Biden Hires Voting Rights Director as Absentee Ballot Battle Heats Up

Joe Biden hired a senior staffer to work on voter protection issues, his presidential campaign said on Tuesday, as President Donald Trump again blasted states’ efforts to expand voting by mail in light of the coronavirus pandemic ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

Voting rights activists have filed dozens of lawsuits around the country to increase universal vote-by-mail and other ballot access measures, which Democrats say are needed to reduce long lines at polling sites that could increase the spread of COVID-19.

But Republican Party officials argue election fraud would increase if more voters are not required to appear in person to cast a ballot.

Biden, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, hired Rachana Desai Martin as National Director for Voter Protection and Senior Counsel, a campaign spokesman said on Twitter.

Martin, who was the Democratic National Committee’s chief operating officer, had previously overseen the party’s national voter protections efforts.

Advocates of expanding absentee voting contend disproportionately minority, disabled and immuno-compromised individuals who tend to vote Democratic could be disenfranchised and the election thrown into chaos unless immediate steps are taken to make it easier and safer to vote.

States have broad authority to set their own rules for voting, and numerous studies have found little evidence of voter fraud connected to voting by mail.

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump reiterated his opposition to mail-in ballots, calling them “substantially fraudulent,” and arguing they could be forged or robbed from mailboxes.

“This will be a Rigged Election. No way!” Trump tweeted.

Trump last week suggested he might withhold federal funding from some states, such as Michigan and Nevada, for seeking to expand voting by mail. But he dropped the threat after an avalanche of criticism from Democrats.

Both states are pivotal to his re-election bid.

(Reporting by Michael Martina; Editing by Dan Grebler)


  1. Here we go with the classic Democrat misdirection. Pelosi wants to have mail in ballots across the country and when the Republicans point out that it will facilitate voter fraud, Biden claims it’s about absentee ballots. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  2. Millions and millions of the illegally invader votes in his pocket. Throw in the 10 children each family has who are born here and paid for by taxpayers and are citizens. So if I rob a bank and give my kids the money is it legal?

  3. Repukelicans and especially can’t win a game of checkers with a blind monkey without cheating.

    Voter intimidation and suppression, rigging the system, gerrymandering are all trurepukelicans know.

  4. Do they really think we Conservatives will cheat? Funny thing is, only Democrats have been caught cheating. Missing ballots turned out to be Republican, and Harvest Ballots that turned up after elections, turned out to be Democrat… Now isn’t that a coinkydink…

    1. Most of the mail in ballots will have cemetery or illegals holding compounds postmarks on them.


    Funny how you call them a fascist

    That’s what Democrats do, project their evil insecurities onto others In my world we call that a narcissist

    I would love to know what American CITIZEN’S rights have been suppressed. Tired of hearing Proof of citizenship equates to AMERICAN CITIZEN’S voting rights

    They will not stop until there are no borders anywhere I know every election seems to be extremely important, but four more years of Trump bringing Manufacturing home will remove the virus scare tactics. Depression = the need for government assistance = communism Once were there, there is no going back Got to go, I need to get my mask on while I’m driving alone in my car with the windows up

  6. It’s interesting that the term absentee and mail-in vote is made interchangeable in this story. Absentee voting has been in existence long before all of the angst. Mail-in voting is a new term. Absentee means just that. College students, vacations, surgery the elderly who no longer drive used it. There have already been cases of fraud by election officials. I’ve worked as a poll worker for over 25 years. This election is going to be challenging and that’s being kind. Poll workers must hand count these ballots. In heavily populated areas that count will not be quick.

    1. Cherl – It’s the Democrats misdirection. Include wide spread mail in voting so they can cheat, then when it’s pointed out that it will cause voter fraud, they switch to talking about absentee ballots. Don’t believe a single thing Democrats say.

  7. DemocRats never cease to be petulant children fighting everything and anything to get their fascist way

    1. “Petulant children” is the perfect description, Friend! They are so angry and crazed because our President had the audacity to beat their queen, Hillary, that they have reacted with temper tantrums 24/7 since the day he walked into the White House! Evidenced by their ongoing and continuing efforts, one right after the other, to remove him from his rightful position — Mueller report, Kavanaugh hysteria, impeachment debacle — all FAILS! And now taking the opportunity provided by this fear-mongered “panicdemic,” to take measures to ensure the country is brought to its knees, economically and otherwise, in hopes of placing the blame on President Trump so he won’t get another term. I have a feeling this will also be a FAIL!

      1. “They are so angry and crazed because our President had the audacity to beat their queen, Hillary” Carol

        You are wrong, Carol. You have let propaganda stop you from thinking.

        Not a lot of Democratic voters WANTED to have to vote for Clinton in the same way not a lot of then Republicans WANTED to vote for your Dear Leader.

        How do we know that? 42% of voters stayed home. They chose not to partake in our corrupt election system. Nearly half of us us said f–k it and didn’t vote. That says a lot about our wonderful electoral system, doesn’t it?

        A very large number of voters who chose Clinton did so because they felt that, considering the OTHER candidates, they didn’t have much choice. They didn’t vote for her because they WANTED her or LIKED her. Give us a break. They were the two most toxic candidates in our lifetime.

        So knock it off with this worthless partisan rhetoric. It won’t fly here.

        1. Yeah, and a lot of those 42% will be voting this time, because they’ve had quite enough of the Dem’s/Left’s insanity! I know lots of Dem supporters that have now walked away… They finally came to their senses and turned on the “Right” light!

        2. “So knock it off with this worthless partisan rhetoric. It won’t fly here.“
          So you’re in charge of What flies and what doesn’t? You have really high opinion of yourself. Looks like old Phyllis tired of going unnoticed. Hope you do soon. You’re just so tiresome

          1. “So you’re in charge of What flies and what doesn’t?” Cherl

            If what you are pedaling here is BS, count on it being shovelled out of here.

          2. So only YOUR ramblings
            matters. Better buy a bigger shovel you self absorbed irrelevant ego maniac.

          3. Don’t worry about what Scotty Irkfart says. It’s more Democrat BS.

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