Biden Adds Two More People to List of Possible VP’s If He Is the Party’s Nomination

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) expanded his list of potential vice presidential nominees to include two more former presidential contenders.

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Biden was asked if he would consider picking former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) or former Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro to be his running mate.

“I would consider either or both of them,” Biden said, adding, “I’ve spoken to each of them. … My plea to both of them is that they stay engaged. They are talented, talented people.”

Watch his comments below:

Biden’s response came after a question about how seriously he would campaign in Texas — a state that has voted reliably for Republican presidential candidates.

Castro, who endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), has said that he does not have any interest in being vice president.

Meanwhile, O’Rourke said in early 2019 that he would not rule out running as vice president.

“I’m going to consider every way to serve this country. And, yes, that will include anything.”

Biden vowed to the Dallas Morning News that there would be Latino officials in his cabinet. 

“I can guarantee you that there’s going to be Latinos in my cabinet. I can guarantee there are going to be Latinos in my White House, and both of them are qualified.”

Just days before those comments, Biden said he would also consider Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his running mate, as IJR has previously reported


  1. THAT is about all the United States would need in the WH. A demented old, hair sniffing and lost creep as POTUS and a fake Latino, a real life Bozo the Clown as VP. That would show the American voters turned over the barrel and dug down deep in the dirt underneath for a “leader”.

    1. We currently have a 73 yr old that brags of grabbing women by the pussy and has been accused of sexual assault/harassment by 24 women and YOU DON”T find that CREEPY? You do not find it embarrassing that we have a POTUS that acknowledged the Revolutionary soldiers for successfully defending the AIRPORTS? YOU are not embarrassed that you put a guy in the WH that settled a FRAUD lawsuit for $22 million and was fined $2 million for stealing from his own charity?? It is one thing for James the private citizen entertains himself by falling for every RW conspiracy put out there—it is a whole other ballgame that the POTUS is a stooge for conspiracies. After Trump we can ONLY go up. You had 17 R’s to pick from in 2016 and you picked the known con man. There is no further down deep to dig than Trump.

  2. Get that nomination first Joe. Then worry about the qualifications and NOT
    identity politics denominations. Unless that’s part of getting the nomination. Oh wait….that would be cynical.

    A lot of those the Dims took for granted over the years are now “woke”. That leaves the Dims to pander to the lowest (and I do mean that) common-denominator of voter, the stupid and parasites wanting handouts.

    1. Trump has a solid grip on the lowest common denominator of voter—-they are not going anywhere.

    2. The only good Republican is one that is taking a dirt nap

  3. Is “Joe Pro Quo” inferring that Beto is hispanic? The dunce is talking out of his brain dead head. He would never hire a GOP member to the VP. He’s dreaming if he ever had a chance at the presidency.

    1. Joe is gropin’ for whatever votes he can pander. He’s also doddering and probably DOES think Robert Francis is “Latino”.

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