Birx: It Is ‘Difficult to Tell’ If the US Will Close Again If There Is a Second Wave of the Coronavirus

President Donald Trump has stated that the country will not shut down again if there is another wave of the coronavirus.

But Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus task force coordinator, stressed that the virus is new and that the United States has not really dealt with a similar situation — where the whole country has shut down.

“We act like we’ve actually done this before,” Birx said during an interview on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. “We’re trying to understand, during this period of coming out of a closure, how do we maintain openness and safety. And I think that’s what we’re going to be learning through May, June, and July.”

Birx also said that medical officials are preparing for a potential second wave of the virus, including stocking up on medical equipment.

When asked if she thought the country would close again, she said, “It’s difficult to tell, and I really am data-driven, so I’m collecting data right now about whether governors and whether states and whether communities are able to open safely.”

Birx said it is key that officials are able to find asymptomatic cases of the virus, to help prevent people from inadvertently transmitting the virus.

Birx added, “All of this proactive testing needs to be in place and needs to continue to be in place because that will determine safely remaining open in the fall.”

Watch the video below:

During an event on Thursday, Trump said, “We are going to put out the fires. We’re not going to close the country.”

“We can put out the fires. Whether it is an ember or a flame, we are going to put it out. But we are not closing our country,” he added. 

While Trump has maintained that he would like the country to stay open, medical professionals have stressed that the future of the coronavirus is uncertain because it is new.

Additionally, they have warned that if the country is not prepared for a second wave, it could result in “the deleterious consequence of more infections and more deaths.”


  1. The DemonRats, once again, sowing Fear across our nation. Wake Up People and vote the Enemy of America OUT of public office this November !!

  2. Scott Urquhart…. Why don’t you keep your know-it-all attitude to yourself and stop throwing insults at people! If you’re going to comment, comment on the article not criticing others for their comments. In other words mind your own!!

    1. Amen Bill, but when an animal feels threatened its first impulse is to attack. So I guess he feels threatened.

    2. If you don’t want to be insulted, Bill, don’t say something stupid enough to warrant getting called out for your stupidity. It’s really simple. It isn’t even confusing, for some people.

      But, hey, welcome to IJR, where your stupidity will likely end up on the daily highlights reel.

      1. If you feel stupidity abounds on this site, what does that say about you being here Scott? Are you saying you are stupid too?

        1. Ah, hell no! That just won’t do, Vanessa.

          Just because people post stupid comments stupidly doesn’t mean that they should be allowed free reign, to get away with doing that. There has been far too much of that going on, over the decades. There will be some sort of price to pay.

  3. There are strange things about the coronavirus and the media reporting on it. First off they keep saying and writing that 80 % of people who get it get mild symptoms, so why do they make a huge issue out of this particular flu when other flus get people sick and kill them too? Also they do not talk about if there are any people with a natural immunity to it. They say some people are asymptomatic and spread it, yet they never say how they can verify this, nor do they tell how many are asymptomatic and are spreading it, they just put that out there without any clear proof aka data.
    And what about the regular seasonal flu, I have not heard a word about that , every year there is the seasonal flu, and yes people get very I’ll, yes people need to go on ventilators and sadly, some die. Every May and often in months leading up to May there are reports on the run of the mill seasonal flu, how bad it was the previous winter and how many died, but this year i have heard nor read nothing about the seasonal flu, the one I and others got vaccinations for, they do not report on it, why not? Are they saying those sickened by the seasonal flu this year and those who died don’t matter? And as that testing, according to the media was not available from the start of this coronavirus how were they able to state so many died from it if minimal to no testing was available? Were they just assuming people died from this virus and not the seasonal flu? And as that with flus respiratory issues occur, how can they decide people were not dying from the seasonal flu?

    1. Vanessa asks a number of questions based on ignorance (not being well informed). I will deal with one.

      “why do they make a huge issue out of this particular flu when other flus get people sick and kill them too?” Vanessa

      It is true that other influenzas can spread and kill its victims, but each virus has its own characteristics which vary from containable and/or treatable (think tetanus), to being a deadly pandemic (think various corona viruses). In other words, it depends.

