Justin Amash Rejects Claim He Would Be a Spoiler Candidate in the General Election

Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.) is exploring a third-party run for president, and he does not think his bid would hand President Donald Trump a second term. 

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Amash responded to claims that he would play a “spoiler” role in the general election, “We don’t know how the additional candidate changes a race. It’s too impossible to figure out. There are too many calculations involved.”

He added, “I want to win the election. And we need to win this election for the American people.”

Watch the video below:

Amash argued that a vast majority of Americans disapprove of their two choices for president, Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden. However, host Jake Tapper pointed out that a recent poll found just 10% of respondents have an unfavorable opinion of Trump and Biden.

“When you look at a lot of different polling out there, you’ll see that a good portion of the country — probably a plurality — is pretty independent and they are looking for another choice,” Amash countered.

He continued: 

“They might prefer one candidate or the other if you have a two-candidate field. But if you make it a three-candidate field, and you have a compelling candidate, they’d be delighted to go to that candidate. For too long, we’ve had the same system where these two parties go at each other and Washington is totally dysfunctional. That’s why I left the Republican party, because there is this partisan death spiral. We need someone who is going to come in as president, respect our Constitution, defend our rights, and fix our representative system of government so people will actually feel represented at home.”

Additionally, Amash suggested that the current political climate has created an opening for a viable third-party, “Things are not settled the way they were maybe 30, 40 years ago. We have a lot of uncertainty right now. And there’s an opening for a Libertarian Party to become a major party in this country.”


  1. Amash should try and remember the old saying about a snowball’s chance in Hell.

  2. Now they are coming up with excuses why Biden will lose. The Libertarian party never made a dent in the elections. In fact one ran for president from a jail cell. Don’t know what he was thinking. Do you get out of jail free by becoming President or did he think he could pardon himself. LaRouche didn’t win but got many votes.
    Now for Trump he will win. Even those they put out fake polls to go with fake news. Seems they did the same thing for Hilary . But the best one is Iowa they tried to rid the count to kick out Bernie. It’s a shame Bernie wants to be president but he is too stupid the demarcates only want his 1 vote.
    Now go back to Obama against Mitt. Now sorry I voted for Obama my mistake. But Mitt I couldn’t see him getting in. For fake news Mitt was a fake candidate. But the demarcates did rig the election . In Philadelphia 97 PRECINCTS totally Republican not one vote for mitt. And in Ohio 150 buses loaded with Somalian’s were brought in to vote. Democrats were allowed to go with them to the booths to show them how to vote. First don’t think they were suppose to vote but election laws state only voter in the booth. Was it to help them or show them who to vote for.
    But demarcates love to cry foul but the foul comes from them.
    Bush and Al , Al came out crying he won. But demarcates even with “hanging chads” still lost. So poor AL had to off to get 350 million as a scientist to explain global warming. Can’t say how much he made for inventing the internet. But be honest not sure who discovered the internet but know N.A.S.A came out a few years ago about a probe going pass Saturn that the temperature went up 20 degree’s in 20 years. Know I haven’t drove on Saturn and don’t know about the rest of you driving up there . But feel we are having solar warming.
    Not to say we don’t have problems with the Earth. One is our air we are running out. When I went to school was told our only oxygen comes from the Amazon but not now. Seems they found gold so the trees came down in the Amazon. Trump tried to address this but was stopped by the democrats. They have large amounts of money ear marked for global warming . But was payments in the global Warming budget going to abortion to solve it. Like know they wanted money for abortion in the stimulus package. Don’t know how killing a baby kills a virus.
    But know it will be fun till after the election but feel the election is over now. Biden is known for touching women and so far this woman got more facts than the nutty Professor did but the demarcates say no need for an investigation . Well love the report the demarcates have gone to his files on the campus. Must of been search and destroy mission.

    1. Read a supposed “scientific report” a few days ago which concluded the climate will heat up by a whopping 1.8F degrees over the next 20 years. Conclusion was the climate HAS been changing for thousands of years and will continue to change despite anything man THINKS he can do to change Mother Nature’s natural order of things. Translation: Climate change/warming is a hoax.

      [BTW: It’ll be 90 here in North Florida today; DOWN from the record of 93. So much for “climate warming”.]

      1. Well read a report on soil samples in the EU . Seems the further down you go its 10 years . At one point they found we had 3 ice ages and 4 warn ups. So Solar warming is for 2 things. Money and AOC attempt to stop abortion. By getting woman to stop having babies.
        Yes AOC babies do fart but not as bad as you.
        Funny everyone in congress comes out with someone they go with. So leaves 2 for that. One no one can stand you. Or your afraid of men. So is that why your telling your sister not to have babies. Or is there a 3rd reason.

  3. Justin Amash represented a Michigan district as a Republican with a strong libertarian bent from 2011-2019. He criticized Trump a lot in the 2016 election, and since. In May 2019 he said Trump’s conduct was impeachable. For this he was drummed out of the party, and became an independent. As the only independent in the House, he voted for articles of impeachment against Trump. He would offer an alternative for the many Republicans who so despise Trump that they can’t vote for him, but who would hate to vote for a liberal Democrat like Biden. So, yeah, if Amash runs on a third party ticket, it’s likely to hurt Biden a lot more than Trump.

  4. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be another Ross Perot. I will not vote for him. I think he is a jerk!

  5. “Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.) is exploring a third-party run for president, and he does not think his bid would hand President Donald Trump a second term.” Let’s hope so!! The CNN Host Jake Tapper the Crapper looks so sad. Go make up some more fake news, Crapper.

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