WH Trade Adviser Drafted Memo Warning About a Potential Coronavirus Pandemic in January: Report

White House officials may have been given an early warning about the potential damage the coronavirus could cause to the country.

The New York Times reported that White House trade adviser Peter Navarro drafted a memo, dated January 29, that warned officials in President Donald Trump’s administration that the coronavirus could cause serious harm to the economy.

Navarro also warned that the outbreak could become a pandemic. 

The memo reads, “The lack of immune protection or an existing cure or vaccine would leave Americans defenseless in the case of a full-blown coronavirus outbreak on U.S. soil.”

It continued, “This lack of protection elevates the risk of the coronavirus evolving into a full-blown pandemic, imperiling the lives of millions of Americans.”

He projected that in a worst-case scenario with the outbreak could lead to up to half a million deaths from the virus.

Navarro wrote another memo that was dated February 23 that projected the virus could “infect as many as 100 million Americans, with a loss of life of as many as 1.2 million souls.”

Additionally, Navarro encouraged administration officials to avoid “penny-pinching or horse-trading on the Hill” when it comes to relief packages.

The Times reports that senior administration officials saw the memo, but it is not known if Trump saw it. 

Navarro’s memo appears to be one of the earliest warnings administration officials received. They were also written at a time when Trump was insisting that life could continue as normal and before the federal government ramped up its response to the virus.

However, the Times reports that administration officials were suspicious of Navarro’s motives for drafting the memo and paid little attention to his warnings.

The latest data shows that the U.S. has 383,256 confirmed cases of the virus. Additionally, as the virus spread and large swaths of the economy shut down, more than 10 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits in the last two weeks.  


  1. So Bradley Cortwright did your investigation turn up the travel restrictions President Trump wanted put in to place the end of January? He was called racist, xenophobic and all the other distasteful words the Democrats use. Now Biden is cuddling up to Trump about that very issue.

    1. Not only is that point moot at this juncture given that the virus had already arrived and started spreading, it highlights the lack of action and abdication of responsibility by this administration. Trump thought he did something great and seemed to think it was enough in spite of the warnings repeatedly voiced by the scientific community.

      1. Have you listened at all to Dr Fauci and the scientific community that has repeatedly said that the circumstances keep changing making day to day predictions unreliable? So called “computer models” are constantly being thrown out for a new one as reports change. No one had or has a crystal ball. You’re letting your hatred of the President and your Liberal leanings flavor your comments.

        The lack of equipment was a result of decades of previous administrations failing to stockpile supplies, even after other diseases cost tens of thousands of lives a year. Equipment can’t be produced overnight. The administration has cooperated with manufacturers to get up to speed and millions of units are now being shipped to needy areas. The administration and Republicans also created funding for workers, care givers, hospitals and businesses hard hit by the crisis, not withstanding the delay tactics of the Democrats (Pelosi and Schumer) in an attempt to hold Americans hostage for a week while they tried to get their decade long agenda added to the bill. Thankfully, most of their wish list was rejected.

      2. Idiot, he stopped travel from China, he declared a health emergency just 9 days after the FIRST case was reported and started ramping things up, if you would stop listening to the liberal media and think for yourself AND ACTUALLY look for the ‘truth” you might learn something, like the f%^&ing media lies

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