Barr Claims Coverage of Anti-Malaria Drug Was ‘Fair and Balanced’ Before Trump Promoted It

President Donald Trump believes there is a drug that could treat those infected with the coronavirus and Attorney General William Barr is criticizing the media for their coverage of it.

Trump has continued to promote the use of an anti-malaria drug called hydroxychloroquine as a possible way to combat the coronavirus and doctors have been using it to treat patients without hard evidence that it works, as IJR previously reported.

Barr believes the media’s angle became unfair as soon as Trump began speaking out about it.

“The politicization of decisions like the hydroxychloroquine has been amazing to me,” Barr said.

He added, “Before the president said anything about it, there was fair and balanced coverage of this very promising drug. And the fact that it had such a long track record that the risks were pretty well known.”

Watch his comments below:

Other experts have spoken out against Trump for his promotion of the drug, including Dr. Jonathan Reiner, former White House medical adviser, as IJR previously reported.

In reference to the drug, Trump asked, “What do you have to lose?”

Reiner replied during Monday’s interview on CNN, “What you have to lose is your life from the drug.”

Reiner also listed several questions healthcare providers are facing in treating patients with the drug, such as the proper dosage.

Trump even said that he would consider taking the drug.

“I may take it,” Trump said during a press briefing. “I’ll have to ask my doctors about that, but I may take it.”

Trump tested negative for the coronavirus twice.

Barr continued to say that the media has continued to attack Trump for his promotion of the drug.

“As soon as he said something positive about it, the media’s been on a jihad to discredit the drug,” Barr said. “It’s quite strange.”

Coronavirus cases continue to rise across the United States. As of Thursday morning, the United States is reporting more than 432,000 coronavirus cases and over 14,800 deaths.


  1. If POTUS promoted basic cleanliness, common sense and aggressive hand washing the media would immediately begin heaping praise on those whose houses must be condemned due to filth and denigrating any and all who wash their hands thoroughly after using the bathroom because doing so shows cultural insensitivity on their part.

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