Biden Agrees to Participate in Three Presidential Debates as Trump Campaign Pushes for More

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) is committing to face President Donald Trump in three presidential debates ahead of the November general election. 

In a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates obtained by The Washington Post, Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said, “Joe Biden looks forward to facing Donald Trump in a multi-debate series that the American people have come to expect from their leaders.”

She added, “We hope that President Trump would not break that tradition or make excuses for a refusal to participate.”

The three debates are scheduled for September 29, October 15, and October 22. 

Just days earlier, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale wrote, “We want fair debates. We want them sooner, and we want a bigger schedule.”

He added, “We also don’t want them up against football games competing for viewers. As many Americans as possible need to see the stark differences between the accomplishments and leadership of President Trump and the failed record and sleepiness of Joe Biden.”

However, Biden’s campaign dismissed the Trump campaign’s requests for the debates as a “distraction.”

“The Trump position seems to be saying that he will debate if he can pick the moderators: clearly the President, who largely conducts interviews only with favorable news outlets, is afraid of facing questions from a neutral moderator. The Trump campaign proposal for elaborate negotiations is merely an effort to dodge fair, even-handed debates.”

However, O’Malley Dillon asked that proper health measures are taken to address coronavirus concerns. She added, “We do not want to provide President Trump with any excuses for not debating.”

“During his primary campaign, Vice President Biden welcomed direct questions from uncommitted voters on a frequent basis, and we think it is time that President Trump faced such questioning himself,” she said, adding, “We know that voters have many, many questions for the President.”


  1. While King Donald The Loser may put on a brave face today, I bet that His Majesty will dread trying to debate now. His poll numbers are too low, he has a terrible record ticking 70% of the people off while in office, he is bereft of any new policy ideas, he has tired talking points that are only designed to rile up his base, not thinking people. He has nothing to energize the youth, he has lost lots of the senior votes, so what does he have that will gain him enough voters to defeat Joke Biden who only has to offer normalcy, to win?


    1. Damn man stop with all your jealousy you have for Trump, I’ve never seen such jealousy in all my life. Your making yourself look so ignorant it’s silly.

      1. You are confused, Tim. The one thing that I am definitely NOT is being jealous of His Majesty.

        And answer my question, damn it. At least try to redeem yourself by expressing some useful, cogent thoughts.

        1. Arrogance is not your friend. No need for Tim to redeem himself especially to you.

    2. You can shove those polls up your rear. They mean nothing. I guess being a creepy pedophile is, “normalcy” to you.

      1. So, even though you attempted to deflect away from the facts, you still didn’t name a single reason why voters should re-elect the royal loser. Interesting.

  2. And who will be the moderators, Rachel Madcow, Jake Plapper, Wolfman Blitzer, Brian ‘I Lied” Wms, Joyless Reid,, some ABC, NBC or CBS drone, David Muir., Walter Cronkite (no he’s dead), David Brinkley (no he’s dead), how abut his hating son Douglas “I cant stand Trump” Brinkley, the so called “historian”. Never a FOX moderator like Brett Baier,Martha McCallum, Harris Faulkner, Britt Hume or Dana Perino. It’ll be a friggin joke!!!

    1. Douglas Brinkley, PhD. IS a historian, not ” the so called ‘historian'” And lol, he is NOT the son of David Brinkley. Dr. Brinkley’s parents were educators, not a news anchor. He will be among those rating Trump’s performance as POTUS AFTER Trump is gone from the WH.

      Could not help but notice you did not mention FOX News host Chris Wallace, who moderated one of the 3 general election presidential candidate debates in 2016. In need of some Prevagen or B12? You also appear to have forgotten that Trump does not do well with female FOX hosts as moderators.

      The Commission on Presidential Debates, made up of R’s, D’s and I’s will be selecting the moderators. If you want input, get yourself selected for membership on the Commission.

  3. Now, Biden invokes tradition. Has he made a statement about his minions engaging in dirty tricks? Too bad he can’t support other traditions. ” “We hope that President Trump would not break that tradition or make excuses for a refusal to participate.” Now, there is a distraction. Biden’s campaign manager trying her hand at projection. It’s Biden that wants to limit debates, not Trump. Hopefully, Biden won’t be using tricks and cheating at the debates. Keep an eye on the DNC this time. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

    1. hell if you gave him the answers to all the questions he would get them mixed up. Trump is gonna have a field day making biden look like, just what he is “a arrogant fool

  4. with questions from the people and ensured that NO ONE from either campaign sees the questions beforehand

    1. Talk to the DNC. They were the guilty party last time. Assange is gone now, so we’ll never know.

      1. Donna Brazile is still hanging around. Perhaps she could give it another try. Of course, it didn’t help old Hillary.

  5. Hot damn!! Get your popcorn ready. Almost feel sorry for Biden. But the Democrats wanted him.

      1. DILDO – Perhaps you haven’t heard Biden without a teleprompter. I’ll bet Biden is getting fitted for new ear buds and looking for a tablet like the Hillarrhoid had. Without someone feeding him the answers, this should be a short night.

        1. I doubt he’ll say anything like, if we test less, we’ll be healthier. OOOH, I forgot. He was being sarcastic, right? Making some other point entirely?

        2. Well, that is optimistic, Chuck For the sake of the country, hopefully we will not have Trump praising of the Revolutionary soldiers successful defense of the airports again OR suggestions for looking into implantation of UV light and injection of disinfectants to fight COVID-19, OR Trump claiming China was transparent and he and Xi have COVID “completely under control.” Hopefully someone has told him China and India share a border, his VP’s name is Mike Pence, not Mike Pounds, Mexico isn’t paying for the wall and China isn’t paying the Trump import tariffs. Personally, I am hoping for boring debates where Trump does not feel the need to explain why he needs 2 hands to take a sip of water without dribbling water on his expensive tie.

          1. I’m not interested in being your “ma cher”. Go back to French 1. You’re not that debonair.

          2. Again, you wound me a little, Cheryl. I guess being bound to a crazypants hypocrite like Trump makes you hostile and defensive. I’ll be more careful! Sorry!

  6. The PUSSY-IN-CHIEF trumpuke may

    very well be stuck in his bunker and won’t show.

    1. The crying John – wait a minute, got to laugh. Now that would be a funny picture to see.
      Getting back to what I was saying. The crying John is still crushed that the President IS NOT a democrat.
      Poor John – wait a minute, sounds sort of like Dear John.
      Oh well, getting back to what I was saying.
      Poor John loves wallowing in hate and dishing that same hate out to everyone else.

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