‘Blows Me Away’: Biden Raises Record-Breaking $364 Million in August

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden revealed his campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) raked in $364 million in August alone, including a record-breaking $205 million from online, small-dollar donations.

“In August, together, we raised $364.5 million. That figure blows me away. And we raised it the right way, from people across the country stepping up to own a piece of this campaign, investing in the future we want to see for our kids and grandkids,” Biden said on Wednesday.

He added, “But we’re not done yet, there is still much work to do in the 9 weeks ahead. Trump’s money machine remains, and it’s bolstered by outside, dark money — not grassroots donors like all of you. And you better believe they will pour it all into attacks and smears against me, against Kamala, and against our campaign.”

The campaign claimed a President Donald Trump Super PAC committed $30 million to new ads “full of lies.”

According to the campaign, more than 1.5 million Americans pledged their first donation to Biden last month, and 95% of those donations were from grassroots supporters.

He has now acquired more than 4 million donors.

“So we have to keep pushing the limits of what we thought was possible. We have to keep breaking records if we want to ensure a fighting chance at winning this thing,” Biden said.

He continued, “So I have to ask, because there is not a moment to spare, can you help me keep this going? Can we bring this same momentum into the final two months? Because we will need every drop of it, and every dollar, to beat Donald Trump.”

Last month, Trump pulled ahead of Biden and maintained a financial advantage over him after he pulled in $165 million in July compared to the former vice president’s $140 million, as IJR previously reported.


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  2. “they will pour it all into attacks and smears against me, against Kamala, and against our campaign.” Nobody has to do that. They just have to show your slimy record. You’re a socialist that wants us to adopt English law. No guns, free medical care that is no care and raises taxes to 70%. Democrat control. No thanks. I’ve watched you in Congress and in your previous failed Presidential campaigns where you plagiarized others speeches and got caught. You have no original ideas, just stolen ones. You’re a lying, cheating, corrupt Democrat.

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  6. How much of it was channeled by Black Lives Matter directly to Biden’s campaign and the DNV?

  7. Lets talk dark money.


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