      One thing that a successful pandemic depends on is the rate of transmissibility – known as R. Take the 2009 pandemic, as an example. Its R was between 1.2 and 1.6 (from Fraser, 2009). It varies over a range for a variety of reasons, some of them environmental reasons. Any number over 1.0 means that it is being spread (you want to see an R of less than one, to know that it is being controlled properly). The higher the number, the faster it spreads. So 1.6 means that it is spreading faster than an R of 1.2, obviously.

      Take a guess (without peeking, now) as to what the transmissibility rate of the Trump Virus is. Just take a guess. Give up? It is somewhere between 2-3! That means the Trump virus can spread like wildfire throughout our population without quick remediation efforts, which our Dear Leader foolishly ignored for far too long.

      Now, the mortality rate for the Trump Virus is also pretty high, contrary to ignorant rumours. That number can vary over a range, too. It needs to have very accurate data, so don’t look to Florida for those. It can vary for the mount and quality of equipment and health care services that are available (or, more importantly, NOT available) at any particular time, the age/health of the population, remediation efforts, and the environment, etc. So, for example, if you looks at the mortality rate in elderly care homes, the mortality rate is devastatingly high. Cruise ships are cesspools for a pandemic, so it is high there, too, so stay away from any tight spaces. Wuhan’s rate used to be 4.9%. Brazil currently has a mortality rate of 12.6 percent among its native population compared to the national rate of 6.4 per cent. That said, the WHO claimed that the Trump Virus has a mortality rate of about 3.4% worldwide (as of early March, 2020, which is not accurate today).

      Combining its transmissibility rate with its mortality rate, the Trump Virus IS deadly, overall, as coronviruses go and is nothing to play around with! Your life and the lives of your family, friends and co-workers depend on that, Vanessa.

      Does that answer that question clearly enough for you, Vanessa?

      1. Dear Scott, I use that term dear loosely, so loose that it is .liquid, this virus does NOT kill everyone, it is a tiny percentage who die, which is sad, but those who die 99% of the time have underlying conditions, conditions that would put them at high mortality risk for any flu.

        This flu is a political flu, it is interesting it just happened to appear in a presidential election year.

        If you look at the 2017/2018 flu stats that year was very bad too, many many people died, probably many died who were not labeled as flu deaths since no one was testing AND GOING on like they are this year for this flu.

        And uhh I don’t believe the CDC uses rumors to state facts, they have repeatedly said 80 % who get coronavirus 19 get mild symptoms.

        Btw your arrogance is only overshadowed by your rudeness and smugness, does anyone like you with your attitude? You must be a joy to be around, NOT.

        1. Since Vanessa doesn’t seem interested in me answering her questions, does anyone else feel excited enough by her attitude now to bother answering her remaining questions?

        2. “Dear Scott, I use that term dear loosely” Vanessa

          If Dear Scott doesn’t cut it for you, Great Scott works for me. Try that one on, next time.

          1. Perhaps Scott toilet tissue, bwaaaahaha you have to admit that one was good considering you are talking crap, haha come on, you know that was funny.

          2. Funny? You have a strange sense of humor, Vanessa. Strange in the quantum mechanics type of way. (Look that one up. It means that you should have actually expired by now but you haven’t yet.)

            Do you seriously think you were original, in ANY way? Come on. Even you can do better than that.

      2. Scotty thinks she’s smarter than the rest of us.

        Look at the wonderful detailed responses. Look at the derision, the sarcasm, the weak arguments laid out as strong because smart people’s weak arguments are all stupid people need, right?

        She’s an elitist snob! That makes me laugh so hard.

        1. “Scott thinks she’s smarter than the rest of us.” Kathy

          Give me a quote or it didn’t happen. As far as I recall, I have said very little about or in response to this doctor and most of what I may have said would likely have been uncomplimentary because she has become a bit of a toadie for Dear Leader.

          Check your facts first, Kathy.

  4. 31% of Americans in a March youGov poll said that they would NOT get vaccinated.

    Does anyone seriously think that there won’t be a second wave?

