Barr Says He Was ‘Not Involved in Giving Tactical Commands’ in Clearing out DC Protestors

Attorney General William Barr is insisting he was not involved in the decision to give tactical commands to forcefully disperse protesters in Washington, D.C.

During an interview with The Associated Press on Friday, Barr offered details about the series of events that unfolded on Monday. As the president held his briefing in the Rose Garden, peaceful protesters were forcefully cleared from the streets with reportedly the use of tear gas.

Although Barr at the White House during the time, he insists he was not involved in any tactical commands.

“They told me they were about to make the announcement and I think they stretched the announcements over 20 minutes,” Barr explained.

He continued, adding, “During the time I was there, I would periodically hear announcements. They had the Park Police mounted unit ready, so it was just a matter of execution. So I didn’t just say to them, ‘Go.’”

“I’m not involved in giving tactical commands like that. I was frustrated and I was also worried that as the crowd grew, it was going to be harder and harder to do. So my attitude was ‘Get it done,’ but I didn’t say, ‘Go do it.’”

Barr’s remarks follow the release of statements from the Department of Defense Secretary Mark Esper, former Defense Secretary James Mattis, and most recently, the U.S. Park Police (USPP).

Following Trump’s press briefing on Monday, law enforcement agencies around the White House were deeply criticized for the use of tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters. Initially, the USPP denied the use of tear gas.

But now, USPP is sharing a different perspective of the incident. On Friday, Sgt. Eduardo Delgado, a spokesperson for the Park Police, released a statement admitting the department’s mistake in terminology. Delgado told CNN the department could have described pepper balls as a form of tear gas.

“The point is we admitted to using what we used,” Delgado said. “I think the term ‘tear gas’ doesn’t even matter anymore. It was a mistake on our part for using ‘tear gas’ because we just assumed people would think CS or CN [gas].”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the chemicals used by USPP are categorized as “riot control agencies.”

The CDC’s emergency fact sheet reads: “Riot control agents (sometimes referred to as ‘tear gas’) are chemical compounds that temporarily make people unable to function by causing irritation to the eyes, mouth, throat, lungs, and skin.”


  1. And we all know this honorable man would NEVER lie… He never fails to embarrass himself and his country with his ridiculous lies..

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  3. The absolute best way to drive trumpukelicans

    even more bat shit crazy than they already are

    is to completely ignore them.

  4. It took Trump years, but he has found the perfect puppet in Barr. Let’s hope Barr is lying about this so Trump will dump him.

    1. Unfortunately, Barr is placed in such a position of power at the head of the DoJ, aiding and abetting King Donald The Loser, as to make him very dangerous.

  5. the CNN video shows 45 stating he must “protect our country and the american people”…he mentions country before he mentions people. Placing country above people is the definition of FASCISM

  6. They blocked the bridge, use to be aganist the law, maybe not in DC.

  7. Barr is a lying piece of shit. He’s so far up trumps ass that he bumped into Hannity

  8. How sad is it when the proof of the lie that is “Peaceful Protesting” is right in front of your faces in the form of a vandalized church, a historic monument, and you’d rather accuse AG Barr of saying what he didn’t say?

    Churches just vandalize themselves right? Scott and John have just brought idiocy to a new low!! The truth doesn’t fit your narrative so you must lie. Disgusting!!

    1. Those were different days. There is video of the peaceful protestors being cleared with horses, flash bangs, and pepperspray.

        1. Art:

          In our country, by the Second Amendment to our Constitution, freedom of speech in public places is allowed. There are exceptions, such as when one puts someone’s life in danger, but, in general, what the peaceful people are doing in our cities now is Constitutional. Those looting, burning, vandalizing and destroying property are not part of the peaceful protesters and what they are doing is not legal.

      1. that’s funny I heard those “peaceful protestors” were throwing rocks, debris, and frozen water bottles at the police

  9. “…but I didn’t say, ‘Go do it.’” Barr

    Apparently, according to others, you did, so either YOU are lying or others are. What are the chances others are vs YOU?

    1. It was most definitely the others! The media has lied through this entire ordeal!! Peaceful protests?? BS!! Why was a historic monument, St. Johns Church, vandalized if the protests were truly peaceful?

      Did you read the article? It was the park police who were charged with clearing the park. They were given 3 hours advance notice to provide barricades and a clear path for the president to walk through it safely. The protesters would not comply and kept breaching the barricades. That IS NOT peaceful.

      It was the Park Police who issued the order!: “USPP is sharing a different perspective of the incident. On Friday, Sgt. Eduardo Delgado, a spokesperson for the Park Police, released a statement admitting the department’s mistake in terminology. The point is we admitted to using what we used,” Delgado said.”

      You’re accusing Barr of saying what he didn’t say and completely ignoring the lie that is right in front of your face, which is thatbthese protests are violent anarchy, and not not peaceful by any stretch,

        1. Bull Sh!t. You heard him yourself through the confines of your ears stuck way up in your large intestines??
          Again, why should I believe a bunch of lying POS’s when they tell me the protests were peaceful?? 50+ injured secret service agents might disagree and a damaged national monument might show otherwise. When the protesters were told to move and they didn’t, THAT showed THEIR aggression. Whatever happened after is on them, regardless of who called out the order. The USPP just said THEY issued the order! Or can’t you read?

