spend it all. He just has to squander multiples of what the other candidates spend and crowd them out. Plus the DNC establishment wants someone to boot Bernie just like 2016.

      1. Looks like Bernie Bros are in it to win it. This is going to be interesting if the convention is brokered and it goes to Bloomberg. It will be another theft from the left. Maybe Bernie gets another house??

        1. Hmm….on a Congressional salary the leading Socialist has managed to have three houses and millions in the bank. (his publication was recent, as was his wife’s golden parachute).

          This is absolutely the pattern Communist/Socialist elites the world over. They get everything and the people get no toilet paper, bread lines, and death if they dissent. Ever wonder why Putin and oligarchs are uber-wealthy or Castro’s daughter has millions in offshore accounts? q.v. the 100 million+ (and rising) deaths due to socialism/capitalism.

          This is EXACTLY Bernie. Stalin forbid he liquidate his holdings to establish the income equality he preaches.

  1. Sure, Bloomberg is spending big bucks innmedia buys. Hundreds of millions. According to FEC filings, he spent over $100 million through his own media companies.

    He is making money off of his campaign in the same manner as King Donald The Loser profits from his presidency.

  2. Here’s the biggest failure from the debate.
    The candidates MIGHT have sold their message.
    They might have “united” against the Bad Orange Man.

    They chose to attack themselves, which is odd, considering how much overlap they have in their platforms.

  3. I wonder what gave away that the clip was highly-edited? I’ll bet it was the chirping crickets. Or maybe the audio editor screwed up and is now looking for work?

    That’s some sharp reporting by the WaPo. Some folks are so humorless that they satirize themselves.

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