Biden Suggests Mickey Mouse Could Run Against Trump in 2020 and ‘Have a Shot’

When it comes to the 2020 presidential election, even Mickey Mouse could “have a shot” at defeating President Donald Trump, according to former Vice President Joe Biden.

The 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful mentioned Walt Disney’s famous cartoon character during an MSNBC “Morning Joe” interview on Tuesday saying, “We could run Mickey Mouse against this president and have a shot.”

“This is a marathon,” Biden said, adding, “I don’t think anybody has predicted much of anything about who’s going to win nominations in the recent past very accurately.”

After the mention of some Democratic experts warning against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) becoming the Democratic nominee “or we’ll lose,” Biden was asked if he agrees.

“I refuse to suggest any Democrat can lose,” Biden answered. “I think, you know, we could run Mickey Mouse against this president and have a shot.”

His remark drew applause from the audience.

See Biden’s comments below:

The former vice president’s remarks come as voters take their votes to the first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday. It follows after the Iowa caucuses where Sanders and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg claimed victory. Buttigieg held a very thin lead ahead of Sanders.

Biden will no longer be at his election night party in New Hampshire, as he is instead expected to head to South Carolina, The Washington Post reports. He told reporters, “We’re still mildly hopeful here in New Hampshire. We’ll see what happens.”


  1. Will Joe vastly expand the military budget to police its own citizens? Especially those with “40, 50 clip” firearms. Joe knows shit about firearms.

    Just like Eric Swolehead he underestimates the oaths and commitment of the military to murder their communities/families/citizens. I suspect either a coup or they’ll need to bring in massive UN forces, who will still fail.

    1. Off your meds again, Screw? Joe Biden was not talking coup and he was not talking about the military. He was talking a defeat of Trump at the ballot box. You appear to be confusing former Governor Rhodes calling out the Ohio National Guard in 1970—Perhaps you have another example of the military shooting American citizens. In 2015-16 when the right-wing extremist Bundys staged their revolt against the government, it was law enforcement that finally put an end to the nonsense, NOT the military.

  2. Joe ought to stick to his imaginary world where F15 and Hellfires are used against people with shotguns or 40, 50 clip rifles. Apparently he and Eric Swolehead have never heard of insurrections in places like Afghanistan (even after 20 years) which modern weapons mean doodlysquat.

    So….will Joe vastly expand the military budget to police American citizens? Hmm. I wonder how many of those military might sympathize with their fellow citizens/neighbors/families? Call in the UN troops. Just saying.

    1. “Joe ought to stick to his imaginary world where F15 …” I Ching

      Dear Leader stands beside a plane that we can all see and says that it is “invisible”. Imagine that! The king has no clothes.

  3. Joe obviously doesn’t understand “you have to really be in it to win it”. No one is showing up on a random doorstep to say “You won.”

    Saying an imaginary, animated character has a “shot” does not respect either the voters or the process. Write-ins have included Dumbldore, Harambe the dead gorilla, Paris Hilton, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Does a single one of them stand a chance? Maybe in a bizarre universe where Gropin’ Joe Hairplugs wins and names his crackhead son Chief of Staff.

    Seriously, even teams like the Steelers or Generals have a chance of winning the Superbowl. Can they. Not likely.

    1. WHO is suggesting a Biden administration would follow Trump’s Nepotism policy?? Daughter and SIL WH advisers. Giuliani’s son in the WH. Barr’s SIL in the WH and daughter at Treasury. When GW Bush was in the WH, Cheney’s daughter Liz was at the State Department. THAT is not a practice ANYONE wants to repeat. The Superbowl is a NFL league event. The Generals were a USFL league team and therefore not eligible for the Superbowl.

  4. So Biden’s Mickey Mouse remark “drew applause from the audience.”. Was that all 500 in that crowd? While Sanders had a crowd of over 7000.
    Biden needs a handler.

    1. Your reading comprehension needs some work. “FMR VP Joe Biden Joins Morning Joe” The interview took place on the Morning Joe set in a restaurant in New Hampshire. One can not tell the size of the restaurant from the clip, but with a stage, camera crews, and production assistants, it would have needed to be a LARGER than average restaurant to hold an audience of 500. Cherl needs someone to interpret the articles.

      1. My reading comprehension is just fine Phylliphilis. I got that “fact” from NBC in line. COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — Joe Biden recently spoke to a crowd of some 500 people at the Grass Wagon, a warehouse event space here. But just a few weeks earlier, another top contender, Elizabeth Warren, packed more than 1,100 into the same spot.
        And Bernie’s stats came from wait for it…..CNN.
        How’s THAT for interpretation?

  5. Micky Mouse have one shot of winning against Pres. Trump???? Maybe, I don’t know but I do know that Micky Mouse’s one shot would be one more than old Joe would have.

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