Bernie Sanders Suspends 2020 Campaign

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is suspending his campaign, leaving the Democratic race to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sanders’ campaign made the announcement known in a press release on Wednesday after speaking with his staff on a conference call about the news.

“The Campaign Ends, The Struggle Continues,” Sanders press release reads.

The Vermont senator is expected to address his supporters through a livestream on his website.

While the 2020 Democratic primary race initially had over 25 contenders, it dwindled down to Sanders and Biden. Biden, however, has 1,217 delegates — gaining support after he had a rocky start to his campaign — while Sanders trailed with 914 delegates.


  1. I’ll bet the Indians aren’t going to be too happy to hear this. Last time he stepped aside for Hillary he got one or two houses and maybe all those campaign contributions. This politician has become a millionaire without ever having a real job or business. Where else can you do something like this but in our government which has definitely lost its way? We need term limits.

    All I can say is goodbye and good riddance. I look forward to you leaving all politics for good very soon. I glad that Democrats rejected you and Socialism.

  2. I read the other day that a lot of his supporters have banded together, and vowed to vote for President Trump if Biden turned out to be the candidate. I hope they mean it, and that a lot of others will join them!

  3. So we have dodged another threat of the Bernie Sanders Socialist Party for President, but as my husband said a couple of days ago, “Can you just imagine Joe Biden as president handling this Virus Crisis right now, when he can’t even put two coherent sentences together or remember what state he’s in when he’s campaigning?” Yeah, America has quite the choice for President with the Democrat Party for 2020, right? God help us all if enough people support Joe Biden while we are going through all of this!

    1. He would be a frontman like Obama was for George Soros. Someone else would be pulling the strings on this puppet’

  4. well the DNC has prevailed once more got rid of bernie once more. pass the envelope please. now to slide hilary in there as VP, she has a way of handling things like this

  5. Well put, Chuck. The SovietUnionUSA has been put off for at least a time.

  6. So, the crazy socialist that wanted to add over $32 trillion to the debt is gone. Now, we have Biden and his potential for another stroke left. Remember, he’s the one that actually withheld funding from the Ukraine, something that House Democrats later accused the President of in an attempt to overturn the legal election of 2016. The chances that Biden could have achieved the cooperation of companies to massively produce needed medical supplies, move back to the US and create jobs are zero. When the epidemic subsides and the economy rallies, we’ll be much better off with President Trump in charge, not Biden and his over taxation.

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