    1. But, of course you would blame their sickness on the President rather than their own stupidity.

      1. Oh, I DO blame King Donald The Loser for our current predicament, but there are also an incredible number of stupid people in this stricken country, too, Chuck.

        Don’t let these two very different things confuse you so easily.

        1. I know there are stupid people. You’re one, along with John, the village idiot, Michael and Tom.

    2. There will be a second wave. I don’t understand why such a large (32%) of the population won’t get vaccinated. It just seems like commen sense to me

      1. Why WOULD they get vaccinated?

        74% of FOX viewers also believe that Bill Gates has a conspiracy going that he created the Trump Virus as a way of chipping the American people through a vaccination program of he would have NO control. Why? Who knows? Because they can’t think for themselves? Because they are stupid anti-vaxers? Because they will believe ANYthing at all? Because they listen to FOX?

        Add it all up and the point is that during a deadly pandemic, a large chunk of our population is likely going to be running around with NO protection from a vaccine designed to protect THEM, too!

        This is why we can’t have nice things.

        We MUST elect better politicians.

        1. Do you watch cnn and msnbc, are you slartld by the fact from day one of prez Trump’s presidency EVERYTHING they report on the president is negative, insulting, degrading. I have never seen such biased propagandizing “news reporting” in my life. If you watch these news outlets you are floored by how yellow their journalism is, they spread such hatred, as well as misinformation and they treat all dem pols with kid gloves , yet go after rep pols with snaggle fang tooth and fungal infected nail They are so irresponsible , so biased, I would be ashamed to be those kinds of journalists, now the BBC, that is a great news outlet, they report the facts with no personal biases, no hate.

          And seriously dude, you need to work on your attitude, it is awful. If people offline seem standoffish to you, do not seem to love, nor even like you, do not get huge smiles when they see you, it might be because you are so pompous, degrading and rude and believe you are the smartest person in the room. Humility my friend , try it, it goes a long way.

          1. “Do you watch cnn and msnbc” Vanaessa

            No, I don’t watch either of them unless I have to. I look for the real news and real facts.

            Also, as you seem to notice, I don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks about me, especially you. The ignorance expressed by MOST members on IJR is astonishing, so get used to this. This is your new normal – people fighting back against your conspiracy theories, laziness in thinking (thinking my ass), indoctrination, ignorance, and an unwillingness to learn anything new have turned this once great country into a 3rd world state, a laughing stock, and you deserve no one’s respect for doing so. You asked for this, get used to it.

          2. I don’t think anyone really cares anything about you. It’s just fun reading how stupid you can be. Your comments are nothing more than BS.

        2. More lies from Scotty, who will say anything to bash the President or Conservatives.

        3. No, Chuck,bI do not spread lies. Fine, don’t trust me, but do yourself a favor and just look at the distribution maps. No lie.

    3. She’s still going, trying to hook people she thinks are stupid. Go, Scotty, go!

  5. More talk of “safety” re: coronavirus. But no one wants to define what “safety” means. For many years, we have had a flu vaccine available each year, tailored to that year’s expected flu strain. Safety! And for all those years, we have experienced 30, or 40, or 50 thousand or more deaths from flu. I think “safety” from coronavirus/Covid-19 is a will-o-the-wisp, a thing much to be desired, but actually unobtainable. And our political masters are going to use “safety” to beat us over the head, keep us from work, keep us from living life.

    1. If not for the flu vaccine we’d have a lot more deaths. Read the book, “The Great Influenza.” About the pandemic in 1918. Perspectives might change?

      1. Are you sure? 1918? Don’t you think medical advancements haven’t been made since then? If there were more truth in the current statistics perhaps there wouldn’t be so much fear.

        1. Cherl is one confused person.

          Maybe she doesn’t know that tetanus has had a vaccine for quite a while, but adults STILL have to/should get boosters every 10 years.

          She probably also doesn’t know that we have had a tuberculosis vaccine (Bacille Calmette-Guerin) since 1912. Some countries still mandate getting it because, guess what, Cherl? Tuberculosis is still around.

