Amy McGrath Says McConnell’s Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Been ‘Pathetic’

Former fighter pilot and Democrat Amy McGrath is preparing to take on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in November and is criticizing his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the meantime.

Co-host of ABC’s “The View” Joy Behar told McGrath Kentucky is in “very bad shape” and suggested McConnell laughed when he was asked if the proposal for the next coronavirus relief package would be ready by next week.

She asked McGrath, “What’s so funny about that?”

“It’s terrible and, you know, this is a pattern with Senator McConnell. He legislates by emergency,” McGrath said.

She added, “If you think about his response to coronavirus from the very, very beginning it’s been pathetic.”

Check out her comments below:

McGrath claimed the first time McConnell warned Americans about the coronavirus was not until the stock market crashed.

She argued McConnell “allowed” the Trump administration to send mixed messages about the pandemic and to play the threat of the spread down.

McGrath said McConnell sought to cut funding for the “pandemic portion” of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) even before the coronavirus reached the United States.

In regards to the coronavirus relief bills, McGrath said McConnell allegedly championed $500 billion slush funds for corporations without holding them accountable.

According to McGrath, McConnell suggested state and local governments may want to consider bankruptcy.

She slammed McConnell for failing to provide a proposal for the next coronavirus relief package in time.

“Currently with this current bill, you know, he’s had all this time to work on this. We knew it was going to be a problem back in April, May, June, and he just had no urgency,” McGrath said.

She continued, “And now all of a sudden, you know, we’ve got all of these benefits ending and people are really hurting…it’s pathetic.”


  1. “Mentally Ill Dims twist the Truth & Facts to attack our president.” Tony

    Tony is confused.

    Amy McGrath won the Democratic primary by promising to back Dear Leader.

  2. Amy McGrath,,, President Trump stated back in March that Governors of each state had the sole responsibility to protect their citizens yet the Mentally Ill Dims twist the Truth & Facts to attack our president. Please try to keep up,, you sound like a Moron once again !!

  3. Crazy John, Squat Dogfart and Centriloquist spewing BS again. These posers by all their names are just as stank.

  4. Of course she will say that. She’s running against him. What has she done? Nothing!! “She slammed McConnell for failing to provide a proposal for the next coronavirus relief package in time.” Ah, that’s a lie. The Republicans including McConnell did compile another bill and the Democrats immediately rejected it because it didn’t contain their special interest wish list. On Tuesday, Schumer told his cronies to ‘resist’ the Republican’s bill. Then, Tuesday, he accused the Republicans of delaying the relief. Pelosi claimed, Friday, that they reject passing a separate bill for unemployment, then blames Republicans for no relief. Schumer lied, Pelosi lied. McGrath is another lying, cheating, corrupt Democrat.

  5. Hey, Bob!

    The current Democratic Party is anything BUT a social democratic party and is not socialist either. They are many things (corrupt, still living in fear of Reagan’s era, self-serving, scared of their own shadows, weak), but they are DEFINITELY not socialist. Joke Biden, Pelosi and Schumer and the DNC leadership do whatever they can to sideline ANY sort of progressive programs, and they oppose ALL progressive candidates when possible.

    You live in a dreamworld full of imaginary fears.

  6. By the way, Cherl. You have had your lies, misunderstandings (esp about polling), and falisies that you post on IJR corrected ever since I have seen you post on here.

    Why can’t you learn from that experience? You must be so embarrassed, by now.

  7. “President Trump was running the country like the business it is.” Cherl

    NO country should EVER be run like a business. This was a primary reason to completely dismiss King Donald The Loser in 2016, since 6 of his businesses failed and his old man had to (even illegally) bail him out a number of times. And the crook even tried to rip off his royal siblings when his old man died, too.

    The guy is an incompetent crook!

  8. Hey Amy, if I didn’t know better, I would think you were talking about the paranoid Governor of the great state of Kentucky. Talk about your anti-American, do nothing for the American people, waste of time and money, Socialist Democratic Party and then, tell me your idea of a leader. As a former fighter pilot(which country?), I imagine you think that you are a leader. Well, anyone with an ounce of common sense, knows that your party’s agenda of Socialism, anti-God, anti-constitutional freedoms, and anti-capitalism would only “LEAD” all of us straight down the toilet! You, Amy, are the antithesis of a US military veteran. Did you honestly serve this great country so it could become socialistic? You should be ashamed to even show your face in public!

  9. Jayjay
    You’re about as clever as fellow annoyance Centrist. President Trump was running the country like the business it is. And doing quite well until the political virus reared it’s faux statistic riddled head.
    So when the country needs a pilot with no other experience she’s in and if Behar is for her millions will be against her.

  10. Also SCREWHEAD, You have your freedoms because of brave vets like Amy. You are pathetic and a sad “person”. I use that word loosely…

  11. Hey ScrewHead…Trump had zero political experience and I bet you think he walks on water. Amy is a FIGHTER PILOT and an accomplished woman. There are those who DO and those that sit on the sidelines and criticize…..

  12. I can call people pathetic too. But I have no plan to make the wuhan better. As far as Centrist is concerned, you forget on big factoid: Hillary was going to win with 90% of the vote. That didn’t work out so well did it?

  13. Getting back to the topic of this article… Moscow Mitch is the most hated politician in Washington (with an approval rating lower even than Dear Leader’s), but we are idiots and keep on re-electing ones just like him.

    We MUST elect better politicians.

    And Matt Gaetz is a tool.

  14. “Here’s the thing about Amy: she’s NEVER held political office” I Cing

    I Ching is confused.

    Originally, being a Congressman (women were excluded from this all-boys club) was meant to be a temporary office held by every-day people, who obviously would have no political experience. Everyone needs a start somehow.

    Just look at the wonderful, masterful job that recent freshmen (women) have done. You will NEVER give them the slightest bit of credit, just the opposite, actually, but they are a tremendous asset to their office and their districts.

  15. But Screwtape, she was a former female fighter pilot so that makes her qualified.
    Reminds me of how qualified a RINO former fighter pilot was.

  16. Here’s the thing about Amy: she’s NEVER held political office, unlike Gropin’ Joe’s almost 5 (five) decades.

    “I’ll make it rain purple unicorn farts for the GND. I’ve got the manatee endorsement because I never flew against them.”

    Really? Joe did exactly what during his career? It’s amazing his authoring and endorsement of the Crime Bill are NOT brought up more in his drive for black votes….and he’s a racist with his latest statement about Asians. oops, I should have said the “real blacks” who would vote for him”. Just like the KKK and other white supremacists he embraced during his career.

    So former fighter pilot McGrath, what do you have to say about the POC you bombed/strafed/killed;maimed from on high?

    See, military service should be recognized but also understood in what it actually did. Did you actually SEE the people you killed/maimed?

  17. I coulda/woulda/shoulda done better. Says EVERY vet I’ve worked with.
    It’s the excuse of backseat drivers the world over.

    Maybe Amy should focus on her merits own instead of blaming others. Her service record is a plus, but what has she accomplished outside that? Her entire life, whether in combat or afterwards as an MD. has been government.

    Maybe she should argue about her experience in the private sector, which actually generates the government revenues. But she doesn’t have any.

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