Biden, Harris Tear Into Trump Over His Coronavirus Response During a ‘Socially Distanced Conversation’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) are painting a bleak picture of President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden’s campaign released a video on Tuesday showing the former vice president and Harris having a “socially distanced conversation,” where they tore into Trump over his management of the outbreak.

“You know, you think of all the people today who because of the negative way in which this president has walked away with dealing with the COVID crisis,” Biden said.

He added, “COVID, he didn’t cause, but my God, the way it’s been responded to.”

Biden argued Trump should be doing more to provide testing equipment and protective equipment to essential workers.

Watch their comments below:

“I just don’t get how there’s not this more significant understanding of the incredible pain that is occurring in America, and the economic chaos that’s caused from that,” Biden said.

Harris claimed the pandemic has “accelerated what was a problem before.”

She noted Americans who were doing “badly” before are worse off now and those who had a job are now standing in food lines for “hours.”

“When you have a president of the United States who is just dismissing it like it’s some, you know, thing he can just flick away or magically wave a wand, instead of stepping up to say, ‘My people are in crisis, and I need to step up to take care of them,'” Harris said.

She added, “He doesn’t have it in him.”

Biden and Trump have traded jabs over how the other has responded to the pandemic.

Trump slammed Biden for being willing to shut down the economy for a second time, as IJR previously reported.

He called Biden’s comments on the matter a “very dangerous statement.”

The number of coronavirus infections surpassed 6 million as of Tuesday afternoon while the death count has reached more than 184,000.


  1. No, Marge, you are confused.

    King Donald The Loser did too little, too late, and because of that, we have the highest Trump Virus deaths in the whole world, with about 4% of the population and about 25% of the deaths (the last time that I checked). Yesterday alone, we had 1,164 MORE Americans die from it. In comparison, how many died in the twin towers?

  2. Just a continuation of the lie filled gloom and doom DNC! Were it not for lies, Democrats, and certainly Slow Joe “Trojan Horse” Biden and KAAAAMAAAALAAA would have nothing but bitter things to say!

  3. Our President had, and still is, acting in the best interest of the people working diligently in an effort to save as many lives as possible. He went so far as to convince large companies to re-tool their machinery to manufacture ventilators and other equipment needed by the wonderful, brave doctors, nurses, and other support people, and made sure that they were distributed to those Governors and Mayors who requested them. Meanwhile the Democrats did absolutely nothing to help in the fight – at one point they even refused to return from a “vacation”, paid for by your taxpayers’ money, because Pelosi said it was “too dangerous” to reconvene in Washington, D.C. and when they finally did it was to do their damnedest to think up ways to discredit and criticize our President. I hope we can vote them all out!

  4. General, How does M4A address healthcare delivery? Medicare payments to hospitals and doctors has ALWAYS been less than commercial carriers. Will community hospitals survive?

    And why do you still expect the posters’ comments to reflex the essence of the article either in a meaningful way or a unmeaningful way?—LOL…How is Chuck’s assertion, “Notice how the media is giving Biden all the free time he wants while restricting everything President Trump says. Typical Liberal/Democrat BS.” ANY different than his usual untethered to reality posts?
    These folks live in a totally different reality and they have no concern for the country—Their concern is just Trump. That is sick and you and I can’t help them re-enter reality if they have no desire to be here. They live in a world where if they don’t hold Trump accountable for his actions or comments, there are no consequences for their actions.

  5. What a laugh, president Trump had the same reaction time for calling this a health emergency as Obama did with the H1n1, BUT the WHO didn’t bother to call this a pandemic until May 11, and the H1N1 was NEVER called a pandemic even though it infected 25 times what covid-19 has

  6. Starting at 5’50, Harris addresses a serious issue regarding our crappy health insurance system. Joke Biden skips right past it, says nothing about it because he is not interested in fixing the problems with it.

    I saw only one or two comments below that dealt with the substance of this article in any meaningful way. Way to go, guys.

    And Matt Gaetz is a tool, just like all of you.

  7. Very encouraging that there is not a single comment on here that is positive for these jerks. If only this was a representative sample of the US.

  8. I don’t even need to read this article. The picture alone tells me everything I need to know. Two virtue signaling idiots sitting 20 feet away from each other to have a conversation. How are they going to possibly work together. Joe can’t get close to Kamala for fear she might give him COVID, and Kamala can’t get close to Joe for fear he might try to sniff her hair.

  9. If there was a stupid setting for a show it was this. Sitting that far apart is assinine and over dramatizing. Two lost idiots

  10. First of all Biden should call on someone who knows him! “He added, “COVID, he didn’t cause, but my God, the way it’s been responded to.”“
    Secondly, don’t end a sentence in a preposition!
    Harris has “people”? Like the ones she cavalierly put in jail?

