Bidens Say Attacks on Their Son Hunter Have Been ‘Really Hurtful’ but He Is ‘Doing Great’

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden said they didn’t expect political attacks on their family throughout the presidential campaign.

During an appearance on ABC’s “The View,” Jill Biden shared how the attacks on Hunter Biden have affected her.

“They’ve been really hurtful,” said adding, “I mean to hear your son attacked, I expected that Joe would be attacked. But not your children, not your children.”

She continued to note that politicians and pundits have typically stayed away from attacks on family members of politicians, “No one has touched children.”

Watch the video below:

Despite the attacks, the former vice president said his son is “doing great” and weathering the attacks on leveled against him.

“He’s doing great,” Biden said, adding, “I talk to him almost every day.”

Conservatives have ripped into Hunter’s previous appointment to the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, suggesting that it was improper for him to accept the position while his father was in office.

Additionally, Biden called Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) decision to press for an investigation of his family’s dealings a “disappointment.”

“It is hurtful, particularly when guys like Lindsey Graham, who is a friend of mine, do these things,” he said.

However, he said “presidents can’t hold grudges” adding that he doesn’t want to respond in kind with attacks on President Donald Trump’s children.


  1. Speaking of children Joe, how’s that new grandchild doing? Do you even know if it’s a boy or girl and what it’s name is?

    Just asking for a friend.

  2. Joe has no one to blame but his own lapses and his party for any of this.
    Few would even have known his name if:
    1. You hadn’t set him up with Burisma.
    2. You hadn’t bragged about strong-arming Ukraine’s investigation of Burisma.
    3. Your party hadn’t tried to use the president’s phone call re: investigating Burisma’s corruption to try to impeach him.

    Always remember that it stated with you. You’ll have plenty of time to think about this and soon.

    1. Do you have evidence upon which you based ANY of your assertions. You always fail to provide the sources for you assertions. If we believe that you don’t have cable, then you would be excused for not knowing that FOX News welcomed John Solomon to spread his conspiracy theories on their network. You won’t be excused from not knowing Trump mentioned Hunter’s name several times in the summary of the transcript of the JULY 25th phone call released by the White House. How proud you must be that you support a POTUS that makes decisions based on conspiracy theories he hears on FOX News. Make America Sane Again.

      1. SyPhyllis, how do eat with that dirty, lying, syphillis infected, mouth of yours? Biden is mentioned exactly ONCE in President Trump’s Ukrainian phone call. Hunter was mentioned ZERO times by name; He was only referred to as “Biden’s son”.
        You’ve been listening to “Lying Piece of Schiff” too much. You have “Schiff on the brain”.

        Interesting that you imagine these things that never happened. Do the “voices” speak to you and tell you what you’re reading and what to type? Or is it that you just can’t read?
        Biden NEVER was a viable candidate. He WAS a corrupt, but bumbling, Insurance policy against Obama’s demise.

  3. Boo Hoo! Poor Uncle Choo Choo’s scam has been blown wide open!

    How will he ever defend himself now that he can’t hide behind being viable presidential candidate?

    If the accusations against the Bidens are hurtful, then I guess Joe shouldn’t have “abused his power” as VP with Burisma.

    Looking back on Biden’s role in “Borking” SCOTUS nominee Judge Bork, by lying about Bork’s past, as well as his attempt at smearing Judge Thomas using the same tactics of lying and false accusations. I can’t feel sorry for Biden the scum bag senator who has essentially accomplished nothing over his years other than a string of failed presidential runs.

    Frankly, I’ve had sessions of “the runs” that were more successful than any runs ever attempted by Gropin’ Joe! I hope he looks back on his failed career as a pathetic shyster (or “Shylock”), but being a sociopathic politician, that’s not likely.

    1. Joe was head of the Judiciary Committee at the time so had at TRY to pretend to be neutral. It was really Teddy “I thought she could breathe underwater” Kennedy who was the real Borker. Teddy stated that Bork would drive women to back-alley abortions.

      1. “TRY” is the operative word. A video replay of his past performances at these Judicial reviews reveal his vailed bias as well as his complete lack of knowledge regarding the constitution.

        The difference between Bork and Thomas was Thomas’s stubbornness against letting these idiots get the best of him.

    2. Corruption by a US official SHOULD be investigated. Especially when he’s stupid enough to brag about it in public.

      I wonder if Joe’s hairplugs have somehow penetrated that micro-organ he calls a brain. It does not matter as he’s toast. No morefederal railway kickbacks for you Joe.

      1. There are many of your posts that fail to recognize you are a Trump die hard supporter. Have you ever seen Trump’s hair? Have you ever heard Trump speak? On the 4th of July his teleprompter broke and he shared his knowledge of history that included Revolutionary soldiers successfully defending the airports. Have you ever taken the time to look at Trump’s rap sheet—It goes back decades but the latest was a 2 million dollar fines stealing from his own charity. He paid $22 million in Trump U fraud suit. Biden’s hold on the Ukraine funds was reported to Congress and REPUBLICAN Senators Rob Portman and Ron Johnson composed the public letter PRAISING Biden’s actions. For SANE Americans we don’t need your conspiracies disproved TEN times.

        1. Have you seen Biden’s hair?? His nickname isn’t “Plugs” for nothing yet he denies any kind of hair transplant procedure. Have you seen Nasty Nancy’s Botox job’s?? And WTF does physical appearance have to do with political corruption? Biden planted his son on the board of a known corrupt company he knew nothing about, in an industry he knew nothing about, in a country he knew nothing about!

          It’s not a surprise that Portman and Johnson wrote a letter condemning Ukrainian corruption. They were acting on what they knew at the time and it’s doubtful they knew how tied in Biden’s son was Burisma and his other corrupt activities.

          Again, you fail to make a cogent let alone compelling argument (as usual). Keep covering for your corrupt candidates, SyPhyllis. You’re the reason these corrupt politicians get away with what they do. You’re a useful idiot. I refrained from using the intellisense feature that suggests ‘useless” be used to describe you. You’re welcome!

          1. ….However, Hunter DID know VP daddy Biden’s phone number! That’s all the corrupt Burisma bosses needed him to know to hire him.

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