U.S. Candidate Biden Was Vastly Outspent by Sanders in February

U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s campaign in February spent less than one-third the amount spent by rival Democrat Bernie Sanders, according to disclosures by the campaigns filed on Friday.

Despite being outspent, Biden’s campaign finished the month surging at the polls with a victory in the February 29 nomination contest in South Carolina.

Since early March, the former vice president has led the Democratic contest to be the nominee to take on Republican President Donald Trump in the November presidential election.

In February, Biden’s campaign spent $13.1 million, compared to $45.8 million spent by Sanders. His campaign manager said this week he was reassessing his bid.

The presidential race has changed dramatically since February, however, as a deadly coronavirus outbreak has led campaigns to suspend rallies and fundraisers.

The outbreak is also causing swaths of the U.S. economy to shut down as state and local officials order businesses closed and, increasingly, people to stay in their homes.

The outbreak could lead campaigns to rely more on television and digital advertising.

Biden spent only around $5 million on ads in February, compared to more than $26 million spent by Sanders.

With Sanders’ future in question, a potential match-up of Biden versus Trump has come into view. At present, the Republican appears to have a substantial funding advantage.

Biden finished the month with $12.1 million in the bank. Trump’s campaign, which has been burning through the money it raises much more slowly than Biden’s campaign, ended the month $94.4 million in cash.

(Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan)


  1. And now “Where’s Joe?” Dementia Joe hasn’t been seen in a week and then only heard for 6 whole minutes. NO more live questioning of the “candidate”. Is this what the DemocRATs call a “leader”; THEIR “leader”? Is he sheltering in place; or simply hiding from his latest moronic gaff-fest gathering (including a couple who admit they’re ignorant enough to vote for him) called a town hall?

    Trump to the White House. Biden to the Nut House.

  2. I am confused.

    Why does the discrepancy always favor DNC’s choice? It was similar in 2016, too, and without paper ballots…


    Tim Canova has experienced this, too.


    1. Tim Canova ran against DWS in 2016 and 2018. The VOTERS of the district overwhelmingly nominated DWS in 2016 and the VOTERS re-elected her overwhelmingly in 2018 when Canova ran against her as an Independent. I don’t live in FL and I don’t want residents of other states and districts to tell ME how to vote or accuse me of corruption because I don’t vote as they wish me to vote–SO, I do not criticize the decisions of voters in other districts or states as they voted in the interest of their state or district—when they vote for POTUS, their decision effects ALL of us and the respect of our country globally.
      Consider how obtuse Trump sounds when he declared his loss of the popular vote as “3-5 million illegal votes for Hillary.” THAT is my reaction to the Sanders and Canova supporters declaring corruption because their candidate did not get the most votes.

        1. Are you saying you BELIEVE there were OVER 6,775 votes for Canova destroyed in 2016? That is what he LOST BY. In 2018, Canova ran as an Independent against DWS–and 3 other candidates. DWS had 58.48% of the vote, Kaufman had 36%, Canova 5% and Endres 0.6%. DOES it sound reasonable to BELIEVE DWS needed illegal assistance to win re-election?
          Perhaps it seems reasonable that the majority of voters in YOUR district would support Canova—NOT ALL DISTRICTS are alike. DWS could not win in the district I vote–She’s female, Jewish, and a D—all disqualifying in my district of voters stuck in the 19th century–not 20th or 21st, the 19th. BUT, Canova could not win the general unless in the VERY unlikely event the R’s nominated a female who was Pro-choice and Pro-gun reform.

  3. Mikey Bloomers. A textbook, historic example of someone failing to buy his way into office.

    While politicians throw money at things, Mikey threw them at himself and his ego-driven failure. Suck it Mikey. Had you waited longer and promised free money to help those hurt by shutdowns you might have had traction.

    I seldom wish this, but I hope Mikey dies alone and surrounded by those who love his money.

    1. Well, today is not the day I finally find logic in your posts. You are not happy Bloomberg used his OWN money to fund his campaign. You sound like Warren and Bernie supporters which is consistent with their support of free stuff. YOU have issues with folks who want “free stuff”–unless of course it is free stuff promised by Trump, i.e. free walls, free tax cuts, consequence-free actions, fact-free conclusions. BUT you are okay with candidates asking for other people’s money to fund their campaigns. How is that not FREE STUFF to candidates? I applaud Bloomberg for not taking money from others. I fail to see the difference between an ad paid for by the candidate with his own money and an ad paid for by candidates that accepted other folk’s hard earned money. WHAT is the difference?
      Again, where is the logic in wishing someone dies alone AND surrounded by those who love his money. Face it, who would pass up the chance to be named in Mike Bloomberg’s will? Bloomberg does not have the extensive history of fines for corrupt business practices as someone else who claims to be a billionaire. Bloomberg has not had his foundation shutdown by the government and fined $2 m for stealing from it. Bloomberg has not settled lawsuits for fraud. Bloomberg’s money was not made thru corruption.

      1. ”Bloomberg’s money was not made thru corruption.” Phyllis

        I once heard it said that you don’t get to be a billionaire by being ethical. There is probably a measure of truth in that.

        1. I don’t judge all billionaires as Trump. I don’t judge all poor men as lazy. I don’t judge all homeless as crazy. I don’t judge all college grads as intelligent—Trump has an undergrad degree from U of PA and he thought there were airports during the Revolutionary War.
          WHEN people show you who they are, I pay attention. I don’t judge them all by what I see in one person in a category. It is a major difference I have with Bernie and Elizabeth’s assertions of all billionaires.

