‘Big Tech Is Out to Get Conservatives’: Jim Jordan Confronts Tech CEOs

Big tech CEOs received harsh criticism from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) during a Capitol Hill hearing on Wednesday accusing them of targeting conservative content.

Jordan did not waste any time during the hearing and directed his message at Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tim Cook of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Sundar Pichai of Google.

“I’ll just cut to the chase. Big tech’s out to get conservatives,” Jordan said. “That’s not a suspicion, that’s not a hunch, that’s a fact.”

Jordan went on to list a number of occasions where these tech empires censored conservative voices.

Watch his comments below:

The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee said Google removed the home pages of conservative publications including Breitbart News and The Daily Caller and threatened to demonetize and ban The Federalist.

Jordan claimed Google and YouTube announced a policy censoring content contradicting recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

He argued the WHO “lied” to the United States and “shilled” for China.

Jordan noted President Donald Trump’s Twitch account was banned by Amazon after he challenged arguments to defund the police.

According to Jordan, big tech has additionally banned books, prohibited donations to certain organizations, and silenced advertisements.

Jordan said Republicans wanted to invite the head of the popular social media platform Twitter, but he signaled the committee “said no.”

Jordan provided examples of how Twitter has allegedly censored Trump.

Twitter reportedly censored Trump’s tweet on the riots in Minneapolis along with the White House for quoting the president’s comments about the riots.

Jordan suggested the social media giant also censored Trump’s tweet saying he will “enforce the rule of law against any autonomous zone in Washington D.C.”

He expressed his concern with these examples as they arise during an election year.

“We all think the free market’s great, we think competition’s great, we love the fact that these are American companies, but what’s not great is censoring people, censoring conservatives and trying to impact elections,” Jordan said.

He added, “And if it doesn’t end, there has to be consequences, there have to be consequences.”


  1. Extreme leftists are assholes. Extreme right wingdings are phucking assholes (they love the guns). but cheeto von tweeto supporters are mother phucking, cock sucking assholes. Anyone but cheeto.
    Fox poll Biden 50% cheeto 39%

  2. “Conservatives get censored every day” OBSIDIAN

    Conservatives, right-wingers, know how to manipulate corporate media, so that they ALWAYS get their points across to the dumb public.

    You may BELIEVE, with all of your heart, the the right-wing pity party is justified, but it is not.

    If you BELIEVE that the media is biased against people like you, then why is Noam Chomsky not allowed on MSM? How often do you see Professor Richard Wolff on FOX business?

    Never. If the media was run with, say, a socialist bias, then you would see real socialists on the air, not banished from ever getting wide-spread coverage.

    You are a simple, confused, easily led fool, OBSIDIAN.

  3. OBSIDIAN: you are one sad excuse of an American.

    You wouldn’t recognize a “radical leftie” if you tripped over one.

    I certainly am not radical, unless me wishing for a country that treats ALL of its citizens with respect equally is what you would call a “radical” idea.

    You are a manipulared fool.

  4. 😂 Poor oppressed Obsidian! He doesn’t understand a core constitutional right, complains about the state of our nation, and then tells others if they don’t like how things are they can leave. He is one of many pockmarks on a proud history of conservativism. I still don’t understand how someone who doesn’t understand the constitution, places blame and doesn’t take personal responsibility, and whines about their situation like a toddler can claim to be a conservative or even a patriot.

  5. “Evidence shows that these companies are censoring us.” Michael

    No, it doesn’t. This is all an act that the right-wing pulls all of the time and try to blame any sort of liberal for attacking them.

    It is a lie perpetuated by right-wingers used to hoodwink especially the media into letting right-wingers get whatever they want.

    1. BS. As a radical leftist, you have obviously never faced oppression and discrimination. Conservatives get censored every day which is against freedom of speech and news articles are getting wiped out which is against freedom of the press. Just admit you hate the Constitution, you hate Capitalism, and you hate America.

  6. The problem with censoring one group is that, especially if they are conservatives, they know how to manipilate media and other corporations, to come swinging right back at’cha. They pull their pity-party act all of the time.

    1. Too bad 85% of media is left of center. Yeah, the right is manipulating them alright… smh.

  7. So you liberal morons are okay with violating conservatives’ rights? Shame on you. Evidence shows that these companies are censoring us.

  8. Jordans a B-tthole. I think it’s great these Tech CEOs are stifling the radical right’s FAKE NEWS!!!

    1. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press. If you don’t like the Constitution or America, find a country you do like but leave our free country alone, traitor.

  9. And the conservative pity-party continues. It is people like Jim Jordan, Ben Shapiro and, ugh, Dave Rubin (barf) who disingenuously fuel the pity narrative

  10. Huge Black, I searched DuckDuckGo for “big tech against conservatives” and the page that came up was 11 of 12 hugely right wing biased websites. I clicked it all off and re-did it. The second time a page came up with 27 sites and much better balanced but right wing sites still dominated.
    I watched some of the proceedings today and the CEOs explained that when someone posts something that might be dangerously false and possibly hurt people they will take it down, as they should. Posting false information is the problem they have to deal with and Trump supporters seem to be some of the worst purveyors and believers of fake news. In truth, honest posting are not interfered with.
    I’m not a fan of Zuckerberg but it should be noted that Facebook does allow Trump to post fake news regularly even though he’s constantly being called on it.

  11. I dare anyone who doubts Jordan’s comments to perform this experiment:

    Google any political topic and see how many pages down the first conservative sight is referenced.

    Now do a search on DuckDuckGo for the same topic. Both conservative and liberal sights will appear within the first couple pages.

    I don’t use Google anything anymore. I quit being on Facebook, and will NEVER join Twitter.

    When techies wake up and realize they’re alienating millions of customers with their bias, they’ll either change, have to compete, or disappear (hopefully).

    As a search engine for real facts and information, Google has become worthless!! Between their political bias, and support for their paying sponsors their search results are worthless, even for factual, non-political information.

  12. Dumbass Drive-by Michael lives up to his reputation by spouting baseless insults with no facts to back them up.

    Michael wouldn’t know facts OR science if they bit his ass! Trouble is, they wouldn’t know which end to bite!!

  13. Michael – I guess anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a “crazy conservative”. Why do Liberals insist on degrading themselves by name-calling? Aren’t any of you capable of human discourse?

  14. Foolish Jordan does not realize that there is bias against crazy conservatives like him because they live in a world that is not based in facts and science. Ask any of the remaining true conservatives in the Lincoln Project–I doubt they’ve ever been censored!

  15. Attn big tech: Open the algorithms! Show us your homework. If you have a trending page, show us how you calculate what is trending. Congress needs to break up big tech: Search cannot also own merchandising. Marketplaces cannot also be a participant in that marketplaces. Force Amazon to divest AWS from the Marketplace from their own commerce operations. They also need to have a law that prevents unilateral suspension. Make it happen in stages with chances for appeal at every stage. I detest Laura Loomer and her abrasive style. However, her “unpersoning” should disturb every single freedom loving American.

    I follow Trump on Twitter and have literally NEVER seen a tweet from Trump. Indirectly I see them all because he is re-tweeted by many. But never direct. Pretty obvious. Also, they censor the far left as well. Any inconvenient narrative gets killed, fast. Suspicious that the chemical weapons in Syria was a false flag? Too bad – it all gets shut down because it does not conform to approved narratives.

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