Joe Biden Declares ‘This Is Not a Third Obama Term’

President-elect Joe Biden, who was vice president under former President Barack Obama’s administration, is declaring that his incoming administration will not be a “third Obama term.”

Biden was asked by NBC News’ Lester Holt during his first interview since being projected the winner of the presidential election, “What do you say to those who are wondering if you’re trying to create a third Obama term?”

“This is not a third Obama term because we face a totally different world than we faced in the Obama-Biden administration,” Biden responded during Tuesday’s interview.

The former vice president continued, “President Trump has changed the landscape. It’s become America First. It’s been America alone. We find ourselves in a position where our alliances are being frayed.”

He added, “That’s why I’ve found people who join the administration and keep points that represent the spectrum of the American people as well as the spectrum of the Democratic Party.”

Watch the video below:

Asked if he has considered nominating a Republican who voted for President Donald Trump to join his Cabinet, Biden said, “Yes, and we still have a lot more appointments to make. I want this country to be united.”

He added that the American people should not expect an announcement of a Republican nomination soon.

Biden announced key members of his national security and foreign policy team this week. One of Biden’s picks, Antony Blinken, was tapped to be the national security adviser — Blinken served as deputy secretary of state in Obama’s administration and as national security adviser to Biden when he was vice president.


    November 25, 2020
    “The, “Biden Administration” is to real life, what Fantasy Football is to the NFL.”

    Obsidan, you are confused…..It is Trump World where Mexico is paying for the wall and China paying the Trump IMPORT tariffs. It is Trump World where tax cuts pay for themselves. Trump World where Iran was going to come to the table if the U.S. pulled out of the JCPOA. Trump world where a photo op with Kim Jung Un denuclearizes North Korea. 12.9 million Covid deaths is a “great” response. If you refuse to read the Mueller Report, then it contains “No collusion. No obstruction.” And now, you have “massive voter fraud” when the Trump team is in front of a camera but ZERO evidence when the Trump team is in front of a judge–BUT someday they will present it.

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