          Where are the medical advancements that eliminated the threats from tetanus or TB? 10 million new infections in 2018, with 1.5 million deaths? 38,000 annual tetanus deaths, mostly children? And we HAVE vaccines for those virii!

          Those are real statistics just as the Trump Virus statistics should be believed. Fool.

  6. Hopefully, John and Scott can become one of the lowest statistics in this virus catastrophe. Then we can live life and love it. Come what may.

    1. Are they preventing you from living life? Are you really wishing death upon a fellow American?

  7. Keep talking scarf lady… America is finished with your tainted numbers, directives AND OPINION!
    We face ‘dangers’ and your Day is Done. Go Home!

  8. they can threaten us with fines and jail , we dont have to pay fines and jail is a joke , not enough jail cells unless they let out more criminals. Then its safer in jail lol

      1. You go on here blasting others for what you decide is ignorance and yet you call coronavirus Trump flu, really? You seem to suffer from the kettle calling the pot black syndrome

        1. I confused Vanessa. Well, lah-dee-dah.

          The US has the world’s highest infection rate and death rate for this novel coronavirus. Do you understand WHY these numbers are undeniably high, Vanessa? Do you? Through the gross negligence, incompetence, and unconscionable inaction by our Dear Leader. If ANYBODY earned having a virus named after him, it is Dear Leader, with justification, too.

          1. Well Scott NY has the highest numbers of virus cases and deaths of any state, so do you blame Cuomo? And Brazil is starting to get as high numbers as the USA, who are you blaming for that?
            If a Dem was president would you blame him, or her ? And do you blame the Chinese gov since the virus started there,? They were fully aware of the.virus, yet the gov there did NOT contain it, so by your way of needing to place blame, surely you must blame them. Blaming anyone for this does not bring back the dead , nor heal those infected, so all you are doing is creating hate, ice job.

          2. Uh yes dear I understand, supposedly the USA has the highest number of cases and sadly deaths of the coronavirus 19, but do you really trust China’s numbers and even Russias, as well as other countries ruled by iron fist leaders? Do you honestly believe they are as forthcoming as the USA.

            And with the high numbers of cases and deaths I the USA, the virus spread so quickly from international travel, since its birth, so to speak was in China, well it had to get here somehow, it did not magically appear. Secondly, if you read up on this flu, in the beginning of the infection the symptoms are mild, it is that way for EVERYONE infected by it, but for some, especially those with weakened immune systems IT quickly becomes a severe form of a flu, often people do not seek treatment until they are incredibly ill .

            But to blame Trump for this flu IS ridiculous, blame the origin of the flu if you must blame, but blaming solves nothing anyhow, so since you feel this need to blame and place that blame on Trump shows that you are merely politicizing a virus, which bespeaks of ignorance and hatred.

          3. The ignorance expressed by Vanessa here is disappointing but expected.

            King Donald The Loser made us the world’s hotspot because he did not respond to it in the ways needed to contain it. He dithered for WEEKS too long before finally doing the minimum needed to try to contain the Trump Virus, by mid-May, well after other countries started remediation. You don’t even have to go to Denmark or Iceland to find great examples of this. Just compare the night/day results of early remediation on the west coast of America to the late remediation of some of the east coast states.

          4. Scotty potty is still telling lies. He’s on repeat, repeat, repeat.

      2. Shhhhhh. She’s shown up again.

        I think she doesn’t like our God Emperor POTUS, or maybe I’m misreading the posts. Could be sarcasm and she really is a MAGA girl.

        Scotty is a MAGA girl! Go, Scotty, go!

  9. The first wave is not completed. It is yet to fully hit Caucasian trash, trumpuke supporter country.

    The infantile way this ” reopening ” is actually being done by the people, a resurgence is guaranteed.

    1. Yeah, your incredibly juvenile expression will convince no one. Using 5th grade childish lingo just shows everyone what a loser you are. Sadly, all the schooling in the world wouldn’t help you since you’re pretty much incurably ignorant.

