Biden Is ‘Confident’ He Will Become the Democratic Party’s Nominee

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) is unsure if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is staying in or dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, but Biden knows he is not going anywhere.

“I feel confident about being the nominee,” Biden said during an MSNBC interview. “I don’t see much that’s going to be able to change that.”

His comments come shortly after Sanders admitted the path to beating Biden is narrow, as IJR previously reported.

If Sanders does decide to drop out he said he would do everything he could to make sure Biden is the nominee.

“So yes, we have got to defeat Trump, and if I am not the nominee, I will do everything I can to see that Joe Biden is elected president,” the Vermont senator said.

Biden was asked if he believed it is costing anything for Sanders to stay in the race.

“I think that it’s a hard decision. I’m not going to tell him whether he has to stay in or get out. That’s his decision,” Biden said.

See his comments below:

Biden closed his remarks by explaining that he has respect for Sanders and hopes there is a way he can consider Sanders’ concerns with other issues.

“There ought to be a way we could accommodate his concerns on other matters in terms of everything from people being engaged in his organization,” Biden said. “I think there’s a lot of things that can be done but that’s a decision for Bernie to make.”

Biden leads Sanders on the delegate count. Biden has 1,180 delegates while Sanders trails with 863 delegates. Biden and Sanders have faced challenges on the campaign trail as primaries continue to be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A few states have decided to proceed with their primaries, including Wisconsin as the state’s primary is slated for April 7, as IJR reported.


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