Bernie Sanders: The ‘Richest 400 Americans’ Have Been ‘Looting’ US for Over 40 Years

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is pushing back against the looting claims with a bold claim of his own, criticizing the “richest 400 Americans.”

Sanders took to Twitter on Sunday night with an overview of America’s wealthiest citizens in comparison to the size of the United Kingdom’s entire economy.

The former presidential candidate went on to address the criticism of looting as he suggested the government is responsible for allowing a different form of looting as a result of billionaires’ tax rates being significantly lower than “people living paycheck to paycheck.”

“The richest 400 Americans sit on $3 trillion—the size of the entire UK economy,” Sanders tweeted. “The billionaire class now pays a lower tax rate than people living paycheck to paycheck. The looting of America has been going on for over 40 years—and the culprits are the ultra-rich.”

Sanders’ remarks come as protests, rioting, and looting continue in various cities across the United States.

While rioting appears to have quelled in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it has not in other areas of the country. Atlanta, New York City, Louisville, and multiple cities in California are facing looting and vandalism.

During a call with governors on Monday morning, Trump labeled them as “weak” as he insisted domination would be the way to stop looting and rioting.

“Most of you are weak,” Trump said. “You have to arrest people.”

“You have to dominate, if you don’t dominate you’re wasting your time,” the president said, according to an unnamed senior staffer listening to the call in a governor’s office. “They’re going to run over you, you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks. You have to dominate.”

The president also alluded to this belief during his remarks made in the Rose Garden.

On Monday evening, President Donald Trump threatened to invoke the Insurrection Act, which would allow him to deploy military troops in the United States to quell the violence, as previously reported on IJR.

While the president sees this action as a way to “dominate” the streets of America, many have argued that the executive order would do the exact opposite.

“The president seems to think that dominating Black people, dominating peaceful protesters, is law and order. It’s not,” Anderson Cooper said on CNN.

“What the president doesn’t seem to know or care is that the vast majority of those protesting, they, too, are calling for law and order,” Cooper said.

He added, “A Black man killed with four officers holding him down, a knee to the neck for more than eight minutes, nearly three of which he was no longer conscious for. That’s not law and order; that’s murder.”


  1. Millionaire Burnie is on of them, scammed the system his way.

      1. Oh? I can’t say he’s rich because there are others who are richer? By that logic, there’s only one rich person in the world.

        Or can’t I say he’s rich because you like him and don’t want me to call him on his BS?

  2. You ARE correct Bernie,,, but fail to mention that most of them are Democrats !!

  3. “The president seems to think that dominating Black people, dominating peaceful protesters, is law and order. It’s not,” Anderson Cooper said on CNN.” Does Cooper the Pooper Shtuper know anything about what’s going on? I mean, he’s supposed to be a news anchor, but he’s unaware of the riots, burning, destruction that’s going on. Peaceful protesters? What a dummy!!! On a side note, why haven’t there been mass demonstrations and riots over the number of blacks killed by other blacks in Chicago alone- about 200 this year. Oh, because the Democrats and other political groups couldn’t capitalize on it.

  4. “The billionaire class now pays a lower tax rate than people living paycheck to paycheck. The looting of America has been going on for over 40 years—and the culprits are the ultra-rich.” OK, so Sanders is telling a whopper here. $40,000 – 4664/40,000 = 11%, $100,000 – 18,169/100,000 = 18%, $100,000 – $160,000 = 24%, $500,000 and above – 37%. Now, as anyone (except an unedumacated Democrat) can plainly see, a billionaire would have a tax rate of 37%. Conclusion – Bernie Sanders is a lying Democrat who is trying to inflame the already tragic situation with riots and looting in the street. That’s something Democrats have done and are still doing today because that’s how they operate to gain power and control. This isn’t rocket science, it’s simple math. lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  5. And my observation is that most, maybe the great majority, of that richest 400 are Democrats.

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  7. Typical Bernie Sanders. Lets throw in every complaint possible at once so even a major issue that needs addressing gets muddied.

    1. I have mentioned the looting of this country by the wealthy here as well. Did you know that this administration just gave them an awesome windfall?

      Why do you think that we have so much inequity up and down our whole society? There are many different types of inequities that are influencing the current embroilment. Fixing parts hasn’t worked. There must be systemic change.

      1. You can’t just start screaming about every grievance ever. No kidding other things are wrong with society.

        But this is about something specific. You have fianlly have a specific and undisputable instance showing a specific problem that needs a specific solution to take major a step in the right direction to solving a broader issue.

        Just let that one step get taken. If it was as easy as creating a checklist of all problems ever then these issues wouldn’t be issues.

        1. Too bad the richest of that group are the biggest liberals screaming about Trump.

          So break up Amazon, Microsoft and some others. See how that flies.

          The companies that fund all those social programs.

