U.S. Attorney General Barr Considers Quitting Over Trump Tweets: Source

U.S. Attorney General William Barr is considering resigning over President Donald Trump’s tweets about Justice Department investigations, a source familiar with the situation told Reuters, while the department said he was not leaving.

“The Attorney General has no plans to resign,” Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said in a post on Twitter late Tuesday night.

The Washington Post separately reported on Tuesday that Barr has told people close to Trump about his concerns, but it was not immediately clear if Barr had spoken to the president directly.

“He has his limits,” the newspaper quoted one person familiar with Barr’s thinking as saying.

Barr may be sharing his position with people close to Trump in hopes the president gets the message and stops tweeting about the Justice Department’s criminal investigations, the Post added.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Trump earlier on Tuesday said he had total confidence in Barr, who last week told ABC News in an interview that Trump’s tweeting habit had made it impossible for him to do his job.

“I do make his job harder … I do agree with that,” Trump told reporters before boarding Air Force One Tuesday afternoon. “The attorney general is a man with great integrity.”

Last week senior Justice Department officials withdrew an earlier sentencing recommendation for longtime Trump friend Roger Stone, who was found guilty in November of seven counts of lying to Congress, prompting upheaval within the department.

Over the weekend, more than 1,000 former department officials called for Barr to resign in an open letter. The signatories grew to more than 2,400 by Wednesday morning.

Trump has used Twitter to attack the four prosecutors who had argued the Stone case as well as the judge presiding over it.

“Social media for me has been very important because it gives me a voice,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

Barr told ABC on Thursday that he could not do his job “with a constant background commentary” and that it was “time to stop the tweeting about Department of Justice criminal cases.”

(Reporting by Steve Holland; Additional reporting by Sarah N Lynch; Writing by Lisa Lambert and Susan Heavey; Editing by Robert Birsel and John Stonestreet)


  1. This is a typical response from the communist party of which michael (with a capital B), confuction and syphilis are a part. The communist party will start lies and repeat them until weak people, who cannot see past their nose, will start to believe them. Once they have captured these weak people, the whole of the party, then they will try to bring down that thing that is in their way to gain total (totalitarian) control over that which they have targeted. This is well documented in communist history and is exactly what the left in America is trying to do. They want TOTAL control over everything and everybody without exception. They want America destroyed.

  2. Sure Jan – If people believe Barr is so weak that a tweet would get him to resign they have no idea who Barr is. Once again leftie media running with BS stories. The MSM really is #EnemyOfThePeople

  3. This is the same WaPo that just printed an op-ed saying the elites should have a greater say in choosing the President.

    We already have a DNC and MSNBCNN and organs like the NYT and WaPo.

  4. …and if that 1100 -strong letter* didn’t work, then we’ll start a rumor.

    If Barr is that unhappy then why didn’t he speak directly to the President or any other “named” person at the WH. Where are his/her quotes or one from Barr?

    Nancy Pelosi has been reported as so unhappy with her repeated failures that she’s going to resign as Speaker and from Congress. This is exactly how fake news, err, the WaPo worked this story.

    *Fun fact: that letter was originated by and organized by a group of Obama/Schiff staffers. q.v. Judicial Watch.

  5. Commenters are so blinded by their message, they flippantly dismiss any bit of information that might scratch the shell of their deception.

  6. Leftists are trying to stir the pot, perhaps because they are afraid of Barr. Don’t believe anything the Left says. They lie so much that we need a new word for the English dictionary that means Leftists are Liars on Steroids.

    1. You are projecting like a good cult member should.

      How many lies has King Donald The Loser told since he first sat on his golden throne, in January 2017? 20,000? That is quite an accomplishment, don’t you agree, Millie?

  7. Attorney General William Barr does not intend to step down from his post — despite reports that he has considered quitting over his frustration with President Trump’s tweets about Justice Department cases, the department said Tuesday. According to NY Post. BUT the story otherwise is coming from CNN, MSNBC, Reuters. Saying it over and over doesn’t make it happen. IJR? Really? In case no one noticed there you’re losing readers. Better look in a mirror to see why!

  8. No, no, NO! If there is one man I trust, if there is one man in Washington that walks with integrity, it’s Barr. President Trump, do whatever you can to keep this man in the AG position. Trust his judgement, and also, LAY OFF THE TWEETS, like he asked you to do. And these clowns who are petitioning for Barr to step down? Career swamp rats! Their words should be utterly disregarded.

    1. He’s not going anywhere. LOL! Relax. This is all for show to the Deep State, playing them for the fools they are.

    2. “If there is one man I trust, if there is one man in Washington that walks with integrity, it’s Barr.” Lee

      Why? I am confused.

      I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Obviously, THAT isn’t very far. He is one of the most dangerous people around King Donald The Loser because he wants a president to be unfettered by these nasty little encumberences called laws. If you can’t see that, then you yourself are dangerous to all of us.

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