Al Sharpton Slams Trump for ‘Mocking’ the National Anthem With ‘Fake Conducting’

Rev. Al Sharpton is blasting the president for his “fake conducting” moment as the national anthem played during the Super Bowl Sunday.

At his Super Bowl watch party, President Donald Trump was seen pretending to conduct as “The Star Spangled Banner” played. The video was taken by an attendee, who is a real estate agent for a Russian-American firm, The Miami Herald reports.

As First Lady Melania Trump stood still with her hand over her heart, Trump at one point waved his hands in the air during the national anthem.

See the video below:

However, the move by the president sparked outrage, including from Sharpton, who blasted Trump as he said the president was “mocking” the anthem.

During MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Tuesday, host Sharpton suggested Trump should be put into a room and taught “what we teach our three-year-old children.”

“Because if my three-year-old child or four-year-old child or five-year-old child had acted the way the president of the United States did during the national anthem at the Super Bowl, mocking it, ridiculing it, like fake conducting, thinking that was a time to point fingers at people,” Sharpton said.

MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski mentioned Trump’s past criticism of former San Fransisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the national anthem. Sharpton stated, “Kaepernick did not mock the national anthem, this was a mockery.”

“This is acting like [the anthem] was composed for me, and I think it was unpatriotic for the president of the United States to act like this was some composition that he could exploit rather than the national anthem,” Sharpton said. “And for him to criticize Kaepernick and to do that shows the ultimate hypocrisy.”

The president has previously been vocal on his distaste for National Football League (NFL) players kneeling during the anthem, including on Kaepernick’s past kneeling in protest of police brutality and racial inequality.

Trump’s pretending to conduct during the Super Bowl national anthem has drawn critics calling him out for “not standing proudly.”


  1. This from a charlatan, race-baiter, con man AND tax criminal. q.v. Tawana Brawley and the LITERALLY racial murders as a result of his efforts.

    Al Sharpton has no credibility or real-life achievements. He isn’t even a Hollywood star. IF he were not black he’d have nothing. Seriously.

  2. The whole Colin Kaepernick episode showed just how disingenuous and fake the “patriotism” arguments from “the right” were.

    Watching King Donald The Loser disrespecting the national anthem last weekend will earn him NO critism from Cult-45.

    It was all fake outrage based on racism.

  3. At least Trump had enough respect for America, where he lives, where he is free to be anything, do anything, go anywhere, including being allowed to become highly successful, work and make as much money as he’d like, which is unlike the ungratefuls sitting b & jz! Try uniting b & jz, rise above like MLK did, instead of a divider like Obama advocates. And yes, be greatful where you are allowed to sit out the anthem. Other countries wouldn’t tolerate disrespect, they would imprison!

    1. “At least Trump had enough respect for America” kathy

      Are you talking about the same person as I am?

      If you are talking about King Donald The Loser, then he has absolutely NO respect for our country. None.

  4. Conductor conducts orchestra
    President presided over country
    Kinda the same thing ?
    Get a grip. seems it perfectly acceptable for lefty’s to
    “Express” themselves why not Trump?
    Tolerant and accepting my ass

  5. Much better than sitting or kneeling……Al, you are such an instigator and agitator, please drift quietly into the night.

  6. But if he’d knelt, the DemonKKKrat commies would’ve hailed him as a hero? Hardly….

  7. Go crawl back into the sewer you crawled out of, ‘reverend’.

    1. I agree go crawl back into the sewer, but I don’t think there is anything reverend about him.

  8. So according to Sharpton’s philosophy, it’s ok to kneel and show total disrespect to the National Anthem if your a lefty liberal but a Conservative showing enjoyment and celebrating the same National Anthem is disrespectful. Hay AL Pay your taxes to the country that Anthem represents before you start making unfounded accusations.

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