  11. Just like the Biden/Obama video. One lies and the other swears to it. Two meaningless twats that have done nothing for anyone. They want to turn America into Somalia. Read the Breathe Act. That’s what they have in store for you after they take away your 2nd amendment rights so you’re a victim. I don’t think so. If they manage to get elected, it will be time for a civil war. Riots all over America in Democrat run states/cities and a pandemic that’s killing almost 200,000 and while the President is doing all that’s possible, they criticize doctors trying to create a vaccine as fast as possible, criticize the people that are trying to stop the destruction. They did find something to laugh about. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats. Notice how the media is giving Biden all the free time he wants while restricting everything President Trump says. Typical Liberal/Democrat BS. Wait until the debates handled by Liberal news anchors again, letting Biden speak, wear ear buds, reading from a laptop, but constantly interrupting the President. Shameful bias.

  12. Wow, do these two buffoons have it all wrong. First of all the rioting looting and burning are all happening in cities controlled by the liberals, fact!.As for the pandemic, Trump had nothing to do with bringing the virus to America and he’s not to blame, period. This is all on china, one of our enemies. Of course ‘heels up’ and touchy feely joey slammed Trump, gee what would have they done different? Like usual, they didn’t offer a clue or solution, other than flapping their worthless lying gums. As has been in the past 4 years, the liberals have nothing to offer America ( other than socialism, the green new deal and a bunch of other nonsensical BS)and are grabbing at straws and are desperate as November 3rd rolls around. They know they pretty much don’t have an icebergs chance in hell of winning come November. The American people are pretty much tired of the name calling, the BULLS**T and nothing getting done for the last 4 years for America and realize joey touchy feely sniffy biden and camel faced ‘heels up’ kamala harris would be a repeat of 2008 -2012 ( if you don’t know the meaning of this period in which ZILCH got done for America’s middle class, you haven’t been asleep at the switch or not paying attention and need to go back to school) and would destroy the country.

  13. Is it just me or does it look like biden is lip speaking? His mouth does not move in tandem to the audio.

  14. Tony
    Peep pad HIDIN Biden and Knee pad KAMALA Harris are TWO PEAS IN A SINKING POD ………….THEY ARE UNFIT FOR OFFICE. THE RADICAL DEMOCRAT TERRORISTS have foisted 2 UNELECTABLE maggots on America as candidates for President and VP . Never in the history of America have such UNELECTABLE people been placed for nominations for the HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND !
    OR DIE

  15. THE ALZHEIMERS stricken dementia riddled HIDIN Biden and the godless soulless morally bankrupt and corrupt woman. Read the tome her married Ex lover wrote how KAMALA Harris ROSE UP in CALIFORNICATION democrat politics!
    TWO UNFIT RADICAL DEMOCRAT TERRORISTS ………..OUTRAGEOUS the Cult of Satan insane democrat serpents 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍foisted this incapable Twosome on AMERICA.

  16. Biden doesn’t have a word that isn’t spoon fed to him, and even then he stumbles. It is sad really.

  17. All they got is twisted truth and lies.
    Lucky for them they have no integrity and conscience
    or they’d be horribly ashamed of themselves.

  18. When will the Democrats release their response? All they have done is make statements that the other guy was wrong.

    Can they point to the states led by Democrats as a auc ess? After all states called the shots. NY..NJ..MA…CT…IL…they were the sucesses?

  19. They are two clowns in a circus that left town a long time ago and performing to a non-existent audience. The only thing these two have are the Trump haters that would still vote for Biden if he took a steaming dump on Harris’ face.

  20. Also Joe Biden, right after Trump instituted the travel ban from China: “On Jan. 31, President Trump issued the travel restrictions from China. One day after the travel restrictions were put into place, Biden said in Iowa, “We have, right now, a crisis with the coronavirus… This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia – hysterical xenophobia – and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science.”

    Biden added, repeating a line from his USA Today oped: “Diseases have no borders, they have no borders.”

  21. There is more than COVID going on in this country such as your Green New deal proposal or raising taxes. Going back to ignoring the rioters?

  22. Hey Pee Pad Biden & Knee Pad Harris ,,, Do you REALY expect Americans to believe your Lies, Deceit and Division ?? President Trump stopped ALL flight from China when the Wuhan China Virus got out in China but you Lunatic cried “racist”. Then he publicly stated he was taking hydroxychloroquine and felt it was effective but you Turds cried/whined again. Then he said he was going to help each state but you Morons cried/whined again saying you don’t need his help and would handle it yourselves. WE THE PEOPLE have seen you IDIOTS for what your are and WILL Vote to remove you all from public office !!!!

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