1st Round: Greenlight Applications Closed

Thank you to the nearly 1,000 applicants who applied for our first round of Greenlight funding.

We have already begun reaching out to select applicants to narrow finalists for our first round of greenlight funding helping launch critical investigations around the United States.

Stay tuned to IJR.org for ongoing updates as we announce the topics and journalists selected for our first round of Greenlight funding.

What is Mission Greenlight?

Mission Greenlight is an initiative that we’ve thought through for years, with research and testing starting in April of last year.

Greenlight is a first of it’s kind Collaborative Journalism project intended to give subscribers access to distinct private channel discussions between IJR editors, journalists, and one another. Allowing them to support investigations before they are published and sustain them long after the first published reporting is done.

Public updates would be published periodically by the lead journalist and reviewed by our Editors. The idea is for these updates to not only inform the public at large on relevant news but also grow interested new collaborators to continue to dig into critical investigative topics of local, national, and international concern.