Biden Calls for Charges Against the Officers Who Shot Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called for officers to be held accountable for the shooting of Jacob Blake and the death of Breonna Taylor.

On Wednesday, Biden appeared for a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, where he discussed a number of key issues including the civil unrest erupting in multiple cities across the country, along with the public outcry and calls for justice for Blake and Taylor, The Hill reported.

When asked if he believes the officers should face charges for their involvement in the highly publicized shootings, Biden weighed in with his thoughts on the shootings and the judicial system.

“I think we should let the judicial system work its way,” Biden said. “I do think at a minimum they need to be charged.”

See Biden’s remarks below:

Biden’s latest remarks come amid the Republicans’ heightened scrutiny and criticism of his stance on law enforcement.

On multiple occasions, President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers have accused Biden and Democratic lawmakers of wanting to defund the police while focusing on attributes more relative to abolishing law enforcement.

However, Biden has clarified that he has no interest in defunding the police. On Monday, Biden reiterated his stance as he offered details about his proposed plan to increase funding by $300 million.

“Let’s get the facts straight, I not only don’t want to defund the police. I want to add $300 million to their local budgets to deal with community policing to get police and communities back together again,” Biden told KDKA.

On Thursday, Biden is expected to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin. His visit will come less than two weeks after Blake was shot in the back seven times at point-blank range. The officer implicated in Blake’s shooting has been identified as Rusten Sheskey.

While Sheskey has been placed on administrative leave pending the current investigation, no formal charges have been filed against him, as of yet.


  1. He doesn’t have the complete information about the incident, but makes a judgement anyway that politically correct. Typical lying, cheating, corrupt Democrat dolt.

  2. Sounds like General Confusion was there at the scene!! WOW… A first hand account!!!

  3. Ken is lying and spreading misinformation.

    The police LIED to get their no-knock warrent, they did not wear uniforms, they did not identify themselves. The boyfriend thought that their residence was being home-invaded, so he shot low through the door, as a warning, injuring one policeman. The police escalated things from there.

    The police LIED to a judge by saying that the local post office said that they were receiving suspicious parcels. The local post master denied that. The police lied to a judge, which is a crime.

    The police were looking for Breonna’s OLD boyfriend and wanted to harrass her to get to him. They knew that he was not there, and they knew that she was very likely clean.

  4. Jayjay: I’m not sure what free speech has to do with a Presidential candidate saying charges should be brought against people without evidence. But I will say that if Trump had said something similar the likes of CNN, MSNBC and other fake news outlets would have gone through the roof about how Trump is circumventing the laws of this nation. And when Osama was President no one could disagree with him without being called a racist and shamed. Free speech was simply not allowed. Neither was prayer (if you were Christian) or expressing your love of this country. You are correct about “No knock warrants”. Such activities took place during the former administration under Osama but now are banned under the current Trump administration. Hopefully this will protect innocent people from such invasions in the future.

  5. Well Ken…no drugs were found in Breonna’s apartment and since this travesty occurred, No Knock Warrants are illegal. Now what does that tell you?? You can justify the murder all you want but an innocent woman DIED!!

  6. Ray…Free speech..remember how it was before trump? You could disagree with the president and not be called names and if you worked for him, FIRED.. I sooo miss those days…

  7. It was Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend that began shooting when the police entered the apartment, she was caught in the crossfire.
    The police had a warrent for his arrest, and she was known to “hold” his drug money in her apartment.
    They had been looking for him for a week or so.
    Does any of that justify her death?
    No, but her boyfriend decided to shoot it out with the police and she lost.

    Blake, another with a criminal record, was just plain stupid.
    He knew he was going back to jail and was trying to take a police officer down.
    That way he would have a better “street cred” in prison instead of being in for sexuality molesting a young girl.

  8. Seeing that President Trump has never done that I guess that really wouldn’t be his style, unlike Ol’ Joe who once again is talking out of both side of his mouth saying they should be charged and the system should run it’s course. Got to love when Joe tries to be on everyone’s side.

  9. Jayjay: The beginning part of the judicial system is to compile the evidence and if charges are to be pursued the evidence is turned over to a grand jury to determine if charges should be filed. That is not Biden’s call. But like his former boss, Osama, Biden will rush to judgement.

  10. DONALD….It’s not Biden’s job to tell the judicial system what to do. But that’s been tRump’s dictatorship style so I can understand why you would be confused…

  11. “I think we should let the judicial system work its way,” Biden said. “I do think at a minimum they need to be charged.” Which is it, Biden? Let the judicial system work, or tell them what to do?

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