      2. so when businesses get tax breaks and loosened regulations, they tend to hire more people, give raises, expand their businesses, it’s all good for the economy. What is the democratic plan, raise taxes? It never works. Businesses produce less and pass the taxes on to the consumer, we pay more, etc…..

        1. Deb is confused.

          You are living in the 1950 and ’60s, Deb. The world hasn’t worked like that for a very long time and it is a fantasy to think that it will work like that again in our lifetime. Why?

          Because of corruption. We keep on electing the same type of corruptable politicians over and over again. Lobbyists write our laws (ALEC), the unions which COULD counter greedy corporations have been neutered, and politicians on both sides have been bought.

          How on Earth do you expect to gey back to “normal” when the huge multi-national corporations take $3 trillion in bailout money with no oversight and then fire staff, to cut expenses (Boeing, etc)? Today, industry is putting way more emphasis on hiring robots, not people. Humans cost too much.

          You are woefully out of date in your facts, thinking, and attitude.

          We MUST elect better politicians.


          1. That’s strange, lying Scott, because that’s exactly how it worked over that last few years. Corporations were given a tax break and in return they expanded, hired more people, increased salaries and gave bonuses again. The unemployment decreased to levels not seen in 50 years, minorities included. Had the coronavirus not hit, unemployment would be still lower. Once America gets back to work, things will get back to that level. You, however, will continue to lie every day here. Your #outnow and refusefascism are terrorist groups that incite riots like the ones we’ve seen. They call themselves non-violent to hid their true intentions. We’ve seen their work in the last few days.

          2. politicians on both sides have been bought” Chuck

            It seems that I am wadting my words on you. You don’t even bother to read them.

            “Had the coronavirus not hit…” Chuck

            Yeah, but it did, didn’t it? You are still trapped in the past. What can you do about that, Chuck?

          3. Scotty – “We keep on electing the same type of corruptable politicians over and over again.” Yeah, like the Obamanation and his entire administration. Just about every lying, cheating, corrupt Democrat in Congress. Clinton and his administration. All corrupt!!!

            “The unions which COULD counter greedy corporations have been neutered” The Unions ARE the greedy, corrupt, mob run corporations. They are the problem.

            “huge multi-national corporations take $3 trillion in bailout money ” That’s interesting Scotty, since the entire CARES package was only $2.5 trillion. Only $300 million went to essential corporations hard hit by the virus caused problems. You do know that corporations provide the jobs that Americans need? The Democrats forgot that and taxed them to death, resulting in many moving to foreign countries to make a profit from cheap labor. Obviously, you don’t know anything about business and what it takes to keep one running.

            Take your lies elsewhere. We aren’t buying into them. You should know that by now.

          4. “[Unions] are the problem.” Chuck

            SOME unions are a problem, not all of them. You have to acknowledge the good ones too, just like there are a few good conservatives (not a lot nowadays) and a few good Democrats.

            Not everything is black or white (in the real world).

      3. Maybe because Dems support lazy asses who
        wont work for a living.

      1. If my house was on fire and my husband, myself and toddler were trying to escape…. i wouldn’t stop our escape while surrounded by an inferno to remind my husband that my car makes a rattling noise when i drive to work.

        1. If we had nominated Sanders, at least he could walk and chew gum at the same time. He was willing to make changes. Maybe not the ones YOU want, but the ones we needed to right this listing ship.

          1. He would be trying to drive America into further bankruptcy. His pledge was free everything with no way to pay for it. He’s a stupid socialist Democrat loser and he’ll be complaining while traveling back and forth between his three houses. While he’s been complaining, he’s been living off the taxpayer for decades and paying 16% in taxes while the President has been running a business and paying 26%. Those are the true figures.

          2. The changes he wants to make I’m not opposed to.

            His inability to actually implement any change is my problem.

          3. Scott, until you revealed yourself as a Bernie lover I was willing to grant you some slack because I agree that we have politicians on both sides who are corrupt and inept. Most of them, in fact. But Chuck has Bernie pegged correctly. Bernie is a would-be Joe Stalin or Fidel Castro (or maybe Pol Pot). Let’s face it, there are no perfect politicians but let’s try to find one who has some intelligence, experience and loves America. They must be around here somewhere. The closest I can see is Nikki Haley.

          4. “But Chuck has Bernie pegged correctly. Bernie is a would-be Joe Stalin or Fidel Castro (or maybe Pol Pot).” Carl

            Wrong. Chuck is wrong about just about anything that he comments upon here.

            You are also wrong about Bernie, too. You are still believing in rhetoric from the past. Bernie has no ambition to be a dictator. That is ludicrous. That is Dear Leader’s job.

            Start thinking for yourself, for a change. You might begin to enjoy doing that, Carl.

          5. Phoenix: that is the problem.

            You recognize that we need change, maybe even want the RIGHT changes, but you aren’t willing to do what is necessary to get or implement them. We are screwed.

            We MUST elect better politicians TODAY!

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