Barr Announces Nearly 1,500 Arrests Have Been Made Under ‘Operation Legend’ Thus Far

Attorney General William Barr revealed on Wednesday task forces have made significant progress against violent crime since the launch of Operation Legend.

Appearing at a news conference in Kansas City, Missouri, Barr emphasized the importance of supporting law enforcement and announced several arrests have been made under the program.

“Rather than demonizing and defunding our police, we are supporting and strengthening our law enforcement partners at the state and local level,” Barr said.

He added, “So far federal-state task forces involved in operation legend have made almost 1,500 arrests, I think it’s 1,485 to be precise and many of those arrests are for violent state crimes including 90 homicides like LeGend’s murderer.

Watch his comments below:

Barr noted of those arrested, they have have charged more than 200 for federal crimes and of those 200, 100 have been charged with federal gun crimes.

Operation Legend was launched on July 8 and began in Kansas City and later expanded to Chicago and Albuquerque.

The program is a “sustained, systematic, and coordinated law enforcement initiative across all federal law enforcement agencies working in conjunction with state and local law enforcement officials to fight the sudden surge of violent crime,” according to a statement released by Barr.

The initiative was created as a result of Trump’s pledge to help cities suffering from recent violence.

The name Operation Legend comes from LeGend Taliferro, a four-year-old who was shot and killed in Kansas City on June 29.

“LeGend’s death is a horrifying reminder that violent crime left unchecked is a threat to us all and cannot be allowed to continue,” Barr said.

Barr released a statement on July 29, announcing the Trump administration would be sending additional agents to Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee, indicating these cities have seen increases in violent crime, especially homicides, as IJR previously reported.


  1. Delbert
    Well aren’t you a whiny little (just a guess) know it all. Are your questions rhetorical or were you actually expecting answers?
    I’m sure that if Barr knew of your cynicism he would be so upset and send you a fruit basket just to get into your good graces.

  2. There’s a lot of weasel words in Barr’s announcement. A lot of room for lies. How many of the 1500 arrests resulted in charges? Of the charges, how many were dropped? Of the 200 federal charges, how many were for things like standing on the steps of a federal court? Of the 100 federal firearms charges, how many were just thrown in from investigations in other parts of the country, that happened to be contemporaneous with this project?

    I’m cynical; I’ve come to believe Barr never speaks unless he has a lie or a PR maneuver to announce. He’s using a lot of shoe polish to put a shine on this turd.

  3. For those of your referring to ‘right-wing kooks’ in your comments, please try to understand your own ignorance insofar as what history should have taught us. For example, let’s take a lookt a Mao’s ‘Greap Leap Forward’ and ‘Culteral Revolution’ – his ten-year purge of tens of millions of people in his quest to remove the remants of the educated capitalists in China. He used used propaganda to ‘re-educate’ the youth, which was used to purge/cull everyone who disagreed with the communist propaganda – much like what Antifa is being prepped for now. There is one very certain thing, irrespective of his faults (which we all have, by the way), he loves our country…our FREE country.

    Do not, not for a minute, kid yourselves that the liberal left ‘progressives’ care anything at all about you or anyone they purport to be ‘fighting’ for. They are elitists and care only about themselves. I have spent time in poverty-stricken areas, and I can assure you, there was/is not a single ‘progressive’ / BLM protester there….ever….to tend to the needs of children who live/survive there. All you ‘guilty’ privileged folks who think you are supporting the underprivileged folks who happen to have a different skin color by shouting ‘racist’ at everyone else who disagrees with their ‘tolerant’ viewpoints, you are being led around by the nose.
    It is easy being a communist in a free country. Try being free in a communist country.

  4. Let’s see. Hillary approves the sale of weapons-grade uranium to RUSSIA. Bill Clinton gets paid $400k for a 45 minute speach in RUSSIA. VP Biden’s son gets $$$ sitting on the board of a CHINESE corporation with ties to the Obama administration, And…the Demwits screen Trump colluded with Russia and his AG should go to jail for actually enforcing the law. LOL. Call in the clowns…Biden & Harris.

  5. Barr should have been arrested for his crimes to humanity and acting as trumps personal attorney.

  6. Scotty the Imposter aka The Troll, “How many of those arrests were of heavily armed right-wing kooks?“ You surely are confused but what’s new.

  7. I hope they don’t stop at the local level. Hillary, Holder, Osama and that gang needs to be taken out.

  8. Larry, and guys like the one who round house kicked the guy in head in Portland really take him out! Permanently!

  9. Start taking the majority of the rioters OUT!! Those that are destroying other peoples property are not rioters, they are Criminals, jail is to good for those POS.

  10. This is a great example of the Trump admin trying to help Black and minority inner city communities plagued by gang violence and crime. I hope this continues well into next year as it’s time to reverse this violent crime trend in cities. I’m sure the Dems will still attempt to spin this as “racist and anti-black” when clearly it is helping minority communities

  11. They arrested the murderer of Cannon Hinnant shortly after the creep executed the boy. The parents are calling for the death penalty.

  12. The real dangerous criminals are the democrats like Hussein Hellary DNC and Slow Joek who have committed treason

  13. FANTASTIC! Hopefully they will arrest the murderer of Cannon Hinnant
    and any other POS that has killed, looted or burned businesses of
    American citizens that are members of Antifa or BLM! BLUE LIVES MATTER!

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