      1. Watch it! My grandson is a fourth grader and he doesn’t talk like this basement dweller.

        1. Strange how Cult-45 has this fascination with basements.

          So many of them thinking about basements. So very confusing.

      1. Well I am a Caucasian of Irish, Welsh, and French descent who has no patience with Caucasian idiots, imbeciles, and morons living with their heads locked up their asses

    2. Scotty has a girlfriend; her name is John. John and Scotty love our GEPOTUS but don’t want their friends to get a hint.

      John and Scotty go on play dates together where they practice writing posts together. Get it? “Practice writing posts”.

  10. Old blanket neck doesn’t make the call . Where do these elitist get the notion they control us. Guarantee the next time citizens wont stand for it we have seen to much fraud from the gov. And their control freaks

    1. Immature, self indulgent, undisciplined, lazy, sloppy, and stupid ass holes with zero self control or care for anyone but themselves are doing a wonderful job of completely ignoring proven safety protocols.

      1. johnny the butt, the most stupid, ignorant, arrogant asshole on the face of the planet. You know nothing and you certainly do not speak for the majority of the people. It is so obvious that you uphold and support the chinese with your ignorant rants. You want the same thing as the chinese. You want the shutdown to continue until America goes under and then grab all power and control from the people and commit TREASON by over throwing the duly elected government of The United States. You and you communist buddy scott the projectionist asshole are the two most ignorant people ever. The both of you and many others should be forced to move to china, your home country.

        1. The Ingenious Gentleman Bob of America continues his quixotic quest to succor the suckered who continue to tilt at windmills and congratulate each other on a job well done despite the present disastrous state we appear to be in, with many thanks to their ignoble and buffoonish leader.

          1. That buffoon left in 2016. During the Swine Flu (H1N1) nothing was broadcast ad nauseam by Obama/Biden. But this time the Democrats and the loony news like CNN set their hair on fire daily. The governor of PA is so wrapped up in his power that he is destroying the state’s economy. Look in a mirror. You’re part of the problem.

          2. Behold the ever loyal Cherl Pantsa who jumps at the chance to squire for Gentleman Bob and attempts to rewrite history to establish a false equivalence.

        2. By all means put your toxic, useless, and worthless health and life at risk to feed the bottomless maw of the utterly evil murdering psychopath pretending to be president Bob.

      2. Johnny needs to find Scotty, get some solace. So many stupid people, so little time to act elitist.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Posted mine, then read yours. Truth is what’s missing from her ‘equations’!

  11. The only people who should of every stayed home and should stay home if they choose to do so are the elderly with comorbidities, obesity and in poor health. everyone else should have been free to live their lives as they please to do. Catching this virus is Not a death sentence. Most people have been sick at times in their life and dealt with it. This is no different. It’s a virus that will run it’s course throughout the population regardless of masks, gloves, stay at home and 6 ft. distance. The healthy people will weaken this virus and thus help the more vulnerable. STOP with the death numbers. We all die sooner or later from a variety of causes. Enjoy every day while your here or not. It’s up to you

      1. Still an idiot. You don’t want a choice stay in your parent’s basement. No one will miss your ignorance.

          1. Why is it funny, Vanessa?

            In this era, hundreds of thousands in younger generations must do things like live with their parents because older generations made growing up today so toxic that many are left with no other choices.

            I don’t find that funny at all.

        1. Yet you STILL keep reading my comments and replying to them Cheri.

          Only emotionally, mentally, and psychologically deficient nut cases do so.

    1. “The healthy people will weaken this virus and thus help the more vulnerable.” Linda

      Don’t take any advice from the confused Linda. Your life may depend on not taking her advice.

      The last time that I heard, there were already 13 mutations of this new Trump Virus, so 14 in total. It mutates so often because it is an RNA virus and not a DNA virus.

      The other pertinent fact is that the dominant mutation is ALSO the most contagious variation. I wonder how that happened, huh?

      So, Linda, please explain to us all in what way have “healthy people” (your words) made this very dangerous Trump Virus WEAKER and any LESS of a danger for the vulnerable among us. I’ll wait.

