Joe Biden Wins Backing of National IRON Workers Union in White House Race

With the first votes in the 2020 Democratic nominating contest less than two weeks away, former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday received a welcome endorsement from the national iron workers union.

The 130,000-member International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers said it was tapping Biden over the other 11 Democratic candidates in the race because of his past work supporting infrastructure projects.

“Vice President Biden has proven again and again that he is a friend to union ironworkers,” said Eric Dean, the union’s general president, in a statement. “We need a president who will defend rights and jobs of American workers, and Joe Biden will be that president.”

Biden, who served two terms under former President Barack Obama, has been primarily battling U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for state and union endorsements, which are coveted by campaigns for their capacity to rally working-class voters to the polls.

Earlier this week, Sanders won the backing of a key California union, a 17,000-member chapter of the Communications Workers of America.

The first Democratic nominating contest will be held in Iowa on Feb. 3. Polls show Biden, Sanders and Warren locked in a tight race in the state.

The winner of the Democratic nomination will face President Donald Trump in the November general election.

(Reporting by James Oliphant; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)


  1. >Phyllis Softa<

    I am personally familiar with how Unions operate to control their members who MUST stay in lockstep. My father was a Union shop steward for Bethlehem Steel in North Central PA (Williamsport). He was a registered DemocRAT his entire life and was REQUIRED by the local AFL/CIO union to vote for ONLY DemocRATs. [I'm certain you're aware the AFL/CIO was founded by the Communist Party.]

    Secondly, as an employee of a metal fabricating factory in Missouri in the 1970's, attempts were made by a few of those working there who wanted a Union in the plant. Many of us objected (those of us who knew of Union tactics and dues going to the fat cat elite leaders for nothing) and were verbally threatened with having sugar put in our vehicles' gas tanks UNLESS we voted for a Union. Despite the threats, we still held out and those who wanted the Union AND the Union representatives who were on the ground putting pressure on those of us "hold outs" eventually backed down. To this day, that factory is a Union-free work place.

    I am also familiar with a meat processing plant in North Florida (Palatka in Putnam County) where rumors were being circulated of the "need" for a Union. [I was a salaried supervisor and not eligible for membership.] The owners of the plant caught wind of the talk and let it be known they would close the plant before they would allow a Union in the plant. The rumors ceased and I know the plant is still in operation along with a sister plant in Hialeah near Miami. Florida is a "Right to Work" State and there are few Union in the State (except the Teachers Unions – NEA – which are funded in part by George Soros).

  2. Go Joe. The union bosses and their membrers’ dues may get blown on you, but that’s not going to affect how inidividual workers vote.

    Go right to work!

  3. Quid pro quo Joe has won the endorsement of the Union bosses; but how many Union employees would vote for him; unless strong armed tactics were used (sugar in their vehicle’s gas tanks – a popular Union “encouragement” to vote how they’re TOLD to vote).

    1. In what world do the Union bosses know how someone votes when they go into the polls? In what world you change your vote because someone put sugar in your vehicle’s gas tank? You are off your game today. Were you up till 2 am watching the discussion on the rules of impeachment?

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