Biden’s Communications Director Calls Questions About His Mental Health a ‘Disgusting Smear Tactic’

Questions about presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s mental health are swirling as videos of him appearing to be confused or forgetting information are spreading on social media.

But, the Biden campaign says questions about his mental health are not fair game and suggested that they are being weaponized by his opponents to hurt him politically.

During an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday, Biden campaign Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said questions about the former vice president’s mental health are smears.

“This is a disgusting smear tactic and this kind of thing is exactly why people want Joe Biden to be president. This kind of false, you know, misleading, basically a conspiracy theory.”

Watch the video below:

Co-host Ed Henry jumped in to ask how they can be called a “smear tactic” when there are unedited videos of Biden stumbling over words. Bedingfield asked, “Respectfully, how many times have you struggled to complete a sentence on air?”

“I’m not running for president,” Henry responded.

Bedingfield suggested that President Donald Trump has been trying to raise questions about Biden’s mental acuity because he is “scared” about the general election.

“If I’m Donald Trump and I saw Joe Biden last night giving the speech that he gave sounding presidential, looking like a leader, if I’m looking at the turnout that he is generating across the country, I’m scared too and I’m starting to throw this kind of nonsense against the wall.”

As Biden has emerged as the front runner for the Democratic nomination, social media users have shared videos of Biden stumbling over a sentence or getting confused and raised questions about his mental health.

However, Twitter recently labeled a video of Biden, retweeted by Trump, “manipulated” because it was edited and took Biden’s comments out of context.

The Trump campaign, however, pushed back and argued that it was not manipulated.

One group of mental health professionals recently told Yahoo News they are not concerned about Biden, but they are worried about Trump’s mental health.

“A few stumbled words are not the same as the extreme danger that result from a list of signs that Donald Trump has shown,” said Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee.

However, in March 2019, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway said she does not “share those concerns” about Trump’s mental health.


  1. It’s a disgusting smear to call out Biden’s not knowing where he is or what he’s running for.

    Not a smear against President Trump who endured this abuse for no legitimate reason from the Democrats during most of his term.

    Double standard much???

    1. HOW is it a double standard? The media calls out Biden’s gaffes AND Trump gaffes. How else would YOU know about them?? You claim to not watch the Democrat debates and I find it difficult to imagine you at a Biden campaign event.
      Trump’s remarks in Dayton after the shooting were nationally televised—hard to miss Trump concern for the victims and families of TOLEDO. It was impossible for the media to not notice Trump citing the Revolutionary soldiers successful defense of the AIRPORT during his nationally televised 4th of July, 2019 speech. I can not imagine a Trump supporter unaware that there were NO AIRPLANES during the Revolutionary War.
      Not nationally televised was Trump’s meeting with PM Modi when he dismissed Modi’s concerns regarding China with “It is not like you share a border with China.” Modi was speechless at the lack of knowledge and “seriousness” of Trump. Ever heard a PM make such claims of Biden? Ever see video of our allies have a laugh about Biden or Obama? Ever see the UN General Assembly laugh in the face of ANY other POTUS? So WHY are Trump’s lies and gaffes just fine with you and Biden’s gaffes an impediment to your support?

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