      1. Uh Scott the virus has NOT mutated, please do some reading on the John’s Hopkin’s site and from the CDC, any mutating it has done is so minimal that IS DOES not matter

  12. We need to go out like Ron DeSantis opened up. Once there’s more testing and people come out of their hiding Places of course the numbers are going to go up. Stay locked down if you want, but others of us don’t want to and we won’t!

      1. No johnny the butt you are the most assine crock of shit ever. Were you born without a brain or did you have a lobotomy from the neck up. Absolutely right Randie.

    1. Randie, don’t let the hysteria affect you from the weak-minded losers who cower in fear and try to shame those of us who see through the lies.

    2. Of course it mutated (you even admitted that fact).

      In fact, RNA viruses mutate pretty easily. As with any evolution, mutations have slight changes over time. That’s how mutations work. For example, it took a decade for the 1957-8 influenza breakout to echo in 1968.

  13. I tend to think that we are more prepared now and I agree, do not close the country again! Many have said is The Flu Epidemic in 2007 was the Catastrophe. This Covid today is Not. She may want to talk to the others in her field that don’t agree with her at all.

    1. By all means you and all of your idiotic, imbecilic, and moronic brother and sister trumpukers should throw all precaution to the wind and dive back into what passes for your inane lives Randie.

      Boldly risk your own, your family’s, and your friends’ health and lives on the word of THE LIVING ABORTION trumpuke : a chronic pathological liar with extreme narcissistic personality disorder who doesn’t give a shit about you beyond your vote. If you are well enough or alive to cast it.

      Historically newly elected presidents have made it a point to visit small town America to say Thank You ! , press the flesh with town folk, kiss babies, take some photos with the mayor, and eat some local grub. How many said visits has THE ELITIST ASS HOLE trumpuke made since taking office ?

  14. Taskforce plan to reopen: Birx in charge of thoughts and Pence in charge of prayers.

  15. As far as 30% of the American people polled were concern, there is no management of re-opening. They think that they have the right to unilaterally, against the recommended guidelines, just reinfect the nation willy-nilly, regardless of consequences.

    1. Case in point?

      Just take a look at the fudged numbers of Confused James The Protectionist’s Florida. Even with the incompetent DeSantis massaging their numbers, they still can’t hide the fact that Florida’s numbers have leveled off and are trending back up again, similarly to the numbers in other states which re-opened waaay too early. Ooops!

      1. Oh, waaay too early? LOL 😎 We will be just fine here. You have chosen to believe what the eggsperts are guessing might happen, based on their models originally from China. LOLOL 😂 Perhaps you have kept your job, or perhaps mumsie has spruced up the basement for you with unlimited cheese sandwiches and WiFi. Most Americans are suffering, losing jobs, being put on the street, and their kids are showing signs of deep depression from which they may takes years to recover.

        But you just keep posting the same old bullsh*t from the same clueless sources who have nothing to lose by our country being decimated, perhaps taking decades to recover. And you idiots think you can put this on POTUS? What a complete joke you are, reveling in death and destruction based on a false narrative about one man. Losers, all of you.

        1. Sorry, Janie, but you are confused. I looked at the numbers for Florida. I didn’t just make them up. And I also am well aware of how to interpret what I saw, too. No mother’s basement laboratory needed, thank you just the same.

          Instead of trying to denigrate facts, YOU should find some real ones, Janie.

          1. You are confused scott the projectionist asshole. We look at facts and not what your liberal experts (drips under pressure) try to shove down our throats. We are not sheep like your and your communist party of assholes.

          2. “We look at facts” Confused Bob The Projectionist

            Yeah, right. When the hell did YOU ever look at a real fact? I have yet to see any evidence of that here on IJR.

      2. Another lie from scott the projectionist asshole. Flordia’s numbers are going down the same as Georgia”s. You are nothing but a slimy lying leech.

        1. The last time ” lying is our way of life ” trumpukelicans chose facts over their opinion was never Bob.
          Just like your god-idol trumpuke THE LIVING ABORTION

    2. Better than you scott the projectionist asshole with your idea of keeping the nation closed down until you and your communist party can take control.

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