Azar Rejects Concerns Suggesting Politics Are the Driving Force Behind a COVID-19 Vaccine

Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Alex Azar is adamant science is going to determine the safety and effectiveness of a coronavirus vaccine, not politics.

Host of “CBS This Morning” Tony Dokoupil questioned Azar about the role politics has in the approval of a coronavirus vaccine and asked him if he could see why some Americans might be concerned about it.

“I think it’s very irresponsible how people are trying to politicize notions of delivering a vaccine to the American people,” Azar said.

He added, “Any vaccine that comes out is going to meet FDA’s gold standards for authorization or licensure. The president’s made that clear. I’ve made that clear. The FDA commissioner has made that clear.”

Watch his comments below:

Azar noted the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called on governors last week to expedite applications for vaccine distribution sites to make them operational by Nov. 1.

Dokoupil pressed Azar on the date and asked him if it is a coincidence it is two days before the presidential election and where the date is coming from.

“You’d have to ask Dr. Messonnier because that came out of the career people at CDC working to do the planning here. It has nothing to do with elections. This has to do with delivering safe, effective vaccines to the American people as quickly as possible and saving peoples’ lives,” Azar said.

He continued, “Whether it’s Oct. 15, whether it’s Nov. 1, whether it’s Nov. 15, it’s all about saving lives, but meeting the standards of FDA standards of safety and efficacy. Nobody involved in this process is ever going to compromise on making sure that a product someone puts in their body is safe and effective.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed on Thursday he does not believe Americans should be concerned about politics affecting the timeline of a vaccine because the FDA has been “very explicit” they are going to be making a decision based on data, as IJR previously reported.


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  2. “they complain that it’s too fast” Chuck

    I am confused, Chuck.

    Do you have ANY IDEA how vaccines work, or as the case may be, DON’T work? Any clue at all?

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  5. It’s all about money. I personally have no trust in any new vaccine. Hydroxychloroquine with zink is fine. Of course, it’s hard to get since everyone is pushing some new vaccines. The pandemic will about be finished by the time this crap comes out anyhow. A waste of money is what a vaccine is.

  6. Democrats can’t be in control, have no idea what to do, so they play politics with American lives. They don’t want a vaccine produced before the election because it will look good for the President, so they want more Americans to die so they can use it as a political point in Nov. Shit bag Democrats causing more problems.

  7. Democrats accused the President of not moving fast enough on creating a vaccine. Now that the President has fast tracked a vaccine, they complain that it’s too fast. These hypocrites should make up their mind. It’s another example of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats. Speaking about Lying Democrats, there’s VaJay, spewing it’s usual BS. Another turd in the soup.

  8. Of course it’s all about politics. Just like opening the schools without infection numbers being down, just like opening businesses without regard to the actual infection rate. It’s ALWAYS BEEN POLITICAL when it comes to trump! There is zero chance a vaccine will be distributed to the general public and all this statement by sycophant Azar will do is make more anti vaxers distrust the vaccine.. So now you’re an expert on vaccine? lol. In the best of circumstances it takes 18 months so let’s say they started in April 2020. Figure the math.

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  10. Oh sure! That’s what it’s about. Politics. Said every Democrat. Just when they can’t get more ridiculous….there it is. Haven’t these labs been working diligently on a vaccine? Of course they have.

  11. The FDA and the CDC will be the decision makers, not politicians. Politicians have made mistakes in the past, and so have the CDC and the FDA. However we must believe the science if it has clearly been applied according to accepted standards. Not so much the politicians…

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