Biden Launches New Podcast to Help Provide a ‘Voice of Clarity’

Hunkered down in his Delaware home and looking for ways to connect with voters without holding rallies or town hall events, presidential hopeful Joe Biden (D) is starting a new podcast.

The description of the new show titled “Here’s The Deal” says Biden will give Americans a “voice of clarity during uncertain times.”

It continues to say the show will feature conversations “with the nation’s top experts — paired with the heart, compassion, and wisdom only Joe can deliver.”

Biden shared the news of his new podcast in a tweet on Monday, “Not a joke, folks, we just launched our new podcast. It’s called ‘Here’s the Deal.'” 

In the debut episode of which was released on Sunday, Biden said he started the podcast “so we can keep talking with each other.”

He added, “We’re living in a new normal. But I want you to know that I’m with you. I’m on your side.”

The first episode features Ron Klain, the White House Ebola Response Coordinator under former President Barack Obama, to discuss President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak. 

The podcast is Biden’s latest effort to get his message out as he has avoided public events since the virus began spreading in the country.

As news about the coronavirus has dominated the news cycle, Biden has struggled to break through and get his message out. He held a series of virtual events during the outbreak. But, they failed to garner as much attention as a normal campaign rally or victory speech after a primary election would.

While Biden has struggled to break into the news cycle, Trump’s approval ratings have risen to record highs, and a recent ABC News poll found the two practically tied in a head-to-head match-up.

Meanwhile, Biden still has to wrap up the nomination, a process that will drag on longer than Democrats were hoping as several states have postponed their presidential primaries to June. 

Biden’s lack of ability to garner media attention has led some Democrats to worry that he is becoming “irrelevant.”


  1. I wonder if the podcast will have serialized episodes of “The Further Adventures of Corn Pop”? Maybe it will have lessons on “Teaching Kids Aqua-Massage” or wax poetic about his favorite “Women I Have Sniffed”.

  2. “former Vice President Joe Biden provides a voice of clarity during uncertain times”. Clarity? Are they really serious? Every time the guy opens his mouth what comes out is as clear as mud.

    1. What’s weird is that he’s been practically invisible (perhaps a reflection of his leadership ability?) during this entire Kung Flu ordeal. So NOW his brilliant idea is a podcast? At least his “handlers” can edit his gaffes.

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