      2. “You are not happy Bloomberg used his OWN money to fund his campaign.”

        Wow. Using your imaginary mutant mind-reading powers again Phil.

        Fact: Mikey Bloomers spent at least $500 million on his own campaign.

        Where is my emotional injection in that? See, you’re projection, low-IQ, and TDS render you ineffective. Apparently YOU always read things into writings which exist only in your head.

    1. Michael, 20 Republican Senators to put country over Party was all that was needed to make Pence POTUS for 2020. The country got only ONE Republican out of 52. Very sad.

  4. Can you imagine how things would be if Biden were President during this pandemic? Scary!

    1. All we have to do is look back to 2009 when Biden and Obummer were in Office during the H1N1 “Swine flu” epidemic. They did NOTHING for six months or until 1,000 Americans had died before getting off their useless butts and acting. They were the dictionary definition – with their pictures – of extreme incompetence.

      1. That’s just not true. There were mistakes, but they took some good actions as well.
        “Though the H1N1 virus had begun spreading in Mexico, the first case in the United States was detected on April 15, 2009, in a 10-year-old patient in California. Two days later, CDC laboratory testing confirmed a second infection in an 8-year-old also living in California. Within one week, the CDC had activated its Emergency Operations Center to respond to what it had identified as an emerging public health threat.

        Before the end of April, the government had declared a public health emergency and started releasing medical supplies and drugs from the CDC’s Strategic National Stockpile. “The real-time PCR test developed by CDC was cleared for use by diagnostic laboratories by FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on April 28, 2009, less than two weeks after identification of the new pandemic virus,” the CDC notes on its website.”

          1. Well, he walked right into that one. President Trump certainly has been more aggressive than what’s his name during H1N1

          2. Cherl, I agree.

            The Lightbringer™ had no clothes. He wasn’t a “gifted” speaker without a teleprompter (watch his live interviews if there’s a doubt). He was not a gifted writer. q.v. the ghost authorship of “Dreams of My Father” and the “Audicity of Hope” vs. his YEARS delayed memoirs.

        1. Michael, they have been indoctrinated. Facts don’t matter to Trumpers. But they can’t say they were not supplied with the fact and elected not to accept them.

    2. What!?!? I imagine he would have acted earlier (Trump was told this was coming in January) and listened to the scientist and intelligence community and not downplayed the danger. Anyone but Trump would have…

      1. Yet he took an immediate and decisive step by banning travelers from China. Yet he gets NO credit.

        Compare this with Italy, #2 in fatalities, which did not ban and got two infected visitors from Cjhina. Check the NYT, WHO records if you don’t believe this.

        Too many stupid, ignorant people call him “king” or “dictator” except for facts. Consider NK’s reaction. Shoot the infected, burn the bodies. THAT is exactly what dicatators do.

        “But we weren’t sure he was infected.” “Never mind, he posted bad things about me.”

        1. That was one step that I agreed with. Notice that’s all he keeps coming back to. The criminals have us surrounded, the back door is unlocked, and we may have allowed some in the front door, but I locked the front door. Aren’t you proud of me? Sorry no participation trophies in the game of national defense.

        2. WHAT is your definition of “immediate”?? Trump was briefed in Dec and January. Despite the briefings, he told you “Xi and I have it under control.” On Jan 31, Italy closed their border to all Chinese travelers and cargo. On Feb 4th, Trump announced his China travel ban or SOME travelers and cargo was not included. DOES NOT MATTER. By Feb 4th, the virus was already IN the U.S.

      2. You must stop watching CNN. He tried to stop people coming into the US and was called a racist. Don’t you remember ?

    3. He’d challenge the Kung Flu to a showdown behind the gym.
      He’d appoint Hunter in a well-paying job for which he lacked qualifications and that he did not need to show up to do.
      He’d tout rubbing his leg hairs as a cure.

    4. Biden was VP during the Ebola outbreak. You may have freaked out–not everyone did. And recalling Gov. Chris Christie’s reaction to Ebola, can you imagine if he was POTUS? Instead of telling everyone that he had it “completely under control” “No. No I am not worried.” he might have had everyone coming from a country with Ebola placed in a cage on the airport grounds.

  5. Speaking of spending money, just read Michael Bloomberg spent $900 million of his own money – or $15 million per delegate – to lose. Surely quid pro quo Joe, the family mob boss and the old Commie together won’t HAVE close to that amount to lose their failed attempts for a WH gig.

    BTW: Bloomberg spent another $40 million to help towards the Wuhan flu outbreak – – – in AFRICA; not spending so much as a dime for the US citizens. Traitor!

    1. James, I’ve commented earlier on Mikey’s profligate spending, which helps no one but Mikey.

      He could easily have built care facilities, labs, or started a pharma company for the money he literally loaded in a dumpster and set on fire for his failed campaign.

      Those “free” Ipads and Iphones his campaigners got? They might as well hock those as he isn’t paying a single frickin’ cent for their healthcare.

    2. I don’t know if Mayor Bloomberg advertised in FL, but he did in PA. The majority of his ads were targeted at Trump. Those are appropriate to replay in the general election. If you did not see them before, you will see them in the fall.
      I find it perplexing that you perceive you should have a say in how the Mayor spends his OWN money. WHAT is your reasoning behind that? It is not as if Bloomberg is spending taxpayer money or using the resources of the federal government to enrich himself.

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