          1. A senior Justice Dept official said the decision to expand the security perimeter around Lafayette Square was made Monday morning, after previous protests scorched the area – and before it was known that Trump would walk to historic St. John’s Church Monday evening.

    2. Well now its a blame game. In California a young women got close to a cop and knifed him. But in New York a girl went after a cop he is being charged. The old man who was said to be 75 knew what he was doing he was a known activists . He must of had thoughts he be going out by making a name for himself. If he didn’t know it wasn’t safe at his age he shouldn’t of been there and should of never went after a cop. He was not peaceful. Now New York city lost 75 good cops. But it is OK demarcates can’t win so they will tear up the Union. Hope the cops have body cams.
      Now the Mayor said the cops weren’t doing anything but their dumb governor changed the law . Now don’t lock them up for burning the buildings give them a ticket and let them go. Now you see why the demarcate governors kept the lock down on. Sorry their is 2 rats running around behind this and need to be charged. Obama started this at the end of his term. Willing to bet secret service records will prove he dumped his detail before a riot. And what president in his right mind would allow Sharpton who is a racist into the white house. He thinks he the new Martin Luther King . Sharpton needs to be jailed or pay the 4 million he didn’t pay on his taxes. He is no better than Jim Baker who went to jail.
      The worse part George Floyd and his kids are being used in this. His daughter was put up to saying my daddy will change the world. No racism will be exposed on both sides.
      Race card was laid at Trumps feel because he was putting Black people to work. What did the demarcates do to help the Black people.
      They started the Dixie Demarcates who started the KKK to keep the Republican’s out of the south. They talked about voter suppression what did the Jim Crow laws they started did. But hid our history the Demarcates don’t look good. But remember Abraham Lincoln was a one of the first Republicans to become president . Now you don’t believe demarcates were responsible well Gorge Wallace was a good old boy he didn’t want Blacks in Alabama U.
      Now first they said get rid of ICE now get rid of the police. Well am not a fan of police . I was on crutches and my car was in a minor accident I was knocked down by a cop and he put a gun to to my head and told me he was going to shot me if I moved. Then for the fun of it after they handcuffed me they maced me. I have lung problems as well. So bad behavior isn’t racial all the time it’s bad behavior by some members of the police force . Why they get away with it because of Blue silents .
      So you think I want to get rid of all the cops ? No. Am 65 when I was a kid there was a riot in my city . The black panthers came down complaining no black cops. Sorry we had some. So during the riot the Mayor being a demarcate ordered the police out of black area’s . But one Black cop said that was not fair to the Black people in that area that is unprotected. He went in alone. He was found 3 days later in the police car with a bullet in his head. Now outside my house they were like kids with a new toy . They were shooting out windows in the project . A woman came to the door and yelled to stop it she had to children . They told her to shut up and put her kids under the bed or they were going to shot her. She was a Black woman. Her kids were 6 and 8 yeas old.
      Sorry the projects were melting pot of races . We were welcome in their home and they were welcome in ours. One time a nice women from the south was in the house when my mother got a call she had dropped my bother off in Boston to have a operation for a birth defect . They told her they caught him leaving the hospital with his teddy bear under his arm. They told her she needed to pick him up. We didn’t have a car and the buses had stopped running at 5:30. She didn’t know what to do. She knew the year before they operated on him he was 6 years old and his heart stopped so they cut open his chest to get his heart going. This woman that was at the house said she need to go home and get supper for her husband . He was coming home from the base. Shortly after they was a knock at the door it was her husband . He told my mother to get all the kids in his car to pick up my bother. We didn’t understand why . But 5 kids my mother and him in a ford Falcon got to pick up another kid .Seems he was afraid to be caught with a White woman in his car alone. So yes we learned about racism. We also got a good lesson in the school the principal was raciest as well. But I didn’t catch on till I was subbing. But we also knew we all could get along. Only if we try.
      Now the generals said that Trump and Barr was wrong about the army being used. Sorry those 2 groups who got in with peaceful demonstrators they said was domestic terrorist wrong inter-national . They stated riots in most country’s. But our News networks don’t cover it. Like they don’t cover China is moving to us in the pacific . So it is time to remove fake news and put laws to stop their lies. They are dividing America . But the demarcate want no police and socialism. What fools they are. In socialist country’s have police but they are running here to be safe. But the only problem their are people with them we don’t want here. In my city they caught someone hiding here for killing an American ambassador . So lets send Polosi THERE TO HELP. But were is she at home in her gated community. Locked in her mansion eating ice cream while Rome is burning. So wonder what she thinks she will get out of this.

  10. Lordy Lordy Bunker Baby’s ace boon coon sucks at

    lying worse than him.

    Barr better be careful.

    Grotesquely insecure Bunker Baby cannot stand

    anyone who’s worse at anything than he is.

        1. Taking my lessons after you and Jonnie, Major Kumquat. You resort to that behavior all the time! I didn’t set the precedent in this thread, Jonny hiding in his mother’s basement did.

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